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OSC120601- About True Humility

2012-06-01. About True Humility

Alabama, US of A, June1, 2012.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “About True Humility”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “True humility is not to humiliate yourself. It is not false modesty. It is not dismissing your own virtues while secretly expecting others to praise them. True humility arises from giving credit to those who deserve it — from gratitude.

“Spiritual progress is a direct result of the work of the spiritual influences that constantly inspire a human being to explore the eternal aspects of him or herself. It is always the disposition of a human being to be open to these spiritual influences — the decisions — what determines progress, but all the fruits reaped — spiritual perspicacity, serenity, happiness and super-material abilities — are always provided by the Father.

“When the human egos believe that these achievements are a product of their personal efforts only, they become self-sufficient and isolate themselves, closing themselves from spiritual inspiration and depriving themselves of the benefits that a more balanced ego could freely obtain. Those who think that they have found the truth and have achieved wisdom invariably stop searching and stagnate, as it has occurred many times to many teachers and spiritual leaders in this world.

“Only those who accept their own limitations and understand that they need the help of spirit to attain spiritual goals will dare to ask for help, and so they will get it. They are the truly humble among you because they realize that their needs are the needs of all and their achievements are also for all, because they have discovered that the source of all progress and all truth lies within their being. These noble souls continue to grow because they insist in looking for reasons to improve every day and they let their Father work in them and through them.

“Do not let the traps of pride distract you so much that you forget from where the source that nurtures your spiritual growth comes from. Come to Me often. I am the Guide of your days and the Teacher who knows you better than anybody else; therefore I can provide precisely what you need today to advance toward your eternal goal. Do not forget from where you have obtained all you have achieved in your life and share with all who may ask how you have seen the light with increased clarity.”

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