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OSC130619- Your Talents

2013-06-19. Your Talents

Alabama, US of A, June 19, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Your Talents.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “There should be a balance between the efforts to explore your hidden potentials and determining when you have done enough. It is not required that human beings work day and night without rest. Most certainly, this would cause physical wear and all sorts of maladies and disharmonies. However, the vast majority of human beings on this world do very little to be the best they can be and contribute little to the greater good.

“Spiritual growth should be the activity to be considered most important in the life of a human being. When you promote your spiritual growth, you bring into your life many things that are beneficial to you and to others around you. Spiritual growth brings you peace of mind and soul that promote mental and physical health. Spiritual growth also allows the spread and manifestation of the love of the Father through the truth seekers. This is the source of loving service to your peers, the main impulse for the elevation of civilization.

“As some of you understand more about the realities of spirit and you gain a more comprehensive knowledge of the Father, the spiritual fruits spontaneously manifest in your souls. The human beings illuminated by the presence of the Father within will start to feel the impulse and the inspiration to do certain tasks and use their creative capacity to express some aspect of divinity in reality. Then those talents that benefit the planet and humanity as a whole find the means of expression in those personalities that strive to become like the Father. Now material work acquires a new dimension and becomes a means of expression of goodness in the world. This is how you become the co-creator of a higher reality, an agent for the establishment of the will of God in the world. This is how you start to use your talents for real and start being the best you can be.

“At the end of your mortal journey you will have to show the balance of how you used what you were given – your talents – to do the will of the Father and express His love to the world. Your relative fame or the importance attributed by society to your work will not matter. Only the souls that benefited by your labors will matter. Then you will be able to determine on your own and without a doubt if you wasted your time during this life or if you lived a life of continuous progress and sought experiences of eternal value. Right now, you can make your decisions and face any task that may arise by asking, will this bring me closer to my Father? Will this help bring somebody closer to our Father?”

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