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OSC120627- About Beliefs

2012-06-27. About Beliefs

Alabama, US of A, June 27, 2012.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “About beliefs.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “There are many things in your world that are fantasies or complete falsehoods. Human beings often believe in things that end up being absurdities after some time passes and some experiences have taken place. You have seen how in the past your sciences accepted things that today are considered as lacking all logic or common sense. Your race has made great improvements in the late years, particularly in the understanding of material things.

“A few years ago, bloodletting — extracting the blood of sick people with the belief that this would heal them — was a common, universally accepted practice. At the beginning of the twentieth century there were several experiments performed with the goal of determining the weight of the soul. Today these and other ideas have been eradicated from popular knowledge. However, you would be surprised to know how many other fantasies still have a place in the ideas you consider to be scientific or logical.

“It is of no consequence how many of these fantasies are believed or defended by you, as long as the sincere desire to know your Father and learn more about Him exists in your heart. It doesn’t really matter if you believe in ghosts, re-incarnation or demons. The Thought Adjuster (TA) will work tirelessly to register and promote the spiritual experiences that will have eternal value and will be useful in your future existence.

“Understand then the futility and irrelevance of trying to convince others that you are right, that your beliefs are the truth. Everyone is free to search truth by whatever way is considered adequate by each person and if the search is honest, the TA will treasure every find, even if the mortal personality is not aware of this.

“Also, all experiences in life are open to you. Those who remain faithful to a particular religion will have the same opportunities to grow and progress in spirit than do those who are much more flexible in their approach to spirituality. Finally, the ideas, the knowledge, or how close somebody is to understanding the universe, are not as important as the degree with which a person has learned to align his or her will to the will of our Father.

“Offer your truths to all who ask, but don’t try to destroy that which they have built during their lifetimes with a lot of effort. Beliefs and the personal way to see the world are products of life experiences and the way in which a mortal mind coordinates these experiences under the influence of the TA — the complex task of harmonizing what you see ‘out there’ with what you feel inside. These efforts are the steps to an increasingly more real spiritual life. In the end you will realize that your acceptance of what in the past you considered to be truth was not a waste of time. It was instead a stage on your path that led you to a better understanding of your place in creation.

“Only the sincere intent of a human heart to find the Father is the key to succeed in this enterprise. Everything else — your mind, your body, your environment, your culture — is truly irrelevant. Nothing can permanently prevent an honest soul from finding God.”

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