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OSC130327- Truly Living

2013-03-27. Truly Living

Alabama, US of A, March 27, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Truly Living.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “How wonderful human life would be if each mortal could discover within his or her being the immense potential and achievements that are open to human curiosity! The journey toward perfection is a journey of eternal discovery, in which the perfect and divine purpose of the Creator for all His children becomes ever clearer. In this way you become an active participant in this purpose and you grow in spirit.

“The seemingly insatiable human curiosity has been placed there for a reason. All your impulses to know more, to search for reasons, explanations, origins and destinies, serve to motivate your personality for the adventure of reaching perfection. Very soon, those who start on the search for truth discover that the greatest satisfaction can be found in discovering new values and meanings, thus obtaining an increasingly more complete vision of reality.

“During a human life, discovery comes from life experiences. When a person strives to be better every day and to become a more faithful expression of the love of the Father, that person discovers in her heart new motivations and new undesrstandings, so she can focus her efforts towards perfection in a more effective way. Do not hope to discover all the secrets of the universe during a short human life, but it is possible to achieve a more complete understanding of the Father and His purpose, while establishing a direct relationship with the Father through His Divine Presence in the human mind.

“The understanding and the discovery of deity is the adventure of the ages, an adventure without end. Deity is also present within you, which implies that the journey to discover all of your potential is also limiteless. And just like human children learn to better appreciate their parents and what they do for them as they grow, resulting in a deeper love, the children of humanity would be able to come closer to God and to desire to be more like Him, for the full satisfaction of their immortal souls.

“Human life can be compared with a palace that is filled with gifts for you. Each day represents the entrance to a new room filled with wonders to be discovered. In such a palace, every time you find yourself on the threshold of a new and unexplored room where you would feel filled with hope and anticipation, and above all, ready to find the new gifts. Why don’t you start your days this way? Each day you stand at the threshold of a new undiscovered experience. Maybe some of the things you find are not what you expected, but you can be sure that if you do not search you will find nothing, and if you remain in a single room you will be missing a lot of things to discover and enjoy. Open your mind and your heart to the experiences of each new day and take the opportunity like someone who has received a gift from heaven. This is truly living.”

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