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OSC120720- About the Big Problems

2012-07-20. About the Big Problems

Alabama, US of A, July 20, 2012.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “About the Big Problems.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Many of the horrible things that human beings are today guilty of can be viewed as consequences of occurrences in the remote past — the results of the Lucifer rebellion and the failure of the Adamic mission on Urantia. The mental disorders that cause some to not feel compassion or empathy for the suffering they visit upon others is in part a genetic inheritance.

“However, it can’t be denied that the environment, presently created by your media and which you call ‘entertainment,’ contributes greatly to augment the intensity of the expression of those mental disorders. Your fixation with glorifying violence and exalting your lowest tendencies make this attractive to those confused minds that can’t ascertain with clarity the consequences of their actions — therefore the consequences to their eternal lives.

“There is so much that needs to change in this world to solve the many problems that at times this task may seem impossible to those sincere souls who truly wish for a better world. Do not let the apparent magnitude of your problems discourage you and keep you from doing what should be done. The solution to all the problems is simply one and the same — you need to learn to express unconditional love. This is possible only when you start to really know God and this in turn is done more effectively when you strive to become like Him.

“Those who feed their minds and their hearts with the supreme desire of living the will of the Divine — to be like our Father — open themselves to the influence of their Thought Adjusters and discern God with increasing clarity. Through this discovery they experience unconditional love and the happiness of knowing that all is well, that nothing can actually hurt you, that you are all children of the Creator and part of a universal family. This ‘overflow’ of love inevitably produces the spiritual fruits, including loving service to their peers. Then, through this service, the creature becomes an agent of the Father in the world, a tool for this sphere in making the vision of God a reality, and a channel of the expression of divine creativity. Thus these enlightened mortals become the solutions this world needs for its problems.

“It doesn’t matter how big a problem presents itself. Each and every one of you can do plenty for your world by searching within your divinity and by cultivating an increasingly deeper relationship with your Father. Some of the ones who today fight against the big worldly problems may derive some spiritual growth from it. But I tell you that all those who make an effort to live the will of the Father are becoming part of the solution and they are doing the best thing that can be done to bring Urantia to the age of Light and Life. May this truth help you focus your efforts and plan your life goals towards that which is truly important.”

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