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OSC130307- About Blind Faith

2013-03-07. About Blind Faith

Alabama, US of A, March7, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “About Blind Faith.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “On the material worlds it is necessary to establish rules to maintain discipline — especially on those worlds not yet established in light and life. However, in eternity there are no laws, in the sense that there are no attempts to impose any limits upon the free will of creatures. At the levels of partial perfection you will always find limitations and recommendations, but as you advance on your eternal career you will see how the rules start to disappear.

“Once you have reached finality, love will be the only rule by which you will determine your decisions and actions. Love is the way of the Father, the best way to do everything and once you have reached finality you will demonstrate that you have learned with total authority that the will of the Father is the best that can happen to creation and you will choose in an intelligent and voluntary way to always follow that divine will.

“Currently, in your mortal life, you still have not fully realized through experience that the will of the Father is indeed the best path. It is now when you can experiment with your decisions and actions to start comparing how those decisions that always produce the best results for all involved coincide with the way in which the Father would act if he were in your place. This is your task in this life: to learn to make decisions using divine inspiration — the guidance of your Thought Adjuster — observing the results obtained and learning from both your mistakes and your victories.

“The Father wishes that all mortal creatures follow His will, but he doesn’t desire to force His will in any way. This is why He has granted you complete freedom to decide and act — free will — so you can experiment and discover that in reality, the way of the Father, the way with most love, is truly the best way, the one that benefits all. The Father doesn’t want blind followers that submit to His will. He has created original personalities with the capacity to grow and discover on their own the validity of His intent and designs.

“Forget once and for all the idea that blind faith is the key to gain the favor of the Celestial Father. It is not required that you abandon your individuality and your creativity, turning into an automaton that only follows orders. The Father has created you to be an active agent in His plans for creation, with absolute freedom and refreshing joy for the increasingly complete revelation of deity for all creatures. Spiritual enlightenment is not the path of the negation of your personality nor the stifling of your originality. The journey to perfection and beyond, into the future ages of the universes, is an unending adventure of constant discovery, unlimited surprises and never-ending progress.”

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