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OSC130305- Questions to Consider

2013-03-05. Questions to Consider

Alabama, US of A, March 5, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Questions to Consider.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Imagine the life of your fellow human beings in the distant past, or in the distant future. Imagine life in eternity. Imagine the incredible variety in the way all beings live their lives. Consider now the relevance of your work, the way in which you make your living. How important it is to accumulate a lot of wealth or only a little? What is the difference between a job filled with prestige in human eyes or a job that just allows you to survive? If you could observe your life, even for just one moment, from the point of view of eternity you would not have doubts about investing your time in those things that are truly important.

“However, even as a mortal creature you carry within yourself a fragment of eternity. This non-material part of your being in conjuntion with the mind provided by spirit gives you the ability to determine the value of many things in your life. Consider now, what things will you take with you when you leave this world? Certainly, no amount of wealth, social prestige or material goods will you be able to carry with you to the mansion worlds. However, the lessons you learned in this life, the loving relationships you established with your peers and the understandings regarding the divine plan, will be the currency that will support you in the enterprises of the hereafter.

“With this simple criterion intelligent human beings can better orient their decisions in this life. Is it better to work more hours to make more money or should I go home and spent time with those I love? Should I be overly concerned about what I will eat tomorrow, or will I face each new day with hope and courage? Should I complain about those things I don’t possess, or will I take advantage of what I already have to rise above my self-imposed limitations? Will I face change with resistance and a rebellious attitude, or will I cultivate an attitude of exploration and adventure? Will I subject myself to the rules of the world, or will I let my spirit lead my actions to new levels of progressive perfection? The appropriate response — the highest decision — for each one of these questions can be found by simply asking, which one of these things will I take when I leave this world?

“Your life doesn’t have to be hard. Difficulties are not a requisite to achieve spiritual growth. The way in which you resolve the normal challenges of your daily living is what can become a means to promote spiritual advancement by forcing you to learn how to make decisions from a long-term point of view, not just focusing on your immediate needs. Your true needs are very few — they can be counted on the fingers of one hand — but once these natural and basic needs for a mortal existence have been satisfied, use your time to also satisfy your eternal spiritual needs, because it is there where the real satisfaction of your soul and the deeper joy of existence can be experienced.”

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