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OSC130620- The Solution is Within

2013-06-20. The Solution is Within

Alabama, US of A, June 20, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “The Solution is Within.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Only through spiritual growth do the answers become evident and will you get to understand the best way – the Will of the Father. For the scientists among you, this may sound like a weak argument or a logical fallacy. However, consider that an exposition based on anthropology and biology may offer a satisfactory explanation to a scientist about the nature of love of the parents for their children but, only after this scientist has gone through the experience of having children of her own, will she realize how limited was the understanding she had before.

“Does this mean that science is not necessary? Of course not. The scientist in our example would have acquired valuable knowledge, illuminating her ideas even more through personal experience and spiritual growth, becoming more useful to her peers and a more accomplished person. This is a true scientist. However, in your world there are many who call themselves scientists – men and woman of reason – but who never dare to experiment and explore. These are the ones who reject a new idea off hand, labeling it as impractical or senseless. They resist faith and adventure, because they fear the unknown, and they forget that true science and religion allow ample opportunity for exploration and experimentation.

“The problems of this world seem unsolvable to those whose point of view doesn’t go beyond the material and the immediate. However, for those who have experienced divine love and start to express it in their lives, all problems have a solution. In reality, when all human beings love each other with true love and with full understanding of the value of a human life for the entire creation, the biggest problems in this world will vanish. Mistrust, fear, inequality, abuse, greed, and many other symptoms of spiritual short-sightedness, will not have room in the minds and the hearts of those mortals who have been illuminated by the spirit within their being.

“Yes, the solution to all the problems – and to move this world to Light and Life – is not out there. The solution is within each one of you, because when you transform from the inside into something better you make the reality out there better as well.”

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