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OSC130304- Infinite Dimensions

2013-03-04. Infinite Dimensions

Alabama, US of A, March 4, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Infinite Dimensions.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Those who search with sincerity the higher truths know that they should remain as students and that they can learn a lot from their peers. In the future of your evolutionary career you will discover how the experiences and realizations of others contribute to your elevation and your spiritual development. All your experiences are a gift to the Father and are treasured by the Supreme Being, the evolutionary deity that encompass and is becoming the repository of all the experiences of the creatures of time.

“Such acumulation of experience represent the result of the evolution of material creatures. Sometime in the distant eternal future, when the seven superuniverses are established in light and life, this sublime experience will result in a more complete revelation of the Father to His creation. Through the efforts of mortal creatures to achieve the goal of perfection, the entire creation will be able to better understand their Creator and His Divine Will.

“Imagine the love of a Father who has decided to share the experiences of all His children, suffer their pains, experience their anxieties and walk with them throught their confusion. Imagine the capacity of this God to understand how His creatures stumble and fall sometimes and to provide everything they need so His beloved children have all the opportunities to be succesful in the adventure of perfection. The Universal Father is all this and more. Only infinity can reveal the Infinite Father, but here and now each one of you – human beings – are living a life of search and progressive revelation that will be your offering to all creation. You are truly the hands and feet of the Father for the establishment of His will across the universes.

“This task of revelation of deity is an enterprise in which each one must choose to participate. In His infinite wisdom, the Father has considered that creating beings capable of choosing their own reality and compare it with the highest reality offered by the deities was a good idea. Each mortal enjoys free will, the power to discover the universe, formulate their own theories, choose their own paths and determine if the way of the Father is indeed the wisest, the path with the most love. At the end, those who sincerely and corageously dedicate to this sublime task will discover without a doubt and for the total satisfaction of their souls, that the will of the Father is truly the best way, the way to perfection. Then, these creatures that have overcome all trials and explored all alternatives will make the ultimate decision to participate in the eternal plan and to live forever disconvering the infinite dimensions of love, truth, beauty and goodness.”

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