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OSC130614- Turn your Attention Within

2013-06-14. Turn your Attention Within

Alabama, US of A, June 14, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Turn your Attention Within.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “It is a good idea to often stop during your day and simply still your mind and re-orient your intent to attain the goals of eternity. The busyness of daily life can be a powerful distraction but, when you turn your attention within and search for the communion with the Fragment of the Father, you start to get a higher awareness about a reality beyond matter.

“In this way, your mind will more often be tuned into the spiritual frequencies. This is how you ‘open your eyes and tune your ears’ to see and hear the truth that is sent from Heaven. Then you can start to follow more effectively the guidance of your Thought Adjuster, the Spirit of Truth, your Seraphim Guardians, and your Celestial Teachers, working together in perfect harmony to promote your spiritual progress and the development of your soul.

“It is a fact that a human being is only capable of perceiving what her mind is prepared to receive. Your scientists have performed many experiments about your perception and have repeatedly demonstrated that when your mind is tuned to search for something in particular other stimuli are effectively ignored, regardless of how obvious they may be. This is an important attribute of the human mind because it makes focusing on the present task easier, but sometimes it can prevent you from expanding your horizons and perceiving things that may be foreign to your daily life.

“Spiritual signs are often something foreign to the daily life of most humans. Many are so focused and distracted in the material world that they cannot perceive anything else. The subtle time prompts attempt to break from the routine and many times people receive the numeric prompts for years until they realize that something strange and outside of their normal flow is happening. Others have been observed and they get the prompts because they have started to search for answers and their minds are open to perceive a higher reality.

“Focus your mind and your attention in your Father and inevitably you will find Him, in everything around you and mainly within your own mind. Observe how often your thoughts answer to unknown impulses that guide you toward higher goals and tune your ear to listen to your Father whispering His advice and His guidance from the deepest of your being. This is the real faith of those who find God. It is not blind and fanatic belief in what you cannot see. It is cultivating the hope of getting in touch with divinity that inspires you to keep searching and prepares your mind to listen. Faith is just curiosity tinged with hope. Only those who search will find and only those who hope to find something will be motivated to search. Give yourself the opportunity and begin this internal exploration that will open the doors of the entire creation.”

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