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OSC130227- The Progressive Understanding of Love

2013-02-27. The Progressive Understanding of Love

Alabama, US of A, February 27, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “The Progressive Understanding of Love.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “The love of the Father may sometimes be hard to understand by human beings. An infinite love that equally encompasses all beings in creation without any preferences, is something so far from the human experience that it cannot be fully understood during life in the flesh. Consider how small children foolishly ask their parents if they are more loved than are their siblings. Similarly, mortals may find it difficult to accept that they are considered by the Father as equal to the Creator Sons, the Paradise Deities or the primitive mortals that have barely started to exhibit the capacity to make basic decisions.

“A life of spiritual progress is a life of love in expansion. The persons who are advancing spiritually continuously discover greater and more progressive levels of love which they start to incorporate into their lives. Each time, more among their peers start to be added to their personal list of loved ones. With time, thanks to their progressive enlightenment, they understand the totality of creation and the fraternal relationship that unites them to all the other children of God. It is then when the irrationality of offering love with conditions becomes evident and the creature can begin to truly love all equally. Thus, due to the love that spontaneously overflows his or her heart – the fruits of spirit – the creature progressively advances to a fuller understanding of divine love.

“The love of the Father can only be understood by experiencing it and this is only possible when a person offers an increasingly higher love to his or her peers. You are evolutionary creatures and are only able to understand something after it has been made part of your experience. Only by experiencing a higher love can you begin to understand the love of your Father and through this knowledge will you enjoy de satisfaction of knowing that you are truly children of the God of all creation.

“Loving another is never a forced procedure. Love is always a spontaneous feeling. Your human experience early teaches you that you can only love those you truly know. The so-called love at first sight is only a physical attraction, but when you really love somebody it is because you have taken the time to get to know that person and you have found commonalities. A prolonged life experience and an open mind teach those who pay attention that by allowing an honest opportunity to know anybody that crosses their path they open the door to start loving that person. Consider how many of your present friends were once strangers who in the past did not inspire your trust nor did you consider them with the same affection you afford them today. Friendship is possible only because time and experience have allowed you to come to know and understand each other. You will discover that you can do the same with any personal being throughout all creation of the Father, where there are no strangers or foreigners. Approach your peers giving them all your trust, because each one of them contains the divine presence of the Father within, just like you. Human beings can offer love to those they know, but spiritual beings offer love even to those they have not yet met.

“Still, the main friendship you need to cultivate is that with the Divine Spark of God who lives within your being. Learn to know this on-board friend you carry, who is a Teacher of infinite wisdom, your Father and Creator, who has volunteered to guide you towards your home in eternity where you will come to understand, feel and express His divine love as a being in the likeness of God Himself.”

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