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OSC120803- About Differences of Opinion

2012-08-03. About Differences of Opinion

Alabama, US of A, August 3, 2012.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “About Differences of Opinion.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Having differences of opinion is a normal occurrence on a world with such great variety among human groups and individuals. Having different opinions, or even different ideas about what is right or wrong, is not the main cause of conflict on this world. The fundamental issue is intolerance — the assumption that one’s own ideas and motivations are superior to those of others.

“Those who express their opinions while remaining open to hear of alternatives, allow in their being the possibility for growth. If their original idea is wrong, when they hear a superior truth their spirit will help them to accept it. However, those who refuse to even admit that there may be other alternatives are destined to live with a stagnant and partial truth. Know that the best of your spiritual knowledge is always partial. Human beings do not know truth in its purest form and you will not be able to know better until you have been provided with higher minds and have experienced the transit through the higher spheres. Therefore, get rid of intolerance and always remain open to discover new and deeper truths.

“Intolerance in society is even more insidious than it is at the individual level. Many advances you enjoy today remained unaccepted for a long time due to the resistance to change of social groups. Not too long ago, the idea that diseases were caused by organisms so small they could not be seen was ridiculed and considered superstition. When it was suggested that surgeons should wash their hands and the instruments they used, such was considered a waste of time and resources. Because of this resistance to change a lot of people died needlessly.

“These examples may appear to be from a remote past, but intolerance and fear of change continue to be a significant factor in the evolution of humanity. Many of your present international conflicts have their basis in intolerance and the fear human beings experience when exposed to differences in personalities, culture or religion.

“The solution is to accept that in the end all of us are travelers on a path of discovery and no human being on this world can possess absolute truth. We are all learning and you would learn even better if there was to be cooperation among you and if you attempted to discover the truth behind every one of your independent ideas. The Father lives in each one of His children, therefore those who wish to find God can only succeed if they search for him within themselves and within each and every person on this world. Only then the brotherhood of men and goodwill among people will become reality.”

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