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OSC120802- Conscience

2012-08-02. Conscience

Alabama, US of A, August 2, 2012.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Conscience.”

Message Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Effectively dealing with temptation — those things that take you away from your Father — is not as good as the sincere desire of one soul to overcome her limitations and be better every day. This desire is the only thing that can bring about a permanent transformation in the life of any person. The desire to follow the divine, will prevent complacency and indulgence, progressively becoming the ‘voice of your conscience’ — the inner voice that constantly reminds you which path to follow.

“Conscience is often mixed up with the voice of the Thought Adjuster. However, even when at times it seems that they may be related, the voice of your conscience is always human in origin, a product of your mortal mind. Conscience is the sum of all human morality that has been learned from traditions and custom within a defined context (place, culture, time).

“Conscience can change as a person grows spiritually. Some things that seemed fair and just in the past may be revealed as errors under the light of higher truths. At other times, some rules of the past may seem irrelevant when a creature discovers the freedom of being a son or daughter of the Creator. Conscience can also be negative and express prohibitions, ‘do not do this’ and ‘do not do that’.

“The Voice of the Father is always consistent and often some time must elapse before a creature can properly identify it. The advice and the exhortations of the Thought Adjuster are always positive in nature and of eternal value. They are not dependent on a time or a place. The truths expressed by the Divine Presence are generally above morality and the norms of what may be considered as acceptable behavior in the world.

“With experience, a creature who desires to be closer to her Father starts to merge the voice of her conscience with the voice of her Thought Adjuster, as she aligns her own will with the will of the Father. It is the human desire for perfecting that which causes this transformation. Your consciousness may not be aware of any changes, but your Thought Adjuster registers faithfully every thought and every desire of spiritual value. Whenever you make a mistake, trip or fall, do rise again with courage and hope, keeping inside that desire to be better, because to the eyes of God this is already a reality.”

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