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OSC130322- Guardian Angels

2013-03-22. Guardian Angels

Alabama, US of A, March 22, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Guardian Angels.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “The ministry of your Guardian Angels is not so much to exert influence over your mind and your decisions. This function is fully realized by your Thought Adjuster. Your Destiny Guardians promote situations that allow you to make decisions of a spiritual nature. They are the invisible hands of providence for human beings.

“It would not be right to think of your Guardians as mischievious spirits who are entertained by placing difficulties along your path to see you trip and fall. It is also not very realistic to think of them as bodyguards, placing an umbrella over your head to prevent you from getting wet. Your Angels are the Guardians of your soul, of that which is eternal and real in your true being — which has been placed under their oversight.

“You can consider your Angels to be your Teachers, who sometimes must design the tests and create de situations that will help you learn new lessons or demonstrate that you have learned them. Their mission is not to make your life easier or more difficult. They are in charge to make your life more productive towards the goal of achieving perfection. In this sense, your Guardians are the ones who strive to bring you happiness, true happiness, which is only possible when a soul freely chooses to follow the will of the Father and achieve the most complete manifestation of being.

“Your Guardians put in front of you the opportunities of life, that many times have been ignored or simply rejected by you. What they offer is alternatives, suggestions and indications. It will always depend on you to choose what you will take advantage of and what you will pass up. However, those students who develop trust in their teachers are the ones who get the most benefit out of the educational process. Rest assured that all the labors of your Destiny Guardians are intended for your and your siblings’ greatest benefit. Their actions are always in harmony with the plans of the Divine Presence for every mortal they accompany. Learn to trust in your invisible Teachers and take advantage of each offered opportunity to grow and progress.

“Your Destiny Guardians will never stop working to your benefit and your progress. Their greatest pleasure is for them to observe how you achieve the results they desired to manifest, when you accept gratefully the assignments and tests they put in front of you. Your Angels are consecrated to the task of inspiring you to make the supreme decision of reaching perfection. You only need to live with a spirit of adventure and exploration, with confidence in the fact that the opportinities will arrive. You can also count on the presence of your Creator Father to guide you in your decisions and actions, showing you the best path and allowing you the freedom of choosing to follow it.

“Beings who are born in perfection innately know which is the best path. Mortal evolutionary beings are born without preconcieved ideas and have absolute freedom to explore all the paths and discover independently and without any type of coercion the best and higher path. Then this human decision becomes supreme by choosing of their own accord this path, enjoying for eternity the glory of having discovered truth on their own terms and through their own effort. Such a great Gift from the Father to His mortal children — the freedom to forge their own spiritual existence! You are a creation of the Father, but the enlightened and perfected being that will reach finality in eternal union with the Divine Presence will be forever a creation of your own will in collaboration with the will of God.”

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