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OSC120705- What is Faith?

2012-07-05. What is Faith?

Alabama, US of A, July 5, 2012.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “What is Faith?”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “True faith has the attitude of a scientist who formulates a hypothesis or a tentative explanation for the causes of a phenomenon and then starts working to prove it or show that it is false. The best part of the scientific approach — when followed in complete honesty — is that something new is always discovered, regardless of whether the original hypothesis was true or false.

“True religion does not require that human beings abandon their logic and their common sense to blindly follow a doctrine. What is required is to experiment and discover on their own the causes behind the phenomenon — the phenomenon being their life and the cause being their Celestial Father.

“When human beings begin to honestly search, they will always discover God to the satisfaction of their soul. Anyone can approach religion or spirituality with any hypothesis and regardless of how close or how far this hypothesis may be from the truth, with time all sincere searchers will find it.

“Thus, faith is not a blind belief. Instead it promotes enough curiosity to inspire the search. True scientists are always open to all possibilities. When electricity was discovered in the late nineteenth century, many of the men of science of that time believed that electricity would not have any useful application for humanity. Today it is almost impossible to imagine a world without electricity. Only those who imagined that some use could be found for electricity were the ones who discovered its applications.

“Another factor to consider is that on most worlds faith is not as important as it is on Urantia. On normal planets the lines of communication with spirit have always been open and a lot of people have experienced occurrences that make spirituality almost evident in their lives. On this world filled with confusion it sometimes is almost impossible to extract a drop of truth from an ocean of lies, superstition and misunderstandings. This is the reason why those who have decided to start searching and have gathered enough curiosity to overcome their reservations and strive for at least the glimpse of a shadow of truth are considered so precious and invaluable on high.

“Those courageous men and women who decide to search for the Father in spite of all the apparent evidence against His existence are the ones who display a degree of curiosity, intuition and longing — faith — that has almost no parallel in the universes. For this reason, these exalted personalities known as Agondonters are highly regarded in the universe, because if they were able to see light in the darkness imagine what they could do once the veil would be lifted and they could clearly ascertain the will of the Father.”

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