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PBG7- The Supreme Being, Planetary Fusion

1995-12-30-The Supreme Being, Planetary Fusion
Pittsburgh #7


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: The Supreme Being, Planetary Fusion
o 1.2 Group: Pittsburgh TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Tomas, Machiventa
o 2.2 TR: Gerdean
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Teaching Mission, The Teachers
 3.2.2 Supreme, Destiny
 3.2.3 Light and Life
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Ascension Career
 3.3.2 Personality
 3.3.3 Spontaneous Human Combustion, Fusion
 3.3.4 Thought Adjusters
 3.3.5 Eugenics
 3.3.6 Receptivity
 3.3.7 Superstition
 3.3.8 Stillness, Love
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: The Supreme Being, Planetary Fusion
Group: Pittsburgh TeaM
Teacher: Tomas, Machiventa
TR: Gerdean


TOMAS: Good afternoon, my loyal friends. I am Tomas. I am your teacher, friend and companion, and today my heart overflows with jubilation in your harmony, indeed, in your truth-seeking measures, in the love which you have brought to me and shared among yourselves. May we now all direct our heartfelt love to Our Eternal Parent in prayer and praise of His eternal overcare.
Heavenly Parent, Our Father, blessed are we this day to bask in Your presence, to feel the love of Your being in our own being. How grateful we are, dear Father, for the privilege of sharing our lives with

You and for the honor of your sharing Your life with us in ascension. We look to You, Eternal Parent, Universal Father and Infinite Mother, to guide and direct our journey, to instill in us the realization of Your untiring devotion to our eternal happiness in becoming more and more like Your Divine Selves. Happy are we this day to share our light and life with You, O Giver of Light and Life. My friends, I have a guest to greet you before I begin. I have prevailed upon our administrative head, our Planetary Prince Machiventa Melchizedek, to speak a few words with and for your today as you have sought his presence. I now step aside for him to permeate your being.

MACHIVENTA: I am Machiventa Melchizedek.

Group: Welcome.

MACHIVENTA: Welcome also you here and to my comrades in the spirit realms and the invisible places. All are conspiring today to bring joy to one another to the end that your joy is realized in truth and can actualize itself into your most far-reaching and distant corners of influence.

Teaching Mission, The Teachers

MACHIVENTA: My band of teachers in this Teaching Mission have honored me by their devotion and you have also honored us by your willingness to follow our lead when we have sought to impart truth, beauty, and goodness to your minds and hearts. The development now of your morontial souls is that which we acknowledge and own as belonging to our efforts toward enlightenment for Urantia, for enlightenment for other worlds and for impetus into the developing evolution of the Evolving Supreme.

My humble students, rise up in your bearing, in your spiritual stature. Emote your knowledge and firmness of conviction in your beingness. Also, I wish today to commend and applaud the efforts of those who are working in league with our Infinite Creator and our Infinite Creator Son to bring Correcting Time to your world, for many are involved in the correction of Urantia and all these gifts are honored, accepted, appreciated, fostered and supported, as they contribute to bringing enlightenment and truth to mankind.
Having now been privileged to have access to your listening ears and ears to hear, I am withdrawing from you only that you might return your focus to the lessons which have been prepared and imparted to my loyal Corps of Teachers. Blessings upon you all in your efforts and in your new sojourn as of now.

Group: Thank you.

TOMAS: And I, Tomas, your teacher, return to confess to you that at one time I had such awe for Machiventa’s power that I feared him, and others as well in this Mission. How foolish, was I not? And yet it is a condition of reality that when we are confronted with greatness, we tremble. And I have come to regard these feelings now not so much as fear but of deep respect.

I once thought Teacher Abraham was rather crabby and rather militant in his approach, but he has subsequently taught me the error of my perceptions. I share these things with you today, dear class, dear friends, that you and I might stand shoulder to shoulder in our appreciation for those beings which know more than we know, for always and ever there will be teachers who can convey new truths, new perceptions, new refinements which will augment our life.

I have had to consult with my fellow teachers today as to what I “should” talk to you about. As a result, I have had some great camaraderie with my fellow teachers. Much as you together rub shoulders in your human problem-solving, I have called upon my peers to help me problem-solve in this Teacher Base which, for your edification, has challenged me.

I did appreciate your reading today and I confess that your varied backgrounds have dazzled me, and therefore, I thought that I would address our goal, for it has been said that we shall be unified in our goal, inasmuch as our backgrounds and, indeed, theologies to a great extent, are so varied, and yet we are drawn together for the purpose of learning more about ourselves and our spiritual nature, and if we continue to remain on such a personal level we may all become perfect, but what will we do about social intercourse?

Supreme, Destiny

TOMAS:  For this varied cross-section of civilized human beings, such as has presented themselves here to me today for learning, has much mystery in its composition, and we must learn to focus on our goal if we are to continue to love one another in perspective. I am looking forward to more scholarly approaches in the textbook, which will help immeasurably, but for today I would like to touch upon the evolution of the Supreme Being.

I realize that is a weighty matter for a late afternoon discussion, and so perhaps I will only whet your appetite, but perhaps as well I can help to portray how it is that the evolution of the Supreme differs in quality and quantity from the evolution of the individual personality. I have heard many, many of you discourse as to your spiritual perceptions, your personal religious experiences, and I am deeply moved by the depth and variety of same, which indicates to me that indeed they are personal and not particularly what has been handed down through tradition, no. It would appear that you are all viable seekers of truth and immortality.

Immortality, my beloved children, can be had in knowing-ness or in spiritual unknowing-ness. As is a universal truth, all value returns to the Father, all energy is returned to the Source, and all good is absorbed into this evolving apparition of God the Supreme. As you act, you feed this evolving god, which will come to fruition long, long aeons from now. I wish to differentiate your destiny as individuals.

Your destiny as individuals is to merge with your Indwelling God Fragment. Your destiny as ascendant sons and daughters of this living reality is to offer your unique personality to your Indwelling Adjuster to utilize as your Indwelling Adjuster needs your expression to express its value systems. This partnership between your willing free-will consciousness and your Comrade in Spirit is your eventual immortality and your personality is sustained throughout eternity. You, yourself, will personally ascend to the Father and beyond to serve and you will know this; you will be party to this process by your decisions.

Conversely, the Evolving Supreme will also evolve and yet it is not you but the result of your efforts. I opted to make this important distinction today for only when your spiritual nature is personalized, when you begin to perceive yourself as a budding reality and a potential spirit personality, can you put your teeth into the work at hand.

It is entirely possible for an individual to say, “Well, all things go back to God so I won’t worry about anything,” and this is a very transcendent attitude to border on foolishness for the individual for although, yes, all that is salvageable will be absorbed into the Supreme, it will be absorbed as if it were spiritual molecules and not include your own personality. In working with your evolving personal soul, then, is where we find our substance, our work. As we evolve individually and as a cluster of believers, we become more real and viable. Our results will contribute to the Evolving Supreme but we will know, as individuals, as male/female eternal potential beings, that we have made that contribution. Herein is our work and our goal.

Light and Life

TOMAS:  Our goal, to carry it one step further, is light and life, and this, too, is a far-reaching goal, but not as far-reaching as the Supreme. As we work toward light and life, what does that mean? What does that mean to you? What does that mean to us? To this community?

As you become more familiar with your Indwelling God Fragment, as you work more closely with this aspect of deity within you, as you begin to have comprehension and respect and admiration for this Thing inside you, which is so powerful as to frighten you, you will begin to assume that power through your own experiential growth and wisdom you will gain as a result of your willingness to grow.
You will begin to understand light and life within yourself; you will begin to see light and life within your surroundings. As your aura of light and life passes by, as it merges and conjoins with the light and life of your neighbor, that aggregate of spirit grace and truth actuates, enlivens, actualizes even more and greater light and life to be actually visible.

Constantly there are fears which undermine this process, there are individuals who would not have you be in light and life in and of yourself, there are travesties and disasters of various natures which seem to block you in your realization and steady enjoyment of this state of light and life. But we will work together and establish that condition here in such strength and concrete reality that it will be unmistakable and will not be brought down.

Dear ones, no doubt I have spoken adequately of my own accord this afternoon. I am eager now to open my spiritual arms and envelop your personalities into my loving embrace that I might feel the depth of your soul as you express to me your notions and feelings and needs in terms of communication and aspiration for divinity. Questions?


Student: I don’t have a question but I do think that’s a big order. We’ll do our best.

TOMAS: I am sure you will. If I did not feel that you or something within you was willing to work towards that end, I would not have bothered to pack my valise and come here. I, like Christ Michael, have more faith in you, perhaps, than you have in yourself, but I can tell you, my friend, my daughter, that I know your Indwelling God Fragment is excited to show you, even, what can be done and so, although it is a large order, it is our imminent challenge.

Student: Thank you.

Mrs. Ml: Can you tell when the God Fragment is working within you? Do you become…?

Mrs. McD: I know you do, or I know that … I feel so happy or so secure, that is when I realize the God Fragment is there.

Ascension Career

TOMAS: What happens when you realize that a God Fragment is there? You must forgive me. It has been a long time since I first realized my potential, but I have reflected on it often and live it daily, and I would suggest that it is an on-going awareness of your right to be here, your connected-ness to life in the most vague aspect and your good fortune to be connected to divinity in the more acute fashion, for to be aware that you are a part, a potential part of the on-going and ever-perfecting scheme of divinity attainment is adventurous and satisfying. It is exciting and awe-inspiring. It is, in a word, humbling to know that you are not just here to die but are here to live and to become greater than you have known possible.

The infinite potential of your own soul is a matter for reflection. It is inconceivable to one who has felt the presence of God, who has been witness to the many wonders of creation, who has heard music, seen color, watched babies, and so forth, not be impressed with the power of life. This is something that is experienced by any sensitive human being, and to add personality association to the appreciation of creation is to include yourself in the ever-ascending career.


Mrs. M: I was thinking that it must be– I gather that you can sense our personalities and the uniqueness of each personality here … perhaps even more intensely than we do! … and you find it a source of amazement — and fun at times, too — but could you speak about that for just a moment, Tomas? The uniqueness? The fact that we are unique and that God the Father gave us this uniqueness?

TOMAS: I would be delighted to. The uniqueness which you all have is something I observe most poignantly when you speak directly to me and this is a lesson, if you will, in social intercourse: that as you direct yourself most focused and fully on your hearer, then that individual is most available to hear your message.

As you speak to me, I hear your deepest reality, … as deep as I am capable, for I am not yet perfect … yet I hear your expression without all the entrapments which have heretofore marked your personality as it has been perceived by your mortal fellows – through those eyes which would have you be a short-lived reality. I see you as an eternal reality-in-progress, and that which you deliver to me in your expression is that with which I am dealing.

Many times I hear nothing but extraneous information, but that extraneous information, even, edifies me as to what that personality has been exposed to and impressed by. The Father has given the personality. It is a gift. But it is not often used consciously as a tool of expression for the spirit. It is most often used as an expression of the ego.
Spontaneous Human Combustion, Fusion

Dr. B: (Indistinguishable) about this phenomenon of spontaneous combustion, whose frequency recently has almost doubled…?

TOMAS: It has everything to do with that, and isn’t it gladsome that that kind of activity is increasing and not just the crime rate?

Group: (Laughter)

Dr. B: (Indistinguishable) toward light and life that there will be an increase…?

TOMAS: I am glad to have your comment for it gives me an opportunity to expound a bit on our theme of today. (One moment) If your planet had not suffered so much deprivation as a result of the Lucifer Rebellion, the Adamic Default and, to some extent the brutal crucifixion of Michael, your world would by now be more advanced. Many of you who have sought spirit reality have, in and of yourselves, advanced. Some of you who have lived by spiritual principles have even done so unawares, for the Thought Adjuster will minister to you whether or not you are aware of its work.

If you consciously or unconsciously work with your Thought Adjuster, you will spiritually evolve, and so it is not always that those who are spiritually well versed are those who fuse, no. Many times, in fact often, those who are spiritually advanced will be called to serve, but let me state that in the increased case of spontaneous combustion, this is not the same as light and life. These are outbursts, spiritual outbursts of actualizing individuals and although they have gone on to translate, to attend the Resurrection Halls and beyond, the goal that we have in terms of light and life is a social as well as personal aspiration.

Loreenia: Tomas, aren’t there those present on this planet now that are fusing … slowing …

TOMAS: There is nothing slow about fusion. Fusion is basically instantaneous. We are all aspiring toward fusion and some of us, for various reasons, have opted to not harken to that call as of yet.

Loreenia: Didn’t Christ’s manner of fusion differ, in that he didn’t come back, after he received the blessing at the river from the dove?

TOMAS: Indeed, his personalized Adjuster visited him and that, too, was not a leisurely event but quite spontaneously, if you will, and although it was a starlit example to those who beheld the Personalized Adjuster, it was not seen by the many souls there that day for baptism. Also bear in mind that Michael did not fuse in the same way that you will fuse, for his ascension is of a different nature. He is a Creator Son and you are the creation of a Creator Son who is father-indwelt. I would recommend your reading about perfection and relative perfection and also that part which discusses various types of Thought


Loreenia: (Indistinguishable)

Thought Adjusters

TOMAS: I will again direct you to your text. I will allow that all Adjusters here are experienced.

Loreenia: If my request for speeded up light and life comes true, when can I expect that to happen?

TOMAS: I see, my daughter, that you are with me in your aspiration, for you are looking forward toward the clarity of light and life, which is in total reality a condition of clarity and incredible lightness of being. I interpret your appreciation for the color range to equal the ascension plan that we are going from primitive and primordial to ascended and dignified on into realms of actual divinity.

This is a long process, and although we are making great strides, great progress, and are pleased with the efforts thus far, there is a long way to go before this planet is settled in light and life and even farther before the Supreme Being lays its light upon all seven superuniverses, and so I stress that although these are some long-range goals, I would ask us all to focus our attention and efforts on those more short-term goals which we can do something about, namely to develop a personal relationship with the Indwelling God Fragment and to learn to acknowledge the Indwelling God Fragment of those with whom you associate.

This is a big step and it is not half as easy as you might think, for we are good at hiding from the God Fragment, of being afraid of that aspect of divinity which causes us to tremble and to feel humble. Therefore, much of our work will have to do with shaving off those appendages of unrealness which we have put upon ourselves in our attempt to manifest personality as we have been taught and not as our Indwelling God would have us do.

Student: Before, you said that those here have experienced Thought Adjusters. Could you explain that please, just how our Thought Adjusters have previous experience?

TOMAS: Yes, but only qualifiedly because in explaining a spiritual experience I have immediately negated its impact by putting into an intellectual framework. The spiritual experience is personal. It is a harmony between your self and life.

Student: I thought it was that when the Thought Adjuster, when they came to us, it would be their first time coming to Urantia, and I may have been — misunderstood, but I thought that we were sort of their first….

TOMAS: You are correct. This is correct, and yet in the vast domains of space, in the many, many multitudinous planetary configurations there are other opportunities for service by these Mystery Monitors. Your experience has only begun. By your identification with and your association with your Adjuster, you may reward your Adjuster by helping it to attain its goal, its esteemed reward of its fusion with your personality.

Student: Thank you.

Loreenia: And if one is led by one’s Adjuster or determines the reality or is led by their Adjuster toward work in things like light and life, such as the colors that I’ve asked for, what to us physically would be very strange and unusual things, is that not applying or emoting as you said before? Should we do more of that?

TOMAS: It may or may not be your God Fragment that is stimulus. It may be other imaginings or influences. The problem with trying to ascertain what the Thought Adjuster is up to is that it is illusive and it is very difficult to put your finger on spirit reality for it is alive and ever-advancing and what may seem to you today to be concrete spiritual proof of the existence of some perception of reality, tomorrow may rightfully vanish in a moment’s insight for which you have no explanation but complete and total trust.


Mr. H: I wold like to make a comment on something in relation to the Thought Adjuster. In our lesson today, Gerdean mentioned about certain peoples on this planet that have no Thought Adjusters, are not intellectually capable or genetically capable of having a Thought Adjuster. Now, these individuals … may be young old … do we consider these people human beings? They have no Thought Adjusters. Just what are they?

TOMAS: You have put it to me, haven’t you?

Group: (Laughter)

TOMAS: Well, as an aspiring entity of eternal value, I can say that if a light is not burning within, there’s not much that can be done to cause that light to be lit. And yet it is a fine line indeed for mortals to go around saying “Oh, well, I didn’t like their reaction therefore they are not indwelt with God and I make light of them.” It is a fine line in determining whether or not an individual is indwelt, but it can be ascertained by a sensitive soul.

In view of the fact that there are many loving and loveable animals without Thought Adjusters is proof that we all can be kind to dumb animals, whether they are indwelt or not, and this is probably the safe tactic. But in time, your society will need to address the matter of retardation if indeed light and life is to be all encompassing. Shall we probe further, my son?

Mr. H: Not at this time. I don’t think it’s necessary. You answered.

Mrs. C: Tomas, I would like to go with this, having had some experience with one called “incapacitated.” Mentally, it wasn’t true, except that certain scar tissue formed in balls in a portion of that brain that made it seem to be a hampered individual when actually, when pressured, there was an experience that caused the brain to say “turn off, turn off, turn off” and it was a man-made situation. Now– And yet, that person had more faith in God and chose to be aligned with God in spite of his deficiencies. Where do you draw the line?

TOMAS: This is why I say it is a difficult situation and indeed a fine line. The qualifier is whether or not the individual is able to make those kinds of choices that will foster and further its own spiritual development. The fact that there are mental problems is not a bar to spiritual guidance. The fact that there are physical disabilities is also not a bar to spiritual development. It is when the mind is so sub-standard as to not render the individual capable of making those kind of decisions which would further its advancement into worship and wisdom that we consider. Has that been helpful?

Mrs. P: Somewhat. In a position that I have in life, I deal with people coming to the congregation that have various limitations, but there’s always a point where you can touch a spot, to work with the person, where their divine comes forth. And I have yet to see … and I know some must be cared for because they are mentally unable to care for themselves.

TOMAS: The Thought Adjuster is committed to you and is devoted to you and will not abandon you, and that includes those who are ignorant and infirm, indeed, many elderly victims of diseases and so forth. But bear in mind that for centuries Thought Adjusters have come to indwell men and women who have not responded to their promptings, and they basically lived the full life with the individual with very little to show for it because the individuals refused to grow under their guidance. This, co-incidentally, is how an Adjuster can have previous experience in the experience of indwelling individuals who have not developed, who have not chosen to proceed.


Mrs. M: You probably know, Tomas, that we as individuals in this group are responding to our Thought Adjusters somewhat. Could you give us sort of an impression that you might have as to whether we have been responding?

TOMAS: I cannot perceive of one individual here who has not been admirably responsive to the promptings of the Indwelling Adjuster. The growth of an individual in spiritual realms is certainly a relative case and some mortals have apostolic zeal while some are happy to be disciples and many are content to be believers. Those who will take upon themselves the roles and capabilities assigned to them and which they are capable of being entrusted with will respond to the extent that they are capable at that time. Yes, all individuals here are responding to their Thought Adjusters. All of them, this moment, are being caressed and vibrated by the awareness of the Thought Adjuster that it is being attended to.

As you go about your day and in some cases leave your awareness of your relationship with your Thought Adjuster on the shelf or in the closet or in the car, your interaction is not as devoted perhaps as it is if you are 100% consciously constantly aware of your Thought Adjuster, but this is truly an almost impossible undertaking for anyone at this time. It is not even necessary that you be constantly aware of your Thought Adjuster, only that you learn to work with it.


Mrs. McD: Tomas, there are some people who employ the pendulum when they are seeking answers from a higher source, higher intelligence. Could that be in some instances or all instances be the communication of the Thought Adjuster?

TOMAS: No. You might be influenced by something like Energy Manipulators or Power Directors but not the Thought Adjuster in such an instance, and, at the risk of alienating anyone, I will refer you to ghost cults and other forms of primitive religion for your edification and entertainment.

Student: Is that also when you put it over the food to see if it’s going to be okay to eat it?

TOMAS: This surely does not fall under the jurisdiction of the Thought Adjuster as I am given to understand the Thought Adjuster.

Mrs. H: May I ask for an example of when a Thought Adjuster activity is apparent?


Dr. B: I’ll say one. (Indistinguishable) when we got the Urantia Book and she (indistinguishable). The next day I went back to it and I even said, “I wonder who was there because I was just here yesterday” and here Mrs. M was there that day and she told me about the Book, and I felt she was directed to do that.

Stillness, Love

TOMAS: Indeed, however this, again, is not particularly the purview of the Thought Adjuster, but remember that there are armies of celestial helpers, not excluding the loyal United Midwayers, who work with spirit beings to create those synchronicities and serendipities of life which can only be construed as “a God thing” but the relationship between the individual and the indwelling God Fragment is always a reflection of love. As you spend time with the Father in stillness, in meditation, you are saturating your soul with love. You are absorbing the presence of love.

As you then manifest your personality in accordance with your Thought Adjuster, you are manifesting love and it is not necessarily a sentimental or romantic or maternal love, but it is an aspect of divine love which may be presented sentimentally, maternally or romantically and so forth. Love is the earmark of your Indwelling Adjuster and as you grow in spirit reality your soul will also become a reflection of the love of the Father.

Mrs. H: Thank you.


TOMAS: My loyal students, we have done it again. We have talked long into the afternoon and how I have enjoyed this occasion. How you feed my sense of hope in your contributions and in our developing affinity. Remember that we are all ascending and that as we make friends today, I will know you, you will know me throughout eternity, and so this budding friendship has and does bring me supreme satisfaction.

I thank you for attending today and even more I thank you for your reflections upon that which occurs in your lives and in your mind. Which then is a reflection of Our Father, for surely we are all His children, and surely we all sing praises and hymns of adoration for His infinite goodness in bestowing an aspect of His infinite Self with each of us.

Group: Thank you.

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