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WDC569- Open Minds

2006-12-11.  Open Minds

Woods Cross #569

Topic: Open Minds

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: AbrahamMary

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM: I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am feeling from you a warm, welcoming spirit. I thank you. I am indeed appreciative of your enthusiasm, of course, but a focused group makes my job a bit more easy. I do enjoy each and every personality within this family. Those that are grounded bring us stability. Those that are thoughtful bring us ideas. Those that are light-hearted bring us balance. Fanaticism goes by the wayside and we are ready to take on our smallness and be about the Father’s business.


I have always been fascinated by the human mind. The brain from which you filter through all things is certainly a marvel. From where I am I can see lighted circuits that you each connect to. Physical and mental fitness is necessary for these lighted circuits to connect. It is the key to the Kingdom, so to speak. Our so-called organization is unseen and out of the ordinary. We, on this side of life, want you mortal Kingdom believers to be fit in all ways. How blessed are we to have this group as an anchor within the sea of everything.

MARY: I am MARY. I am in agreement with Abraham that the mortal task of living two lives, one foot in the spiritual world and one foot in the material, is indeed difficult. You look out over the political field in the world through your spiritual filter and there will be some confusion. It seems that all answers are obvious. Why can’t we just do them? You, as ministers, can observe another’s life and envision all the possibilities, but for some reason individuals are unable to take steps toward these possibilities.

Our minds are open to receive any and all things. Hopefully we hold on to what is valuable and allow the rest to go by the wayside. It is difficult in your material state not to be affected by what your eyes are telling you. This is to be expected and we thank our Father for the endless possibilities of the mind and obtaining knowledge to living the spiritual life in the material world. Many days in my sojourn in the flesh I was overwhelmed by the devastation I was aware of. There was such injustice that I could simply not fathom. To be overwhelmed leads to feelings of helplessness and eventually hopelessness and one becomes without energy to make effort anymore.

Envision the Master’s career on Urantia. Wherefrom did His strength appear in the face of such travesty of injustice? Wherefrom did He obtain His calm demeanor and find strength to go about the Father’s business? What kind of energy did He feel in front of an audience of unbelievers? How did He find the strength to go on?

We learned from the Master that the evolution of this world is so long and in bits of time, each bit building toward some unforeseen goal of the Father’s. These bits of time are pieces of a puzzle that will add to the Supreme Being. Completed parts of the Supreme Being reflect back to this mortal world to push us forward in evolution. I truly believe that without the Supreme Being man would have a long time ago simply succumbed to life’s difficulties. The Master’s time here taught us a new and better way to handle these bits of evolution. He did indeed rise above Himself and those things His eyes could see. His closeness with Father gave Him an overview of spiritual goals and He was able to rise above His emotions and gather strength to carry on, move forward.

How does your worries affect time and eternity? How are you handling these bits of evolution that are really a small part of a grand plan? Are you overwhelmed to the point of hopelessness or are you empowered to rise above the mortal eyes to connect with Father and the spiritual goal ahead? It is okay to cry. It is okay to be angry. These are emotional seasons and indeed they will pass. Think of the Master’s peaceful endurance and wherefrom His strength originated. Allow not the eyes to make quick judgment. Your dedication to fitness of mind, body and spirit will aid you in acquiring the Master’s strength.

I am aware there are not too many questions. Abraham or myself can answer for you what you are desiring, I hope. Please feel free to ask me anything.


Marin: I just want to say thank you for being here and it feels like I am part of a family. I feel almost foolish to ask a question because it is like everything I wanted to ask has already been answered. I feel your messages bring so much life to my life.

MARY: How sweet, how wonderful, my daughter, it is to have you with us. You are a portal of youth and good for this group. Thank you for being here.

Calvin: I sure seem to get puzzled, in my viewpoint, in the lack of momentum of people coming to this group or the Mission. It seems so different than in our first budding years in this Mission. It seems like many things have been diverted. That is just my viewpoint. It almost seems lately, other than what we see here, as far as the Teaching Mission and teacher lessons, this format of teaching us to become better in daily life has been lost out there to fantastic tangents. Why don’t we see souls flocking to these lessons, the Mission?

ABRAHAM: Understood. I am with the vision of individuals viewing this Mission as a child’s video game. Making effort to obtain or attain advancing levels. It is a game to them. It is entertainment. I am personally disgusted with this type of intrusion of our ministry. I say–take your games elsewhere. You are not about the Father’s business. Our ministry is not new age mumbo jumbo. It is individuals being about their smallness in everyday life to help individuals find the Lord. We will take back our Teaching Mission. Those who want to be about themselves–that is not a part of Michael’s Correcting Time. I personally invite those individuals to step aside. Allow us to continue on with the tasks of Light and Life. Good question, my son. Stay strong i! n our beginning foundation of purpose. Be not distracted by those viruses searching for a host. I am indeed honored to be with you who have stayed the course.

Harrison: I just want to say thank you to Calvin for asking the question and you, Abraham, for the answer.

ABRAHAM: You are welcome, Harrison. I am also grateful that we know who we are and who we work for. Anymore questions or comments?

Simon: Thank you Abraham. You are certainly a dock and anchor in my life.

ABRAHAM: Thank you Simon. You are one of our light-hearted and always make us remember to be less serious about ourselves and seek out what is joy-filled.

Sarauna: Abraham, I just want you to know we appreciate you so much. We are grateful to have you in our home. You make so much more with our lives. Thank you.

ABRAHAM: And I thank you. I also find myself so blessed to be a part, a small part of something that is so grand. I ask every time of my mentors to give you each a glimpse of what I can see. Of course, you already know the answer to that. I am growing each time I am among you and I thank you. Let us continue on with the work ahead. Be not distracted by those overwhelming emotions. Let us rally upon the Master’s faith and make this world a better place. That is all. Our love is always with you and until next time, shalom.

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