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OSC120731- Meditate and Pray

2012-07-31. Meditate and Pray

Alabama, US of A, July 31, 2012.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Meditate and Pray.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Simple introspection — dedicating a little time to ponder your situation in life and the way in which you are getting closer to God — will not produce spiritual fruit in and of itself. Meditation should not just be an intellectual exercise in which you consider spiritual matters. You should always open your mind and your soul to receive the higher truths through prayer.

“Here is the reason why many followers of ‘religions without God’ fail to achieve significant spiritual progress, regardless of how much meditation they practice. Those who honestly believe in the existence of the Father will not hesitate about asking for help and addressing their prayers to that Father. And when they do this, they are opening their souls to receive what the Father already offers, even before His children ask. Prayer is not a tool to remind the Father about what we need. Prayer is a resource by which our soul remembers to ‘open her hands’ to receive what the Father provides.

“Meditation is not adoration, except when the soul is elevated above the material world by a human will who searches for spiritual guidance. This can only be achieved through faith, the sincere faith of those who anticipate a higher truth and therefore they search for it. This faith is not the effort of forcing the self to believe the things others have called the truth. True faith can be achieved through the exploration and the sincere desire to know the truth. It is useless to strive to follow the dogma of human religions with the hope that the fidelity to rituals and ceremony will somehow awaken your faith. Instead, it is the personal search for truth that during life sparks progressive enlightenment — the thing that motivates the soul and fills those ceremonies and traditions with true and deeper meaning.

“I suggest that you start your meditation with a sincere prayer, a conversation with your Father expressing what you need and your deeper desires. Yes, the Father knows this better than you do, but this exercise will clarify the ideas in your mind and as your spiritual progress advances, these desires will become a more faithful reflection of what your soul really does need.

“The Father works endlessly and without rest through His multiple agents for the elevation of your soul in order to transform you into the best you can aspire to be. Your prayer will not make the Father work more, but it will prepare you to receive what the Father offers. True adoration — tuning the soul to the frequency of your Father’s — is the means whereby those blessings can be received and by which you can get to know your Father better — learning to live His will.”

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