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OSC130515- Moments of Enlightenment

20013-05-13. Moments of Enlightenment

Alabama, US of A, May 15, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Moments of Enlightenment.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Your intent to be better is what promotes spiritual growth during your lifetime. This intent motivates your mind to tune in and discover higher truths, creating a life of growth in which you will continuously perfect yourself. On many occasions when these truths become clear to your mind and your heart, you will experience a moment of enlightenment that make you feel inspired and in some kind of ecstasy for a few days. Then, once you have accustomed yourself to these truths and the impact of the received revelation vanishes, you feel like you have lost that edge and everything goes back to normal.

“However, once you understand these truths and you have incorporated a value or a meaning to your experience, they always remain a part of your being. The fact that you get used to something new does not mean that it lost its value as a motivation factor or as a wisdom resource. It is desirable for human beings to experience these moments of discovery and to then return to their normal functioning mode so they can continue to learn and progress in spirit.

“Your spiritual growth can be considered to be an exploration journey. During your lifetime and from time to time, you will reach the peak of a mountain and a beautiful landscape is then displayed in front of you – a more complete vision of reality. You will enjoy that new view ‘from sometime’ but you know that soon you will adapt to the place where you are and the things that seem extraordinary today will be considered normal and commonplace tomorrow. It is then when you will be ready to explore again, to continue searching and to function with all your capacities, when the initial amazement has dissipated and you start to feel that familiar desire to keep going forward and to know more.

“Your journey of spiritual growth is filled with many such summits, many achievements in which your understanding of reality grows, but it is an eternal journey of limitless growth. Therefore, it is not productive to linger in your amazement and delight at any point on the path. Human personalities have been endowed with an infinite capacity for adaptation. Soon, this personality of yours that today manifests in such a limited way – so very human – will have discovered and achieved levels of understanding about the universe and the Father that today you are not even capable of fathoming. And, sometime later this personality, filled with divine wisdom, will discover that there are still things to learn, continuing the infinite journey of progress as an original expression of God.”

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