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WDC568- Many Issues To Ponder -Part 3

2006-10-02. Many Issues To Ponder -Part 3

Woods Cross #568

Topic: Many Issues To Ponder

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham, Emulan

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM: I am Abraham. I am enjoying the peaceful surroundings here this evening. I am appreciative of the realness. I believe that your comfort level with one another makes our communication much more smooth and accurate. Your mindal mode is in somewhat of a surrender and you are accepting of my words and open to multiple meanings. Well done.

EMULAN; I am Emulan. I am honored to be among you steadfast soldiers for the Kingdom. I am always with open ears to learn of your experiences and watch the tides of Urantia turn toward Light and Life.


I know this time of year can be heavy for some of you. On my world we had similar seasons and the closing of warm weather seemed to turn mortal minds to a more serious attitude. I found that my times of seriousness were often times of great creativity. I was at times finding myself writing songs and composing music. We can see these times of creativity as an open door to heaven or a temporary removal of the so-called veil.

By now we can see that our animal surrender is simply a stilling of the mind and desires. To see Urantia move toward utilizing the ability of the higher mind, there must be those individuals who are willing to stay the course, or set an example. Our Mission participants can view their everyday difficulties as challenges and advancement in spirituality. Each one of you are an example of a light and a new hopefulness in what seems to be a chaotic and hopeless world. We do rise above in any circumstance. We can surrender and move forward.

Each day you are in contact with various individuals that view you as someone who has insight into newness. Everyday life will happen. It doesn’t matter who you are. Such is the mortal experience on an evolutionary planet. This experience is why you are here. It is the bridge to the next step in your eternal career. As mentioned earlier, your focus is important. We have to believe in the good. We have to keep faith. All experience, as you must know by now, leads to an ultimate good. I am with the belief that anyone with faith can travail the most treacherous path and become better for it.

This week let our thoughts be simple and only dwelling within our own environment. Take them not out into the world at large. Let us once again be with the mind of a trusting child and make effort to see Father’s hand in everyday life. Let Father help make your lives more manageable. He empowers you with all you need. Have not worry. That is all.


Again, it is wonderful to be among you Kingdom believers. Let us continue to go forth and carry the light. From Abraham and myself, we bid you shalom.

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