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OSC130517- The Most Sublime Act

2013-05-17. The Most Sublime Act

Alabama, US of A, May 17, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “The Most Sublime Act.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “The supreme importance of a human life is found in the contributions a human being makes to the entire creation and in the way in which a reality is improved by the existence of that particular individual. For human beings it is difficult to determine with certainty the value of a human life, but for the Father, Who can see the end from the beginning, the great value of human life is an eternal reality.

“Only when a creature manages to express the divine will through his or her being the fulfillment of the hidden potentials can take place and the Father can find an original way of expression through that personality. The Father has created each human being with a purpose and for a reason. Each one is a revelation of a unique and original aspect of deity. Through your existence, your Father manifests Himself in a more complete way to His creation and through your experiences the Father overcomes the limitations of His infinite state.

“Everything you do today can have eternal repercussions if you do it with the highest intention. It is possible that you have within your reach today an opportunity to create something original that will last forever. Each time you choose to listen within and attempt to follow the voice of the Father to be better, you are producing a true spiritual experience that in turn will produce a value that will never perish, a jewel that will be preserved for all universes.

“The most sublime act of a human life is to help others find their way. You are the luminous beings of the eternal future. Each one of you will be thoroughly educated about the workings of creation. You will explore reality from the lowest animal level to the attainment of the First Source and Center of all things. You will be perfect, as your Father is perfect. The achievements and the contributions of creatures with such magnificent experience and devotion will be for the glory of the Father. Today each one of you can contribute to the creation of one of these wonderful beings, by your effort to elevate yourself from your material limitations and by your service to help others find the way that will bring them to this elevated destiny.

“This is the reason why many orders of beings in the universes and Havona are fully dedicated to the task of promoting the ascension of mortal creatures, since such is the greatest work in the current state of creation. Each mortal creature that finds God is an un-measurably rich achievement for creation. Do not forget your great value and start to appreciate each other better, with a love similar to the one offered to you by your Father. A perfected being can really perform miracles but many of these beings working together in harmony have an enormous co-creative power. Love each other so much that you can walk together in love and harmony toward your exalted destiny.”

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