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OSC120529- About Your Ego

2012-05-29. About Your Ego

Alabama, US of A, May 29, 2012.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “About Your Ego.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Talents are better expressed when the human ego is not the main influence in his or her desires. You have heard the expression ‘to be the tool of the Creator.’ Let me assure you that this has nothing to do with becoming a puppet to be used for the selfish wishes of another being.

“The expression of God through human beings always requires active participation. If you allow your Father to speak through your word, you will always be the one who has to pronounce the words and who will have to search in your mind the best way to express the idea or the feelings you try to transmit to others. If you choose to say words filled with hate and recrimination, it will be your choice. Similarly, if your desire is to offer some words of encouragement and comfort to any of your peers, you will receive all the inspiration you need to do it with more efficacy than your ego alone could muster.

“The ego is a powerful factor to deviate human intentions, moving them away from the divine intent inspired by the Thought Adjuster. The desire to be right, to be exalted, to obtain an advantage over others, always conspires to corrupt the impulses of a sincere soul to be better and increasingly become more like the Creator. The current market of gurus and religious teachers is saturated with this tendency of the ego to search first for a benefit for the self before providing anything for others.

“Don’t fall for this trap and don’t let yourself be controled by the selfish vanity of pursuing material glory and greatness, according to human eyes. This useless pursuit will not bring you ‘eternal condemnation’ since you already know that ‘the wrath of God’ is just a myth from the primitive minds of the past. However, this would distract you from a deeper search that would bring you closer to that which the Father desires for you to be.

“Only when a soul learns to give without expecting anything in return, she starts to better understand the unconditional love of the Father and thus becomes more like Him. When you leave your ego behind and truly focus in being instead of doing — focusing in the internal instead of the external — you will experience true spiritual growth and reap in your life the fruits of spirit — love, peace, character, strength, personal charm and progressive perfection in your intentions. This is how you learn to live the will of the Father and thanks to this forgetting of yourself, you become more real and the hidden talents of your being start to come to the surface. The human ego then transforms into a truly divine and eternal personality, in which the shadows of evil no longer exist, a personality in which the Father finds a new and unique way to express Himself to His creation.”

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