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OSC120724- Self-governance

2012-07-24. Self-governance

Alabama, US of A, July 24, 2012.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Self-governance.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “The use of compassion must always be subjected to the direction of spirit and the use of intelligence. Compassion is not the solving of other people’s problems or depriving them of the opportunity to grow and make courageous decisions that stimulate their spiritual growth. On this world, governments and other organizations often confuse loving service provided to others with indiscriminate fulfillment of other people’s needs. The danger in this is that those who receive this ‘service’ become dependent on others to solve their personal problems and when this happens on a large scale the creative potential and the vigor of a civilization are diminished.

“Wise human parents understand that the education of their children must provide abundant opportunities for them to make decisions, including the possibility of making mistakes and learning from them. These parents will not let their love become over-protective because they know that their children must learn to take care of themselves, because some day the parents may not be there to help them. How is it then that governments seem so focused on creating citizens that depend on their government for their personal subsistence and development?

“Many of your current economic problems are rooted in the idea of providing bread for those who are hungry instead of attempting to offer them the resources to make those people leave the situation in which they find themselves and take control of their destinies. Soon you will realize that you don’t need so many laws to foster the most desirable behavior of your human masses. Many governments of the nations of this world use laws to repress and force the behaviors of their subjects in the direction that is considered appropriate by the leaders. And yet, the problems still persist.

“In a world aspiring to Light and Life, laws start to become fewer and fewer, because such a civilization depends and trusts in the self-determination of the individual, because they are enlightened souls that long ago understood that living the will of the Father is what guarantees true happiness in life and harmony in a relationship with their peers.

“Little by little, the governments of Urantia should become smaller, placing the responsibility of ethical, moral and orderly behavior on the shoulders of each individual. For many this change is a source of great uncertainty and fear. It implies increasing individual liberties and — with ample justification — many fear a global collapse and resulting anarchy. Certainly, this is not a change that should be made overnight, because its success requires a majority of individuals who have grown with the motivation to be the best they can aspire to be. It is in the human mothers and fathers of the present we must place our hopes. They are the ones who should start raising individuals capable of self-governance instead of basing their ethics and their morals in the rules imposed by some group.”

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