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PBG24- More on Perfection Rebirth

1996-06-13-More on Perfection Rebirth
Pittsburgh #24


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: More On Perfection Rebirth
o 1.2 Group: Pittsburgh TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Tomas
o 2.2 TR: Gerdean
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Perfection
 3.2.2 Identity
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Angels, Guardian Angels
 3.3.2 Media
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: More On Perfection Rebirth
Group: Pittsburgh TeaM
Teacher: Tomas
TR: Gerdean


TOMAS: I am Tomas. Good evening.

Group: Good evening, Tomas.

TOMAS: I am glad to be with you this evening. I have much to share and many salutations to bring to you from your helpers in attendance here this evening and many who are attached to the circuitry in anticipation of your furtherance. I would like to commend the efforts of Mrs. and Mrs. L in ministering the great harvest [Ed: a new UB reading group formed as a result of the post-Expo workshop] I would also like to commend the group at large for its growth, individually and as a group, as you understand it is not always known to you how you have grown, but from our perspective it is clear. And lest you have doubt, I commend your growth.


TOMAS:  I would like this evening to address further some more about perfection. It is a stream of consciousness], if you will, from our recent lesson wherein I discussed with you and you savored the concept of perfection in each realm of creation. In a lesson earlier I had impressed upon you your imperfection and relative value inherent in the discussion of perfection.

Lest you think that I do not know my own mind regarding perfection, or that I would give you mixed messages regarding such an important subject, I would like to further extend the discussion regarding perfection, for now we have a range within which to work. And as we experienced last week in prayer and in private communion with the Indwelling Spirit, that aspect of perfection which resides within you, herein is your initial origin and fundamental base of operations as an aspiring soul, as a future morontial being.

In this understanding of the perfection of your Indwelling Guide and the citadel of spirit which you can go to and thus enjoy the perfection of savoring your association with Divinity, (understanding, too, that your environment is perfect for you and that what you are experiencing today is precisely what you ought to be experiencing) we may look far now and see on the other end of that spectrum the many imperfections.

How can you carry your divine association into an imperfect arena? For in spite of its perfection from a divinity standpoint, from a human standpoint it is far from perfect. Earlier in your discussions as you paused in your reading regarding the Quickeners of Morality, you became heated and agitated in terms of the morality prevalent on Urantia today and, as was evidenced by your commentary, it is not the ideal and is very imperfect indeed. “Here I am, Lord.” How can I teach and love Your people?

This practice is best done by holding close to that aspect of perfection within you that is of the Father. That is your only true perfection, for even you as mortal beings are the products of a less than perfect world, not only because of its unfortunate historicity with your Material Son and Daughter and with your Planetary Prince, but because you are evolving from animal to divine and this growth in itself creates conflict, confusion and any number of aberrated ideas which separate you from your peers.


TOMAS:  It is in the separation that you individually are alone in the universe. As you associate with and through the divine aspects, with the Eternal Parent, the First Source and Center, and with that divinity aspect of your brothers and sisters, the separation then is dissolved. This is an on-going process and one which is not done by a mere act of the will. When you set out to serve and foster Light and Life in your arena, in your realm, what ammunition do you take with you? What resources are at your disposal?

What you have, aside from your association with divinity, is your conditioning, your cultural heritage, the implanted impressions of your parents and peers, your moral stances resultant from your society and your religious backgrounds, all of which are colored and clouded with the values of millions of individuals that may or may not be acting in your best interests or the best interests of the First Source and Center. And so, in order for you to go forth and serve, you must initially ascertain who you are, what you believe and how you may best present that which you are in the best light to serve others.

You say, “Tomas, I know who I am. I’m an adult. I have been making my way in this world for 40, 50, 60 years. Do you suggest that I do not know who I am?” And I say, “Yes.” I suggest that you do not know who you are. I suggest that unless and as you are identified wholly with spirit, you are not yourself; you have not learned yet how you are to be. “How then,” you ask, “can I learn to be who I am?” And I say, by asking for your Creator to reveal to you your true nature, and your true nature is sonship/ daughtership of the living God. Not of your mortal parents or institutions or belief systems, but from the divine source of all perfection.

This is why rebirth is required and continual reflection on rebirth at any given moment is advised, for you are all creatures of habit and your responses are conditioned by what you have learned prior to committing yourself to the spirit. This is a condition under which every mortal labors. As you interact with other individuals, you encounter your differences, and depending upon how deeply ingrained your conditioning is, your responses will provoke separation or alienation or pacification rather than genuine reality.

This week, as you go about your work in your arenas, I would ask you to be aware of your standard responses, not only verbally but emotionally. How long, for example, have you been reacting in a certain way to a certain set of circumstances? How much energy are you going to deplete yourself of by continuing to hold onto that habit pattern?
My comments this evening regarding your ascension into perfection are largely colored by my understanding of you as individuals, having observed you in your private lives and in your association here, and so my words are in keeping with your souls’ hunger this day.

You have told me you are ready to look at this, even though you may not be aware that you have told me. And inasmuch as I believe you to be sincere in your requesting this assignment, I lovingly present it to you for your understanding that we are truly concerned and interested in every aspect of your life, in every reaction and response that you have to this life’s experience, for each reaction and response will affect you and your universe far and away beyond what you have been aware your actions do, your words create.

This is not an ominous assignment. It is amusing and adventurous as well as potentially insightful and growth-promoting. It is a very private and quiet assignment, but look at the words you say, at the responses you have, and see where they have come from. Where have you learned this reaction? How deeply ingrained is this habit? And how does it affect the universe? My children, my friends, the hour is late and life is, as usual, full and busy. We will not go long but I am grateful for this opportunity to spend a few quality moments with you and to feel your presence, to acknowledge your glowing realities. Are there questions or comments for the table this evening?

Angels, Guardian Angels

Student: Well, we were reading about the seraphim tonight and it’s such a beautiful story. Can you tell us if there would be any seraphim present with you tonight, Tomas?

TOMAS: The truth of the seraphim is not a story; it is a fact, and there are roughly 18,000 in the immediate neighborhood and an additional million or so on the circuitry — as you might say “watching the television” observing our interaction.

Student: In one of the things we learned it said that character determines how beautiful a being is as you go up the worlds and so, of course, I began to think about it and to imagine that they are incredibly beautiful, Tomas. Physical beauty is interesting to us because we enjoy the physical beauty that Jesus Christ Michael gave us on this planet to enjoy and I just think how much we would enjoy just seeing them if my logic proves to be based on fact. Would you comment on that?

TOMAS: Briefly. Certainly all orders of seraphim are a delight to behold, are pleasing to the eye, but I will stress that they are most pleasing to the spiritual eye, to the true view, which is what a reflection of character would portray. You are mortal. Your understanding of beauty is conditioned by your physical sight. Expand your understanding even among your friends as to their beauty by observing their character, their spiritual nature. It is also true that as a being is loved, they are beautified. A stranger may appear homely or uncomely until such time as you have seen their Inner light, whereupon their character and grace present their beings with a new dimension. Have you not found this to be so?

Student: Very much so. Can you give us an example of what some seraphim might have done to help somebody on the planet? I’m trying to get a sense of — I know they’re limited in their ability to interfere with us, and yet they evidently are here because they can help us, so can you give us some description of practical ways or spiritual ways they help us, please?

TOMAS: The records are filled with examples. I will bring this to your understanding by providing the example of Loreenia’s transmission and referring a temporary solution to a midwayer. In the event that her life was in danger, the guardian seraphim would have seen to it that the car would not start until such time as the connection could be made to have the transmission fixed. The workings of seraphim are quite specific on occasion. How many times have you lost an item and having lost the item, your schedule was altered until you found the item in question? I am not connoting that the midwayers are mischievous, but they have been known to tamper with your material realms, not to be ornery but to bring about certain effects.


Student: Do you think it’s interesting that considered now one of the most popular programs on television is called “Touched by an Angel”? Would you care to comment on that?

TOMAS: It is a beginning. There are other programs also on your media, but generally they appeal only to the sentimental; and, although they are inducing of warm feelings, they have very little impact on an individual’s actual decisions in their life. As most people do, they set reality aside in lieu of entertainment or letting someone else do it. “Here I am, Lord.” How may I serve? Where may I grow? How can I be made aware of my blocks and imperfections that I might be able to grow beyond my ignorance and prejudice to understanding and wisdom? The angel program might help, but by and large, they are entertainment for those who are already believers and they do not challenge the cynical or the weary.

Student: I saw a part of a program the other night where a child had been — I don’t know what had happened to her — but she was gifted where the light would come from her fingers and she was playing with light amongst the stars and people were seeing it and this little fellow that was with her was seeing it. I was thinking of this so consciously, this helping the masses accept something in the future that they might come into comprehension of.

Subconsciously they’re seeing the light from the hands and the things that can be done with the hands. And at the same time they’re thinking that this is entertainment, but there will be a time when the mind will open up and allow the comprehension of something because of this little subconscious — sliding in the back door, I believe? Isn’t that the way it will work?

TOMAS: Shall we call it a seed planted? Many seeds are being planted. Many seeds that were planted long ago have been germinating and are beginning to sprout. You are beginning to see the effects of much effort.

Student: That’s spread all through entertainment and television, almost any cartoon you see.

Student: Tomas, I have a question about something I was thinking about buying, so . .. I’m sure you know about it. It’s this wonderful clock that they sell at Jesusonian, and it has these bongs so that it wakens you so that you can sort of catch up with your dreams. It’s rather expensive but . . . Do you have any comment to make about that? Because dreams sometimes do help us, I guess. C_ would know more about this than I, but this sounds like a wonderful clock. I know Edison had a way of wakening himself so that he could get marvelous ideas. Do you have any comments on that?

TOMAS: I have nothing to contribute on that.

Student: Could you check with maybe somebody and see what somebody thinks? One of your friends? One of your pals?

Student: Why can’t you set your own clock and ask yourself to wake up?

Student: Because this rings more times than one. You know, well . .. we’ll get into that later. I’ll work it out. Thank you.

TOMAS: Thank you for your question.

Student: I’d like to ask for some help with patience and tolerance and staying awake tonight on my long car trip I’m going to make and the difficulties that I hope I won’t encounter on this trip to the surgeon tomorrow at 8:30 in the morning. It’s getting close to 11 now. So I would like to ask, since there are so many seraphim around, if they could help me, I would appreciate it.

Student: And for Ch__’s feet. The circulation, if that’s the true and proper thing for Ch__ and her physical body.

TOMAS: The mission at hand here is Leah’s motives to serve Ch__. The timing is unfortunate on more counts than one; however, be assured your journey is overseen. Your awareness of the potential dangers of being on the highway without sleep is a circumstance which, by now, is quite familiar to you. (Group laughter) You may begin your assignment by assessing your agenda and how many adventures you have taken as a response or reaction without advance conscious consideration of your motives and intentions to serve. Did that get through to you, Leah?

Leah: (Chuckling) I’m getting this mental picture of all these millions of people watching me on TV and I want to get the proper response … (Group laughter) … and I’m too tired to even think about it. I think when I read this over it will definitely get through to me. It will certainly give me something to meditate on, on the way there. Yes, I’m hearing portions of that message.

TOMAS: You will be watched over, but it is also your responsibility to use a modicum of wisdom in your choices. Having experienced numerous road trips, I am sure you know what it takes to stay awake.

Leah: That’s why I’m asking for help. I do hear you. Thank you.

Student: I was going to say, do they serve popcorn while they are watching? (Group laughter) I’m being bad.

TOMAS: You are not being bad; you are being literal.


TOMAS:  My friends, as I mentioned earlier, I am aware of the hour. It is unfortunate that it takes so long for us to reach this point of communion only to be cut short because of such constraints; however, I reiterate how pleased I am that we are coming together so well and I am confident our evolution will resolve some of our communal concerns. Be of good cheer. Be aware of the many activities which are ongoing on that broad circuit. You are not alone. As you grow here, millions of others are lighting the light switch to spiritual awareness, toward God-consciousness, toward service. It is an exciting time on Urantia. The fruits of many labors are beginning to flower and bring forth fruit.

The conferences are being planned and anticipated with great delight by mortal, morontial and spiritual alike. We expect this upward trend to persist for some time, and so consider yourselves part of the on-going saga of spiritual enlightenment for Urantia as an extension of the arrival of the Fifth Epochal Revelation to this planet. It is a fascinating sojourn we are on. My children, I will be with you throughout the week as you are made aware by your own choosing and cooperation of your imperfections. In love I embrace you and in trust of Michael’s mercy and in loving kindness I will greet you again next week. Farewell.

Group: Farewell. Thank you, Tomas.

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