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OSC130325- About Spiritual Development

2013-03-25. About Spiritual Development

Alabama, US of A, March 25, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “About Spiritual Development.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Spiritual development is measured not by the amount of intellectual truths an individual has mastered, but by the extent to which the fruits of the spirit have become a reality in a person’s life.

“It does not matter if a person believes in reincarnation, in the law of attraction, in extraterrestrials, or in the power of mantras. If this person manages to harmonize his will with the Divine Will, give a loving service to his fellow man, and live a life of continuous progress, this person will experience a spiritual growth that will often put the false beliefs into the background.

“Spiritual development also cannot be measured by the mental capacity of the individual. Intellectual intelligence has nothing to do with ‘Spiritual Intelligence’. The eternal truths are by definition beyond the capacity of understanding of a finite mind. Creators do not expect their material creatures to understand the complex issues of the universe, those that require an age of experience and exploration to be understood more clearly. What is expected is that the creatures develop the necessary faith to stimulate the desire to be better and closer to their true purpose, to the reason for which they were created.

“This is why the mission of light workers should not focus on denying false beliefs, or imposing a point of view. Their main task is to tell anyone who wants to know that there is much more in reality than what is evident to the five physical senses, that there is a Heavenly Father who is always with you by means of a Divine Fragment that dwells within your being, and that everyone has the ability to take advantage of this Internal Master to explore spirituality. From then on, growth and spiritual advancement is an individual responsibility and each one must find their own way.

“Light workers and truth seekers are encouraged to focus on the basic truths. In the end, the destiny of human souls in this world is to reach the Heavenly Father in eternity. Simply inform your brothers that this is possible through faith and the desire to be more and more like the Father. This is the main thing and this ideal will generate the impulse that will unleash the powers of the mind and soul to transform the creature of an almost animal being to a spirit of light that will actively participate in the establishment of the Father’s Design for Creation.”

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