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PBG6- The Color of Personality, Body, Death

1995-12-23-The Color of Personality, Body, Death
Pittsburgh #6


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: The Color of Personality
o 1.2 Group: Pittsburgh TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Tomas
o 2.2 TR: Gerdean
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Trust
 3.2.2 Sharing
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Color, Personality
 3.3.2 Acceleration, Correcting Time
 3.3.3 Prayer
 3.3.4 Status
 3.3.5 Body, Death
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: The Color of Personality
Group: Pittsburgh TeaM
Teacher: Tomas
TR: Gerdean


TOMAS: Greetings, group of joyous and faithful followers. I am Tomas, your teacher.

Group: Greetings.

TOMAS:I am happy to be here with you today as the heavenly chorus sings, “Noel, Noel” in anticipation and appreciation of our joys of the season. We have enjoyed your party today, and the artisans who have come by to observe your representations have twittered among themselves with delight at your precious and prosaic approach to creative divinity. Crease not in your efforts to understand and, indeed, to convey those values and realities which you perceive to be your destiny and your birthright, for your perceptions, as they are acted upon, are experiential and a training ground for your enlarging perceptions.


TOMAS: We truly delight in your fledgling understanding of these workers, and only through your own appreciation, and, to some extent, your experiencing these creative factors in your own life, can the reality of such beings become part of your expanded awareness and consciousness of how they work.

And this is true of your experience in the large, for only as you practice faith do you understand what is faith, and as you practice trust do you understand what is trust, and as you practice love do you engage upon yet newer and greater and deeper portrayals of this divine endowment.

I have observed this week, as have the many celestial helpers who assist you and who assist the teachers and who assist in general, observed your response to our study last week, the fertilization of the seed of trust, … have observed the growth of that living reality in your souls and reflected often in your own awareness through your meditations, reflections and affirmations of those things which you have learned to trust, have desired to trust, have yearned to trust.


TOMAS: This recognition is a light in the darkness. It is a candle burning in a sea of distrust. Let your candle burn and be boisterous in your proclamation of your trust in divine reality. It is difficult, I realize. It is all too frequently observed that as your truth rings out, it bounces off the barrier of the ears of those you would reach and reverberates back to you as a boomerang of distrust and rejection.

This reaction, which is so common as to be the norm, has a tendency to cause a normal mortal, even a vigorous believer, to curtail his or her pronouncements of truth and faith, inasmuch as this negative shadow of disbelief can be energy depleting. Persist in your delivery of your truth in the face of rejection and derision. Do not allow the boomerang to strike you, but duck, and allow the negative reaction of fear to pass you by.

As you practice this technique of sounding the toll of truth, beauty, and goodness, you will become strong in your own right. You will believe your truth and hear your truths, whether it was heard by others or not. Keep company with your own truth. Listen for the harmony of your own truth. Take comfort in this truth. And when and as this truth, as you perceive it, becomes unreal to you, seek for clarification and insight from the Father and ring out again your truth. Do not allow others’ disbelief to hinder you in your expression of your trust in divinity. It is not required that you badger your fellow human being by your testimony.

It is not required that you hold your truth so loftily as to rankle the integrity of your brothers and sisters, but sing your truths clearly and graciously, that they May be received. Gently deliver your “Noel.”

This exercise in manifesting yourself (from your understanding of yourself) allows you, upon reflection, to ascertain how and where your own growth may be augmented. Always remember that as a teacher you are also students, that as you remain open and vulnerable to spirit leading, you learn greater truths and greater ability to portray your truths. Have we truths to share with one another today in our question/answer period?

Color, Personality

Loreenia: I have something to share with you, as you have shared with me. I have been told that you were seen … with a spiritual eye … as a deep, deep, dark blue – sparkling with the white — trimmed around with flecks of yellow. And I don’t mean our mortal knowledge of “white” but a beautiful white of the spiritual world … not of this world. Are you representative of that?

TOMAS: Behold, daughter, the color of my personality as I am here in your presence and as you perceive me. The artisans who work with color are adept at embellishing presences with certain color tonal qualities, and as we and you mature, as we experience various levels of emotion and reality, our reflection, by way of color, alters.

(It is also true that your perception of color is grossly limited by the natural limitations of the mortal sphere, and the colors, which will be part of personality embellishment in our later recognition of one another, will be infinitely enhanced.)

I am blue, yes; blue-black … deep blue, darker than your Urantia Books … but even in agreeing that I am predominantly blue, I am not conveying to you real truth but merely what is true. There is a difference. And you understand me as being blue, but this is through your perception of color and not through an enhanced understanding of color as you will come to understand it in your later time spent in the morontia worlds when color is more representative of energy than the visual identification you know it to be today. Yes, in your perception, this is correct: deep blue, and augmented by white. Does this, however, contribute to your understanding of your spiritual nature, child?

Loreenia: Yes. And my other question is: how quickly are you turning white?

TOMAS: And again, we must quibble over relativity …

Loreenia: Yes.

TOMAS: … for your appreciation of time is far removed from time in the sphere in which I am accustomed to functioning. I will tell you, however, that I am not turning colors on you so rapidly as to fuse and leave you, no. I am stabilized during my tenure here with you, and although I am still evolving, still growing, still developing, as are you, and at a “healthy” pace, I am not growing by such leaps and bounds as to surge into full-fledged spirit as of yet. Is this helpful?

Loreenia: Yes. I sort of see you as representative of what I’ve seen before and I saw with spiritual eyes, whatever, and it was representative of the spiritual aspects of all of us, covered with a dimension of the white light, like I saw when my Thought Adjuster came. Once it started working in the deep blue … and the energies of that blue that you are, it was automatically … it was very quickly that I saw the white light that I perceive all of us as becoming. Are you representative of that?

Acceleration, Correcting Time

TOMAS: I will recall to your mind the incident when the angelic orders decried observing the body of Christ Michael molding in the tomb and asked that it be speedily dissolved, and the miracle of speeding up time took place in order that this request could be granted. Also, the incident of the wine, wherein a natural process was speeded up to effect certain causes.

Your understanding of accelerated growth is being visualized through color and this is why you representationally see color quickly evaporating into white light. This is almost a photographic technique you are experiencing, as if you were in a dark room and, in reverse, the white paper quickly becomes impressed with the photo in an accelerated fashion. Your perception of spiritual growth is impressed by color. It is not the case for everyone. You have been blessed with this aspect.

Loreenia: That’s why we’re here. I know time is being speeded up like for Christ’s body to quickly (dissolve), and I would request that (indistinguishable) be speeded up.

TOMAS: Your request is noted and I will remind us all that through the requests and indeed, the deep heart-felt prayers of many, the many believers who languished in spiritual isolation, those prayers which were sent up individually resulted in the accelerated arrival of we teachers and Correcting Time as an emergency measure to assist Urantia, so your requests are not overlooked. Indeed, it behooves you all, us all, to take our concerns and earnest desires to Our Father for His judgment, for all things in time and space are in accordance with His will.


Mrs. M: In speaking about prayers and effective prayers, I have been wondering how I can make more effective my prayers for Gary. You know Gary — and many people in this group know Gary — who put in my patio, who might have to have a kidney transplant and is so very young, and I’ve been deeply moved by his concern and have turned it over to the people in the group here and was wondering, perhaps — I did tell his mother, now that I understand this condition as stated in the Book — that you told the person that you’re praying for them, and is there any other thing I can do? I’ve asked many good praying people. Have you any other suggestions as to how we can be more effective when somebody strikes us as being such a very special person, in our praying?

TOMAS: Yes, and no, for you have already garnered much of the truth about effective prayer. To advise, to share with that individual for whom you are praying is helpful, as that opens the door for them to understand that their plight is not one which has gone unnoticed, that there are other connected individuals who are pulling for him or her as the case may be.

To devote quality time in stillness with the Father, to take the love of the Father in prayer to your friend, by focusing on your friend that love which you feel, is a direct line for healing energies. As more people focus these healing energies on the aggrieved one, that individual is then strengthened to follow through with what His will is for that individual. It is not necessarily what you feel is the proper outcome.

Pray for the individual to have strength, to understand, to have faith and to trust, to trust the process of life, to process their life’s experience in such a way as to open their heart and soul to the acceptance of their infinite filiality, which extends beyond this life experience. If an individual lives in the understanding that he, she, is part of the grand universe, the celestial family, then tenacity to this life is not as desperate.

It is understood that your understanding would have him become well quickly and easily, indeed miraculously, and to this end you may certainly pray, but by the same token, if this is not the outcome, then pray for your own understanding that the friends, family and loved ones of this aggrieved individual will perceive the harmony in the process.

Mrs. M: I really thank you very much because I really feel that this is extremely helpful, and yet I do have a further question and that is that at one time I was interested in things that Lazarus said. He was presumably channeled rather well and was a being in his 16th life or something — I don’t know what that meant. But the things he said seemed to ring true to me at the time … some of the things he said. One of the things he had said was that health was the greatest gift you could give the Father and I would just appreciate your commenting on that.

TOMAS: Such a quote is indeed truth and an honor to his wisdom, for in good health one can robustly serve and rejoice, and it is indeed a gift that one may give if it is a gift that one has, but those who are not in good health cannot be slighted or lessened by their inability to give their gift of robust health to the Father. Indeed, their gift may be to afford their fellows to see compassion and tenderness. All manner of gifts are there received and given, and the greatest gift, then, is to do the best you can with what you have at any moment, in anticipation of even more and greater moments to naturally follow.

Mrs. M: That is extremely helpful and I will think about these things and try to integrate them into my own philosophical framework. Thank you very much.

TOMAS: Thank you.

Leah: Tomas, could you expand on the word “filiality”? I believe … what does that mean?

TOMAS: Filial is, I believe, from the Latin, having to do with brotherly. Filial. Filiality, then, is family, and I refer to filiality as the family of man (and woman) “under God.”


Loreenia: Tomas, a question came to my mind yesterday. There are in the Urantia Book names of groups of beings like Lanonandek and Vorondadek Sons and on and on and on. When man — well, we’re all sons of God, but — when this planet goes into the morontia worlds, the mansion worlds or wherever … I know that we’re the last of the agondonters and that’s true of the other worlds as well. What will man be called besides the sons of God? Do we have a particular — on this planet — do we have a particular name that we’ll be called as a group?

TOMAS: No, not in particular, although Agondonter is certainly a category you fall under and will, indeed, for some time. Urantia is a permanent tattoo of yours, if you will, and Corps of the Finality is also a classification that you will also wear. In fact, although you may wear many hats and experience many lifestyles on the way to Paradise, you will increasingly learn to become part of the greater community and not seek so much for unique and individual recognition, either as individuals or as a classification.
All life is part of the great dance, the great symphony. All are children of Our Father. All are one. And the further up you go in your cosmic citizenship, the less it matters how you are identified, for your uniqueness becomes a pivotally unique Reality that is an aspect of the First Cause.

Loreenia: I was seriously curious about that. A matter of curiosity, but we were talking about titles of different sons.

Body, Death

Mrs. M: Tomas, I have another question about this question because it says in the Course in Miracles that if you can become a person who is very forgiving, “you’ll lay aside your body as a well used garment” and I think the one you just — any kind of illness … and so I’m trying to put that into what you said to us.

TOMAS: Let me then help you from that light. If you are to set aside your mortal raiment as a well used garment, indeed, a vessel which has served you well, you have indeed, now, set it aside. That is to say, it is no longer necessary, for the you that you have become is independent of this material body. The material body well might be used up, may be decrepit and diseased, but the you which has become is not decrepit and diseased.

The you that you have become, that you are indeed now today learning to become, is the real you, the capital R real you, which is not to say that your humble, mortal self is not real, but it may fall apart, may return to dust, may be cut away, and all its frailty and illness and decay with it. Do you see that as you become a morontial being, as you identify more and more with your true Self, … the carcass, the cocoon that has held you, is not relevant any longer and it matters little if it blows away or whatever. Do you see?

Mrs. M: I’ll do some thinking and praying about your remark. Thank you.

TOMAS: I want to say that it is entirely possible for an individual of great faith and deep trust to walk through the process of terrestrial escape with grace and poise in the soul despite the discomfort of the body; that the power of God and the power of your soul is such that you can transcend the vagaries of terrestrial escape. It is possible to not succumb. Whether or not it happens that way is dependent on many variables, but it is possible.

Mrs. P: Tomas, I had an experience like this I’d like to share with you. As my son lay on the gurney in the hospital (and they said he was dead) and the nurse let me go in (and I knew he was still there) and I sat down (and they gave me a chair) and I held him in my arms and I explained to him that where he was going I could not go with him. I sensed his fear. And I said to him, “You will not be alone. Someone will come that you will know.”

And I could see this broad expanse, almost like looking across a desert, and way off in the distance is a small tree-line or a black outline of whatever’s there — and he was facing toward it and he had his back to me and his crippled body was no longer him. He was a total six foot man, with his curly blonde hair and his beautiful deep blue eyes (that appeared on the gurney down at the left end) and he was standing there, looking at me and smiling, and his eyes said, “I know something you don’t know” and with that he started walking away, and two angels came in from the right hand side and joined him. So I know what you’re talking about. I saw it happen.

TOMAS: You are indeed a witness to such a reality as will become more and more frequent as your living faith perfects and progresses. That he knew something that you do not know does not diminish that you have great faith, and it is a blessing to you and a comfort that your morontial soul was able to embrace the morontial soul of your son and send him forth. You are fortunate in this experience, yes.

Mrs. P: Thank you.

Dr. B: (Something about a situation at work) terrible lives, and yet they are so beautiful, so loving, that you could see that its like none of it. … I can’t say it didn’t touch them, because it touches them, but … you can just see it. They’re very loving people and somehow the suffering was not something that they liked to be saved from.

TOMAS: Precisely. Much of the resistance to the experience of “passing on” is because of fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of God. Fear of many things. And this too is one of our purposes in Correcting Time, and indeed in our conversation here today, to remind and uphold the truth that our eternal career lay ahead, our existence has barely begun, our soul expression has only begun to know what it is, and it will harmonize throughout and beyond. One parenthetical remark. It will be to our advantage if ever we can get the Recorders to put this on record for us and handle the transcripts. Do you think that as a group we could put in a request to the Lanonandeks or some other high administrative body to help us with that job?

Leah: I think we can agree with that. Is everyone in agreement with that?

Group: Yes.

Leah: We are requesting that.

TOMAS: Like children, we may ask for many things, and in His infinite wisdom, our requests will be answered in accordance with that which is best for all concerned.

Leah: Tomas, I’d like to put in a request to whoever is available to help with some understanding with whatever the problem seems to be with Gerdean’s brake cylinder, and what any midwayers or anyone who could help us out or give us some understanding, we certainly would appreciate what to do about her brake problem or her car, and I think there are people in this room who are in agreement about what should be done in this case.

TOMAS: Ms. Gerdean has long understood that brake problems are, for her, a matter of stopping pell mell activity, and this is no exception.

Leah: You didn’t say Pall Mall, did you?

TOMAS: Pell mell. As she slows herself, indeed as she brakes (b-r-a-k-e-s) and begins to allow the velocity of her own path to carry her rather than the velocities of her surroundings and external influences, the brake light will return to normal.
I assure you, and Gerdean, that her mortal life is not in imminent danger as a result of that red light on the dash.

Leah: Thank you.

TOMAS: But, however, the red light has come onto my dash, that this transport into realms of spiritual understanding is soon to run out of fuel, and we will therefor cease our format for this afternoon with the understanding that we are united, we are a force field, if you will, in and for your benefit “living color.” I am ever so much enjoying our rapport and look forward, yes, to our continued developing relationship.


TOMAS:  Enjoy your holiday season. Be of good cheer and be merciful in your ministry to your brothers and sisters in the upcoming days. Be sensitive to loneliness and be tender of emotions. Be calm and real underneath your festive appearance. Until we meet again next week, I wish you a happy holiday and joyous moments in season.

Group: Thank you.

TOMAS: Farewell.

Group: Farewell.

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