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OSC130320- The Divine Presence

2013-03-20. The Divine Presence

Alabama, US of A, March 20, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “The Divine Presence.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “In this era a most relevant truth for humanity is the knowledge about the Divine Presence within human beings. Many ages have passed in this world while mortals ignored this truth, so they have not been able to take advantage of this resource that inspires and transforms the human will. The Universal Father is not a being who is too far removed from our reality. He is truly the closest person to you in your life, who knows you entirely and deeply, even better than you know yourselves.

“How is it that God is within me and I have not realized it, you may ask? You can consider it to be an unexplored talent. The function of the Divine Presence — the Thought Adjuster (TA) — is to preserve your highest thoughts and bring them to the fore in your mind in order to promote your spiritual growth. Once you start noticing that in your life and in your spiritual growth there has always been an invisible hand helping you, the work of your TA becomes evident.

“However, if you have disregarded the spiritual aspect of your life, if you have not invested some time to the contemplation of realities beyond the material, if you have never asked yourself the question, ‘why am I here?’, your TA has not had many opportunities to provide Its services and you would have a more difficult time perceiving Its presence.

“Your Father is a loving father and a faithful friend Who is only waiting for your attention to give you everything you need to become the best you can be — to reach divine perfection. The Divine Presense is a silent partner that offers Its services to those who ask for them, but It can also move aside and submit completely to the human will, when It is ignored by the subject under Its care. Many human parents have experienced the fact of seeing their children make mistakes, ignoring their parental advise and the lessons derived from their experience. Often these children can complain to them, asking ‘why didn’t you prevent me from doing this?’ The the human parents have to remind their children that they indeed attempted to show them the potential consequences of their actions, but the children just did not listen.

“The Universal Father is much greater and much wiser than the human parents who can make mistakes. Your Father offers His services with unconditional love and with perfect intentions, because He can see the end from the beginning and truly knows what is best for you. But the children of time are often distracted by material things and don’t start to consider the spiritual realities until they have to face the painful consequences of their shortsighted decisions. It is then when many complain to the Father asking ‘why didn’t you prevent me from doing this?’, when in reality they were never willing to listen.

“The only thing you need to do is to from time to time turn your attention to your inner life, to the place where your Father has placed His Presence and from where He provides His guidance, His comfort and His strength. A few moments each day searching for a way to establish an effective relationship of friendship and work with your Creator is all that is needed, to transform an almost animal creature into a higher being no longer subjected to the ebb and flow of the world. This is how a human being can transcend his or her origin and rise above the material world, finding true peace and the full satisfaction of the soul.”

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