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OSC120621- About Schemers and Schemes

2012-06-21. About Schemers and Schemes

Alabama, US of A, June 21, 2012.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “About Schemers and Schemes.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “In this world there are persons and groups of persons that conspire to keep the majority ignorant about their plans while they attempt to gain an unfair advantage over their peers. Many of the problems that affect your world are promoted by these groups to create confusion and ensure their own well-being. However, do not fear the designs of those confused mortals nor should you judge them severely. They, even more than others, also deserve your compassion and your help, because in reality they are asleep in their dreams of material illusions.

“What is the advantage they seek? What are the benefits they pursue? What pleasures can they gain from submission and deception? These confused beings have discovered a void within themselves that can’t be filled with all the things they have accumulated. They are like broken glasses they insist in filling to the top with wine, ending up in an infinite cycle where they can never really rest and enjoy the results of their efforts.

“These blind mortals will discover on their own that the wealth they desired did not require any hidden agendas, deception or manipulation. Someday they will realize that everything they needed to live a truly plentiful life was already within their being and in that distant moment they will have to decide if they will start their search again or if they will abandon the path to eternity because of the sheer magnitude of the road ahead.

“Do not be concerned by the schemers and the schemes of those who try to deceive you. The capricious and unstable tides of governments and nations are in reality irrelevant to the lives of those who strive to learn the will of our Father. Those who discover their Father in their hearts and within the hearts of their peers know that the sun shines equally for everybody and that nothing truly essential for their lives will be taken away from them.

“This is the security and the mental peace experienced by the true children of God. What is the purpose of investing so much effort and resources to plant hate, mistrust and fear when love is the energy that sustains our lives and this energy is already within each and every one of us? Love is in reality the primordial force in the universe. It is what makes the universes and their galaxies spin in their unending procession towards eternity. It is what elevates human beings from the animal level to the heights of divine likeness. This love is already within each one of us and it only requires that we open our minds and hearts to learn more about it, which implies the progressive discovery of God. This is the true purpose of a human life.”

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