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OSC120717- Superior Knowledge

2012-07-17. Superior Knowledge

Alabama, US of A, July 17, 2012.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Superior Knowledge.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Superior knowledge — the knowledge that comes from sources beyond the material realm — is offered to human beings as it becomes necessary and when human minds have evolved to a level at which this new knowledge can be productive and beneficial to all. On worlds of normal progression the continuous flow of superior knowledge offered to mortals is more common and it contributes to the improvement of those worlds.

“One of the factors that qualify a mortal to receive superior knowledge is the desire to lovingly serve his or her peers — the desire to live the Will of the Father. On this world it is rare to find a mortal with the necessary mental faculties to apply superior knowledge and who at the same time has progressed to a level at which he or she can express a sincere love for his or her siblings. It is only when a mortal mind is embellished with the supreme desire to be like the Father that unconditional love becomes possible. These are the minds that can become conduits to transmit the superior knowledge from on high in a way that is most beneficial to the world.

“Many times on this world the best ideas have disappeared because of human selfishness. Ideas that could have improved the lives of many people are never implemented because those minds that have received them have not found a way to obtain any personal benefit. These immature minds believe that nothing so valuable can be offered to others without a price to be paid. They completely ignore that fact that all the good they can do in the world would be of benefit to themselves and their descendants. This is a myopic vision of reality because they don’t understand that a world where everybody lives in equality, with dignity and enjoying the same benefits, is a world where the highest fruits of civilization can be manifested.

“The problem is not that there is a lack of advanced minds on this world to receive knowledge from on high. The problem is that often this knowledge stays in those minds and is not extended to the rest of humanity. Mortals are not denied anything they may need for their progress and for the attainment of perfection. The sad truth is that many among you deprive yourselves of these opportunities.

“Once the idea of first obtaining a benefit for the self is left behind, great things will happen in this world. In truth, I tell you that you already possess everything to make this world a paradise. The only thing that is needed is a personal change, a change in motivation, the birth of the intent at the personal and the collective level to be increasingly better and be what your Father would like for you to be. May everyone find within themselves the path with the most love and put your minds and your spirit to work in harmony to create the reality that God intended to express in this world.”

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