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OSC130308- A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

2013-03-08. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Alabama, US of A, March 8, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Individual acts of kindsness do transform the world. When you live a life consecrated to doing the will of the Father and to the pursuit of perfection you become an inspiration to others. When they see your actions and your behavior, something within will inspire them to do the same. That something is the Presence of the Father — the Thought Adjuster — that through your actions has found a means of expression and has become a tool to awaken the person under His care.

“You have been told many times that a life lived following the will of the Father becomes a great agent of change for this world. You also know that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, since an idea that is expressed verbally is never as completely understood as and idea that is lived through experience. You can read your documents about the life of Michael but the contemplation of such a life would do much more for your spiritual progress than would a million writings.

“Human beings learn from experience and often the experiences of others can be a more than adequate source of learning. Your marketing professionals know that word-of-mouth has more weight than any other way to gain customers. It is more likely for you to pay money to go see a movie by the recommendation of a friend than by all the advertising you see in the media for that movie.

“Human beings are designed to function this way, with the help of the experiences of others, because this is how the entire program of evolution in the universes of space and time has been conceived. The benefits of experiences are always a resource for all. Your civilization has advanced because of this. The methods that have worked well in the past are still being used, instead of those that have been detrimental. It is through your collective experiences that you learn as a group. Without this human ability each new generation would be destined to repeat those same mistakes of the previous generation and you would still be living in caves or in the tops of the trees.

“There is something contagious about the experience of a human being that is somehow perceived by others around them. No one remains untouched by witnessing the destruction of another human being as a consequence of their own decisions and actions. If the desire to help that person does not arise, at least the impulse to avoid making the same mistakes will. If negative experiences can have such power to influence the behavior of others, how much more powerful would positive experiences be?

“If you live a life dedicated to the divine will, living as if you are already an inhabitant of a world established in light and life, you will be a powerful and positive influence over those around you. It is possible that by changing your own mind and your own heart to be increasingly closer to perfection you will actually be changing the world and lighting another light to erradicate the darkess that is so widespread on this sphere. Go and fight to become the best you can aspire to be and thanks to this effort you will become an authentic revelation of God for your peers and your life will be the picture that will be worth a thousand words for those who have the fortune to cross your path.”

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