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PBG23- Social Architect, Damalia Radio

1996-06-06-Social Architect, Damalia Radio
Pittsburgh #23


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Social Architect, Damalia Radio
o 1.2 Group: Pittsburgh TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Tomas
o 2.2 TR: Gerdean
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Perfection
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Prayer
o 3.4 Dialogue
 3.4.1 Angels
 3.4.2 Groups
 3.4.3 Media
 3.4.4 Teamwork
o 3.5 Closing

Topic: Social Architect, Damalia Radio
Group: Pittsburgh TeaM
Teacher: Tomas
TR: Gerdean


TOMAS: Good evening, my friends.

Group: Good evening, Tomas.

TOMAS: My friends, I am here this evening with you to honor your being, to acknowledge your aspiration to ascend to greater depths of perception, to learn of your teacher and your spirit guides and from one another the arts involved in living a spiritual life, a life which is rich in spirit as well as emotional range, mental stimuli, psychic peace and material pleasure, for the experience of becoming more Godlike is not to deny your material actuality but to incorporate your material reality into your spirit realm of reality.


TOMAS: Many on Urantia have taught that the earmark of spiritual life is to denounce the realms of the flesh, to set aside interest in secular things, to bridle your desires and ambitions in the material realms, testifying that such activity is unbridled lasciviousness and disdainful materialism that will destroy your connection and association and usefulness as an aspiring spiritual being. Such is not the case, or such is not the theory that I purport in my teaching platform, for the material realm is your arena and as the Master said in his prayer, “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven,” it is to the end that the spirit will reign on Urantia in and through your lives down to and including your material plane of existence.

As the animal creatures of your realm fall under your dominion, so do you follow under the dominion of the angels and other orders of celestial helpers. Above the orders of seraphim are yet greater and superlative guides and spirit companions. Each realm of existence is a creation born of perfection and in its natural state carries a harmony and repleteness which only serves to testify to the perfection of the grand scheme.

I will draw a picture for you of your environment, as was observed by Gerdean moments ago, as she entered the arena of the outdoors to squat as a reptile in the dense green of your planet Urantia in this geographic arena on this moist and green Spring evening. The comparison to a reptile of our friend here is only to bring to your attention that from the perspective of a frog, all is well in the universe. The water droplets are friendly and (they) moisten the soil, which causes life to grow, which nurtures food, which creates fertilization and humidity to support the balance of life in the arena of the reptile. It is perfect. It is appropriate, as is your arena for you perfect and appropriate.

If indeed you were to have the faith which is inherent in you by and through your connection to divinity through your Indwelling God Fragment, if you were to adhere to that faith which lives deep within you, even in your environment, in your arena outwardly and not just inwardly, you would carry forth faith in your environment and in your fellow beings, and you would find that your environment is perfect, that all your needs are met, that only as a result of your fears and your refusing to live up to the faith which you really have, do you lose track of the perfection that is, and hope to secure some contrived version of perfection which is illusion.

As a result of the cause and effect of Urantia, it is necessary that much of the existing energy patterns be altered, be bridled, be reconfigured, but until and as that occurs, each of you in your own way, in your own existential bubble, has the aura of perfection at hand. When the admonishment came about to be perfect even as He is perfect, it was not intended that you compare yourself to the First Source and Center who resides in Paradise, but that as you manifest, identify with, promulgate, belong to, abide in and bestow yourself upon the will of God in your realm, you are to that extent perfect in the framework of a mortal being on your planet of origin with all of its faults and failings.

You may stand assured of the status of sonship/daughtership in perfection as has been commanded. To deny your material aspects, your physical aspects, is to deny much of who and what your are. Only here and now can you experience the perfection inherent in this world on this level of being, and so do not yearn for some heavenly kingdom in the future and thus deprive yourself of the glory of today. Rather, radiate your understanding of yourself as a child of God in his perfect creation, this home which has been provided to you by those who know every hair on your head and who will and do provide for your every need as you surround yourself with the awareness of the Living Reality.

There is nothing shameful or debased about being of animal origin. It is a noble beginning and through your evolution as a race, you have attained and acquired God-consciousness, among other gifts and acquisitions. I invited you last week to sing and dance and be merry and this week I will again ask you to be joyful and I will ask you to incorporate your immediate soul environment into your joy. Do not hold your joy quietly within; allow it to manifest on your face, in your hair, in your walk, in your step, in your song. My lovely friends, how good it is to be with you again. How have you been?


Student: Busy. Busy, busy.

TOMAS: We discussed busyness, did we not? Has your busyness been necessary? Has it. been appropriate? Or have we just been busy?

Student: Busy making a living.

Student: A little bit of both.

TOMAS: Are there questions? (Silence) Comments? (Silence) Complaints? (Laughter)

Student: Yeah, a complaint. I took a day off and I enjoyed it so much I wanted to take the next one off and couldn’t.

TOMAS: Perhaps you can arrange your life so that you could take off two days in a row. I am not going to feel responsible for this complaint. I do understand.

Student: Don’t worry. I am my own grandma. (Chuckles) But I am going to take off three days the Fourth of July.

TOMAS: Well done. Independent, indeed. (Group laughter)


Student: I had a question about the Morontia Companions and the legions of angels, of beings to help in our growth. What would be some appropriate requests to help in the immediate future of spiritual growth, to ask the legions that are there to help us? Could you help me and us?

TOMAS: Let us generate an example. You are an imaginative young woman and have an abundant love for many individuals. Find in your mind’s eye an individual whose understanding of her life or his life does not incorporate the concept of perfection. Find an individual who is in the darkness, in the despair of not living the life of light and life which is possible for each individual to do today, Visualize one individual. Take this individual in love to the Father.

“How,” you say, “do I take this individual to the Father when it is that individual’s free will that will open the door for the Father to come in?” You may assist by loving the individual with the Father’s love and focusing and directing the Father’s love from Him through you to her, to her face, to her heart, to her very being. Wash her, or him, in the love of the Divine. Allow the Divine to encompass the individual that you see.

Those are prayerful energies. The visualization has embraced a personality in the universe. If the angels know every hair on the head of every individual, surely they know the face you have presented to the Father for His love. As this is a well-governed universe, as this hierarchy of divine countenance is in existence to glorify the Source of love itself, all beings who are on hand to help the creation of ultimate perfection work together in their prescribed roles to bring about extension and reflection of perfection, and so it is understood throughout the working universe, that this individual has been prayed for.

It is helpful, as you already know, when the individual that you pray for is aware that they are being prayed for, for that sets up an awareness, a sensitivity, a reaction within them that a Thought Adjuster can work with, and although the mortal may in fear recoil or in anger resist, the Indwelling Spirit is ever ready to lure the individual into greater happiness and greater awareness of its destiny, of its own path to perfection.

That, is one example I would suggest in your prayerful practice for it does indeed activate other energies and personalities in bringing about more and greater spirit reality through consecration of choice, consecration of will to do the Father’s will. The same method can be utilized in praying for institutions and governments.


Student: Well, how do we tell them that they are being prayed for?

TOMAS: No doubt there is a Republican or Democratic headquarters.

Student: Oh, yeah.

TOMAS: Also, you can attain a list of your legislators.

Student: Um-hum.

Student: While you’re speaking, would you include Elaine Farmer, who has just been put to the task of overcoming cancer and wants to do it?

TOMAS: Let us then all exercise the option of devoting a moment to caress the human being and potential immortal soul of this individual. Embrace her in the light of love. Call upon the Father. Immerse yourself in the Living Water, and focus now the Living Water upon this woman and let the Water wash over her, washing her clean of stress and fear and infirmity, giving her, through your prayer, divine peace, cleanliness, health, happiness, wholeness and hope.

Embrace her in the Father’s love, in the name of Michael, who has said that you have the power to do this as he has done this, if you but have faith. And in the exercise of group prayer, your energies are magnified, your spiritual realities are amplified and confirmed and energized by the glue which holds you together as fellow-religionists and faithers together. Prayer is very powerful. It is helpful, when you pray, to be specific. What else?

Student: Hold me in your prayers, Tomas, in this physical body, that I may be physically well and continue the work until it’s time for me to leave.

TOMAS: Child, you are in my prayers on a daily basis, and yet I will honor your request by even now calling forth Our Infinite Parents’ merciful ministry to your being, to envelop you in that divine love which you know to be whole and pure and of which you are a part. In your association with spirit you are strengthened and it is through your reliance upon spirit that your patterns are brought into alignment, that your molecular structure is put to peace amid wholeness. It is in the divine love and healing grace of the Mother and her ministers that these vicissitudes of the mortal existence are found to be a radiant testimony to the living love of the Universal Father. Rest in peace of divine overcare, infinite and eternal.


Student: We were reading about the supernaphim and I had a book called “The Kingdom of the Gods” and I figure you probably read it because I understand that you can read very fast, and I thought perhaps you could say — was there any truth in the presentations in that book of the angelic spirits?

TOMAS: You have put me to the test for I have not read the book. It is very possible that the angels are familiar with it; they have not discussed it with me. What is it particularly that they have purported that you would like confirmed?
Student: Well, there are pictures throughout the book and Jeffrey Hodgeson, I think, says that he was allowed to, basically, “see” angels, so that he might describe them to a painter and she painted them, and I thought that they were quite lovely and I thought that it seemed very true to me that they would be that way in their appearance to us – after we can visualize them, or as we can see them – and so it seemed to me . .. and it was so very long ago! … but it made a very deep impression on me, because I felt that it was quite well done.

I just thought perhaps you could give us your point of view. Perhaps not tonight, but perhaps some other evening when we get together, I’d be so pleased and would like to get out the book and have everyone enjoy those pictures. I think they’re enjoyable and beautiful.

TOMAS: It is difficult for me to respond to your question without inadvertently inducing disappointment, but you see, angels are yes beautiful, but the actual representation of an angel must be reduced to your understanding of what is beautiful.

Student: Oh, yes.

TOMAS: And so the angels, as they have been portrayed and conveyed — having beatific attitudes and strength in delicacy, physical beauty, radiance, flowing lines, magnificent wings, halos — these are representations which satisfy your emotional appreciation of what it surely must be like to be an angel. This is not to say that the interpretations are incorrect, you see.

Student: Um-hum.

TOMAS: Because they do speak to your aesthetic appreciation.

Student: This is shown in the various descriptive angels of various artists. They differ materially.

TOMAS: Indeed.

Student: Tomas, I’d like to express gratitude for your attendance and patience and love and lessons and messages, and also to extend an invitation to you. The western New York group, especially the Buffalo group, would like you to come and visit with them. They have enjoyed your words.

TOMAS: Thank you, my daughter, for your kind words. It is a deep pleasure and privilege for me to be given this opportunity to teach and to become your friend and associate. I am quite honored by your presence here as well, and I am delighted to have been invited to speak with your friends, our associates in ascension, and I eagerly look forward to that occasion and will speak to my principals as to getting there. Thank you.

Student: Thank you. (Long pause)

TOMAS: I think I have already detected a new trick you have learned, and that is that if I do not receive questions or comments within a certain length of time, you will expect that I will turn the platform over to a visitor. Have I guessed you right?

Students: No, but that would be a delight. (Titillated laughter) It’s a thought! We’ve enjoyed this.

TOMAS: I hesitate to bring another on-line as we have been chatting already for some time. How are your time constraints?

Student: Our time constraints are fine.


TOMAS: I have a friend who would like to meet you. You have read of his order in your lesson recently. This is Damalia, a social architect. Let me see if I can get him to make his presence known to this group. One moment.

DAMALIA: Greetings.

Group: Greetings, Damalia.

DAMALIA: Not to be confused with “demolish”. (Laughter) No. I build, I construct, and, like you, I aspire to ascend. I work in building things but it is not uncommon that certain scaffolding needs to be torn down at a certain time. Let me not get too far afield with my “shop talk.” I am glad to be here. I have spoken to mortals before. I am not important but I am helpful, and so I greet you.

Student: Well, we’re so happy that you came. It’s going to be exciting to enlarge our understanding by our chance to know you. Have you been on the planet for just this recent Correcting Time or were you here before that time?

DAMALIA: I have been busy since perhaps 1948 or so. But I am only speaking for myself here. I have been active as a seraphim for much longer than these past few decades. It has been interesting, however, watching the development of the new dispensation coming on, the many preparations that have come to pass in readiness for what you experience now in many ways, many ways, many ways which are not familiar to you yet, but the teachers, the Correcting Time is one of the things we worked toward, as you can imagine.

Student: Yes.

DAMALIA: Social architects work with groupings with individuals and it was quite a challenge bringing together and holding together the configuration of individuals that could sustain the work without becoming unbalanced or fanatical, that could represent the importance of the Fifth Epochal Revelation without bringing it down into the common realms of psychism and so forth. Indeed, some of the prospective configurations met and fell on their own accord. All the many adventures in preparing for Correcting Time have been in some ways similar to how it must have been on Urantia when they were preparing for the arrival of Adam and Eve, another Epochal Revelation which involved tremendous preparation prior to the actual event.

Yes, it has been interesting working here at this time. Our work is not completed at all. We are only beginning now to truly stack up those potential groupings of individuals that will wheel and deal most effectively in whatever project they undertake. As you read this evening and as you can understand, two is a pair or a partnership and three is a problem and we deal almost entirely with problem areas, for it is the social grouping that can bring about great change, great growth. You have heard it said that ten individuals working together can accomplish ten times ten times as much.

Student: Yes, we remember that from the book, Damalia. Thank you for reminding us of that, so that our group here which is . . .

Student: Ten.

Student: . .. ten times ten. Has that much power. Is that correct?

DAMALIA: At this point, my friend, it has that much potential. It is, I will say, one of the reasons that Tomas is always trying to whip you into shape in terms of being a working community, for . it is only as you can work together that we have created an effective architectural sphere that can be the scaffolding for yet another bridge into the future for Urantia and into light and life for your souls.

Student: Well, Damalia, the network that we have been able to be part of, which is the Teaching Mission, has a tremendously wonderful feel, for me, that we share our transcripts, we share our events, we share our problems throughout the country and we’re looking forward to being in Arizona in that very high place as a group and I just had the feeling that you’ll be there and you’re very definitely preparing that then, is that correct?

DAMALIA: Oh, yes. We are engaged in all these building blocks. We are actively involved in your efforts as a community at large and also in other individual ideational situations which constitute working formulas of individuals for forward-moving actions and ideals. We are not exclusively devoted, you understand, to the Teaching Mission.

Correcting Time extends planet-wide.

Student: Yes. Yes.

DAMALIA: Many — most of whom are not even aware of the Urantia Book — many that are not even aware that a spiritual renaissance is taking place except in their own auto-revelations or configurations of individuals that spark and do certain exciting things.


Student: Well, certainly when I listen to some of the spiritual messages that are on the radio now, and on our television, I am thinking that would be a powerful tool for bringing about the consciousness of the changing spiritual atmosphere on the planet. It’s been an amazing thing since talk radio was brought about. Would you comment?

DAMALIA: I will comment, though I daresay this entire subject of broadcasting might be more appropriately addressed by yet a different seraphim who specializes in such, but, since it is indeed part of the scaffolding and communication and bringing of like minds together for activity, it could present a challenge for even this group or any other group of beings, for communications are as you understand the key word in our work, and broadcasting is of course a front runner, radio being effective in that it is more directly addressing the ear of the individual, more subliminal as well as direct, as compared to the television which creates a competition with the visual.

What I am saying, I think is that the radio could be used to much better purpose than it is used, particularly with the talk shows as they are. I have not yet heard a talk show where individuals called up to talk about the Urantia Book, followed by another individual who called to say, “Yes, I read that book; I agree with you,” and yet another individual to call to say, “And what about this that it says on such-and-such a page?” and incorporate your belief system into the standard, common routine of talk radio as Christianity as done, as capitalism has done, as atheism has done. Are you afraid of your own work?

Student: No .

DAMALIA: It was only a suggestion but it well might build some contacts and some interest in finding out more about this Book which certainly more than one individual, now they know, has heard about.

Student: Well, there are these people who are now militantly seeking to find any religious philosophy that differs from something that’s traditionally accepted, and they spend a lot of time on the radio talking about heresies and I am always somewhat concerned that the Book will be discounted before it is given a chance. That was my impression years ago; now I know that there seems to be a change that’s taken place.

Student: The Book is making its way around without benefit of the television or radio.

DAMALIA: This is true.

Student: And it’s going solidly, whereas it’s very possible with radio and television, both of them, to mess up a good thing.

DAMALIA: I will defer remarks, understanding that I am in the midst of a very conservative community. (Group laughter)

Student: This Pittsburgh community is indeed that. I was just back from Colorado and I can tell you, Damalia, that is a whole different world of youth and acceptance and flexibility and so on.

DAMALIA: Truly, daughter, it is the same world there as it is here.

Student: Oh, is it?

DAMALIA: The only difference is in perception, and you may contribute to the density of the perception of your neighborhood in comfort for as long as you like, but in time, those forward-moving steps will come here also.

Student: Um-hum. I certainly hope so.

Student: But they have to take their path.

Student: When one steps out in faith, an entire universe is there to help.

DAMALIA: Have we not discussed this, indeed, earlier in the session this evening?

Student: Yes, we have.

DAMALIA: I feel as though I have gotten sawdust all over the dining room table (Group laughter) and I am eager to return to visit you again for the subject of social architecture, the bringing together of certain individuals to benefit our spiritual program is my work, my love, my joy. And I enjoy sharing it with others, particularly when they are also workers and find that we can bounce ideas off of one another. I have enjoyed my brief visit. I thank Tomas for the opportunity. I wish you well in your days to come with your building blocks of spirit and soul and heart and mind and truth.

Students: Thank you for coming, Damalia. We’re glad we met you and enjoyed knowing you.

TOMAS: And I am Tomas, your teacher, to wind it up. Were there any dangling participles? (Group giggle)


Student: Well, I wanted to ask how Damalia — can you give us an example of how Damalia brings groups together? I don’t know. I know there’s a restraint on the beings to not interfere, but they evidently do, although . .. I think — so could you give us a homemade example? These examples don’t exist in the book. We have wonderful descriptions, job descriptions, but home-made examples would help me, anyway.

Student: I could say something, just a feeling I got when you brought up the talk radio, when we have, you know, bringing groups together, it crossed my mind that I listen a lot to talk radio and find that it is really directed to a very kind of juvenile, immature type of mind and it’s like, “We’re a teen-age gang; let’s get on (the radio)” and the words and the things that the person running the show, they direct it in such a way to make it antagonistic and aggravating.

And a lot of times I always hold back and, like tonight in hearing this idea of, not so much that we could get on there and have our own group, but I’m thinking there are probably a lot of people like myself that maybe is out there in some invisible way that, you know, you don’t bother calling because it’s so ridiculous to get into that level, but maybe you should call because then other people will hear and you will have some kind of a connection, even if you don’t physically come together as a group, just to show that there’s another kind of a mindset listening out there, but is maybe not heard. Now, I don’t know if they’d let you through.

Student: That’s a big question.

Student: I don’t know, but on the other hand, maybe that’s where the spiritual helpers would come in.

TOMAS: It is in the individuals’ combined desires to affect a cause and effect that is the earmark of the work of a social architect. Bringing these individuals together is their challenge. Availing yourself, investigating where you may be of service, networking, if you will, to find out who else is stimulated by what you are stimulated by, can help bring about the kinds of teams that can accomplish things. It is like a quilting bee.

When you know who the nimble fingers are and you provide the cider and cookies and gossip, everyone will show up to create this quilt. And when you have workers who are activated and stimulated by the same sorts of social service or merciful ministry or political activation or whatever, you will be drawn to one another and herein the social architects work to bring this about.

So in the broader sense, do keep your radio dialed to those communications (over and above the regular radio communications) that will direct you or clue you as to who may be working on something in which you would like to become involved. There are many interest groups formulating, even within the Mission, and this is an invitation to become involved, not in a competitive fashion of course, but in a contributory way in terms of scaffolding for the

Mission, that as we all begin to work together as a community, with branches in Pittsburgh or Pocatello or wherever, then we are working as a united network toward light and life. I am not excluding anyone or any other interest group, I am addressing those of you who understand the common language of revelation. Well, I have given you more than enough of an assignment.

Student: We will think about that and try to act on it somehow.


TOMAS: I will refer you back to our earlier discussion on conation, that rather than attempting to strive to do something, allow yourself rather to conate and allow your divine Director to guide your path, for in the end it is our Father who knows the way, the path. He has created you. He knows your capacities and has a destiny plan for you, each one splayed out like a field in the Summer sun. My friends, my loyal students, my companions in the spirit, good evening.

Group: Good evening, Tomas. Thank you.

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