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OSC120712- About Foresight and Work

2012-07-12. About Foresight and Work

Alabama, US of A, July 12, 2012.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “About Foresight and Work.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “How can you balance your concern about the future with the idea of implicitly trusting in the care of your Father? The answer to this is best illustrated by the life of Michael of Nebadon in this world as Jesus of Nazareth. When He became the only source of support to His brothers and sisters after the unfortunate death of His human father, the Master didn’t hesitate to start working hard to satisfy their needs. During all those years He never thought that His Father would abandon Him. To the contrary, Michael worked with joy and hope because He possessed the certainty that somehow all would be well and He would succeed. All rational men and women understand that effort and consistency always produce results.

“Another issue that from time to time concerns mortals is how to balance the idea of being satisfied with what they already possess — material wealth — and the effort to attain progress and for this to continue to improve. If you reach a level in which your material needs have been met, this is not a license to indulge in mental stagnation or spiritual apathy. Human beings should always attempt to be better and to use creativity to express the potentials that our Father has placed within. If you have reached a level at which you determine that you don’t need anything else to satisfy your material needs, use your creativity to explore your potentials and become a channel of expression for your Father.

“When Miguel completed the task of preparing His human family so they could sustain themselves, He didn’t ‘retire’ to rest and do nothing else for the remainder of His life. In everything He did from that moment on He kept the same focus and purpose to be increasingly closer to His Father. He didn’t worry about working to amass wealth, but He continued to be an applied, creative and enthusiastic worker, because He knew that the love He invested in His labor contributed to bring Him closer to God. He didn’t need more money to live but He chose to remain occupied offering the best possible service to His ‘customers’ while awaiting His time to go out to the world to offer people the Kingdom of Heaven.

“If you are already satisfied with the material goods you possess and you have a job that ensures your financial well-being, take this opportunity to explore other areas of personal expression. Do your work with the best intent and you will accomplish everything that is expected of you in this area, but once the workday has finished explore something else. You have heard that ‘man does not live by bread alone’ and those who dedicate themselves to a single area of life are missing a unique and once in a lifetime opportunity to achieve important goals with eternal value that can be found only in the variety of experience that a mortal life offers.”

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