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OSC120607- Discover Love

2012-06-07. Discover Love

Alabama, US of A, June7, 2012.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Discover Love.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “In this life it is not so important to make an effort to understand eternal realities. It is not expected from human beings that they manage to comprehend those realities that are well beyond the confines imposed by their material existence and their current capacity.

“The measure used to determine your spiritual progress is not by the degree of your intellectual understanding. It is not that which is known among you as intelligence that determines your growth in spirit. True individual spiritual progress happens by the sincere desire of a human being to live the will of the Father. The measure of spirituality of a mortal is the degree to which that person’s decisions and actions are determined by the commitment to be what his or her Father intended.

“It is possible to find human beings with a high spiritual level and whose achievements may seem insignificant to the major part of society. Many work silently and without regard, simply because of their desire to do something good for their peers and because of the unconditional love that has started to overflow their souls and extend to others. The thing that validates service and makes it authentic is the love that is expressed through the actions of a person. To others it may seem impossible to determine if a person is doing something for the simple purpose of helping — of being an ambassador of the Father — or if there are hidden agendas and something is expected in return. However, each one of you can examine your own motivations and discover the true reason behind your actions without any space for doubt. No human being can deceive him or herself unless they want to do so.

“Do not dedicate the major part of your time to the understanding of the realities of the spiritual world. Instead strive to discover love, for your peers and for your Celestial Father, through the effort to know better those around you and offering them the best of your being. You will only discover God when you search for Him where He can be found, and that is in your heart and in the heart of every person in this world. It is in you and in your neighbors where you will discover your Father and where you can satisfy the longing in your soul.”

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