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OSC130312- About Following Your Heart

2013-03-12. About Following Your Heart

Alabama, US of A, March 12, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “About Following Your Heart.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “All human beings have the ability to think independently. However, not all of you decide to follow your own impulses and deviate from what is considered the norm, the rules of the group, or that which is socially acceptable. Human beings of this sphere are very susceptible to being considered strange, eccentric or in any other way that would make them feel separate from their peers.

“This human desire to belong is beneficial when it promotes social cohesion and community service. However, there are moments in which it is necessary to affirm your individuality and to have the courage to choose the higher path, even when, in the beginning, others may not see it that way. This is how the authentic leaders of humanity can arise by rebelling against the establishment in order to choose a better path and illuminating in this way the decisiones of their peers.

“All the so-called human revolutions have had acceptance because of the tendency of the masses to do what others are doing. Everybody possesses roughly the same ability to differentiate good from evil — the higher path from a baser one. However, sometimes, when the false leaders of humanity begin to promote their ideas and their actions against divine love, the masses decide to ignore the guidance of their Inner Master — the Presence of the Father inside the human mind — and let themselves fall prey to their lower animal impulses, such as revenge and violence. This is why even now we still see masacres in this world, when one group forget that they are children of the same God and attempt to impose their way by force to others.

“However, in this world the new era of freedom has already been inaugurated. No longer will the children of God be deceived for the benefit of an elite that only pursue their own selfish agendas. All of you carry inside the Divine Light and have direct access to the Creator of this Universe Himself to receive the help that will allow you to see the path with most love in all situations. It is the responsibility of every human being to choose to search for the truth that already lies within, or to let others impose their ideas upon his or her personal destiny.

“Each one of you has the potential to become a light to illuminate the path for your siblings. Each one of you can make the decision which you already know is the right one, even if you are criticized by others who may turn against you. In the end, your effort may be the last straw that will incline the scale toward a future filled with more love in this world. There is no agent of change more powerful than the contemplation of a life consecrated to the will of the Father and the search of perfection. May everyone of you become a leader who walks along the better path, so your siblings can follow you.”

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