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OSC130515- Higher Thinking

2013-05-15. Higher Thinking

Alabama, US of A, May 15, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Higher Thinking.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “The way in which you use your mind – your way of thinking – is based mostly on the habits you have cultivated during your lifetime. Your personality has a lot to do with your way of thinking, but the way you react to events in your life and the thoughts you have given preference to are what determine the way in which your mind functions today and therefore also determine your reality.

“When we talk about your way of thinking we mean the way in which you create your thoughts in your mind and build the conceptual framework of your reality. This is the way you normally react to the input of your senses, the way you face difficulties, and the way in which you see yourself in relationship to the rest of the universe. It is the way in which you use the resource provided by spirit that is your human mind.

“During your life you have accustomed yourself to prefer certain kinds of thoughts and to react to situations in a certain way. These habits are reinforced to such a degree that they often happen unconsciously, almost automatically. These habits are very hard to change, especially since they have been nurtured for years. However, the human brain was designed to be dynamic, with an unlimited capacity for adaptation. You can consider your brain to be like an antenna, which you can use to connect with the Mind Spirits that function in this world. Your habits determine the frequency with which you connect to and the type of signals you receive. How can you change your frequency and connect to other frequencies that may be more productive?

“This is most difficult if you rely only on human resolve. You cannot change your radio station if you do not know the frequency of other stations. The analogy of a radio ends here, since in contrast to a normal radio our brains cannot simply connect to other frequencies and listen. The thoughts you receive are attracted by you. Your ideas allow other ideas of the same kind to be available to your mind, but if you always have the same kind of ideas, how can you promote different ideas, higher ideas?

“This is one of the main functions of your Thought Adjuster – the presence of God in your being. This Divine Presence is constantly revealing the spiritual realities to the human mind, stimulating the mind with ideas of increased beauty and truth so the mind can produce higher thinking, improving your ability to receive the best transmissions of truth and light available in this world and beyond. The way a human being can overcome her limitations is by allowing her Thought Adjuster to work with her, by the intent of doing God’s will – collaborating in the plan to becoming a creature of increased perfection – leaving the doors open to fill her life with truth and to let her mind work the most effective way. Only with the help of the Father can a human being rise above the animal nature and the key for this achievement lies in the personal decisions of each individual.”

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