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OSC130319- Become Deaf to the Noise of the World

2013-03-19. Become Deaf to the Noise of the World

Alabama, US of A, March 19, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Become Deaf to the Noise of the World.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Human beings possess the power to determine their own reality that is greater than they can imagine. I am not talking here about magically changing your circumstances or a formula for instant wealth. I am talking about the power of decisions — your free will — and this great power remains practically ignored by most people.

“Your decisions of the past have determined your current situation. Probably some coindidences, accidents, and random events may have occurred, but most of what surrounds you today has been your creation. Your friends, your spouse, your children, the place you live in, the way in which you earn a living, these are all the results of your past decisions. For this reason, blaming other people or agencies for whatever bothers you today is counter productive, because you would be denying your own power to influence your reality and you would be refusing to learn from your mistakes of the past — refusing to face the consequences of your actions.

“Many of you wish for a better life. Many of you desire lasting peace and the joy of living in a place where every morning can be seen with hope, like a door that opens to a new adventure of discovery and progress. However, you can’t find a way to escape your vicious circles of negative thinking and lack of hope. Many hope that somebody else lends them a hand to lift them to a better place, more beautiful and loving.

“A hand has already been offered to you for you to take hold of and to rise above your perceived limitations. You have within your being — each and every one of you — the presence of the Creator of the Universes and the reality with the highest levels of truth, beauty and goodness. This divine presence is within you for the sole purpose of serving as a guide and to help you be the best you can aspire to be — to be perfect, as your Father in Heaven is perfect.

“It is up to you to decide to take advantage of this great opportunity and through a dynamic faith — a spirit of adventure and exploration — begin to walk toward the destiny for which you were created, towards perfection in eternity. Everything you need to achieve this magnificent goal you already possess. Nothing you need for you to attain spiritual progress will be denied. Ask and you shall receive, even more than what you need.

“The spring of the Father is unlimited and His love for all His creatures can’t be fully grasped by human imagination. Become universal citizens. You were born in this world but your destiny doesn’t end here. Learn to follow the orientation of your Internal Teacher and let yourself become deaf to the noise of the world, while focusing your attention on the divine realities. In this way the material appearances will be unable to alter your balance and you will gain a higher control over your life and your reality.”

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