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PBG75- Confusion, Most Highs, Microcosm

1999-03-14-Confusion, Most Highs, Microcosm
Pittsburgh #75


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Confusion
o 1.2 Group: Pittsburgh TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Tomas, Merium
o 2.2 TR: Gerdean
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Confusion
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Most Highs
 3.3.2 Microcosm
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Confusion
Group: Pittsburgh TeaM
Teacher: Tomas, Merium
TR: Gerdean


TOMAS: I am Tomas. Good afternoon.

GROUP: Good afternoon, Tomas. Welcome.

TOMAS: We have a busy schedule and a full house this afternoon. We are gathered here in honor of your reconvening of your long-standing and loyal association and the coming together of even more sojourners in the flesh and in the spirit. How busy are our realms these days! As host of this Teacher Base, I am glad to welcome you, Claireesa, to our shores and to voice with gladness the perennial addition of Angus, the sisterly connection with your peers in Buffalo by and through your own duplicate of a messenger in Leah. Congratulations to the Hamilton group. Indeed our checklist is unending.

Each of you are an important part of our unfolding. Each of you is a thread in the tapestry being woven which will carry Urantia forward into first stages of light and life. You sometimes think this is a fairy tale indeed, and yet I assure your morontia reality has more substance to it than the table you sit at. I am going to speak to day about confusion.


TOMAS: In your growth, as you well know, it is in the mind where you make those choices which either further you or retard you in your actualizing process, and any time you are dealing with the mind in terms of change and growth into unknown realms, you are bound to encounter certain confusions. Being confused, as you know, is not going to stop your growth nor will it seriously curtail your development, but is an opportunity for you to sit down and take your own threads of thought and crochet them into a pattern of perfection understood by you so that this piece can be understood in fullness and in time.

When you attempt to see the farther view from the plateaus of experiential accomplishment, your vista may ring true and your perception may seem clear and you may assume a certain confidence, and yet as you embark upon a new field of learning, a new step on the ladder of ascension experientially, you may experience a temporary not knowing, not seeing, not understanding, and so your faith must see you through, but do not be chagrined when you find yourself facing certain confusions as to how to comport yourself, how to believe, how to proceed.

I will take this opportunity to remind you, in fact, that over-rapid growth can be suicidal. It is good to have a slow and steady growth, and so if you become thwarted by your own urgencies, your own desire to develop pell mell, even when slow growth would be indicated as the preferred method, be content to accept a piece of confusion for a time, for in time the piece of the puzzle will fall into place and/or be discarded to reveal the greater reality which has been hidden behind a veil of confusion awaiting the appropriate time for its exposure.

I and Merium are and have been busy and yet it is always a celebration and a solidarity for us to resume our format following the sundry sojourns of the season into hope for warmer days. Even as the snow continues to fall and the deer continue to muzzle deep in search of green grass shoots, we also hold fast and establish ourselves in anticipation of the emergence of new growth immediately around the corner, new warmth, new growth of ideas and ideals, new associations and an infinite variety of new personalities to be revealed as flowers in the Father’s garden.
Indeed we like the idea of new beginnings, of new seasons of growth, fertility, and the warmth of the Son. Dear ones, are the questions this afternoon, or any commentary?


ELYSSIA: I had a comment. I’ve been wanting to tell you, Tomas, that I had my little Sunday School today again and you told me to rely on just inspiration and we did study a bit, but then for the first time, and maybe because I’ve been away from these children, but for the first time I felt that I was in synch with their thinking, if that could explain what happened. I felt that I was looking at them and I was aware of their response to what I was saying and I kind of was able to guide my remarks a good bit, more than I ever was before, and I really had a good feeling about it because I felt that there was a lot of inner action, and I was really feeling that it was kind of a watermark, kind of a benchmark for me because this never happened before and it was partly due to the fact that I had a rest and it was also in great part due to the fact that you gave me confidence to rely upon my own thinking and my own concerns for them and I could voice them and I had the confidence to do it. Thank you.

TOMAS: Thank you for your testimonial, my friend and co-worker, as you have begun to taste the effects of being a teacher, effectively being with your students. This is wonderful feel-back for me and for you and for those who have begun to recognize the reflection of reality.

ELYSSIA: If you recall, Rachel was very encouraging a couple of months ago, perhaps because of her interaction with her children.

TOMAS: I think perhaps I could give Merium some well-earned credit here, for Merium has … Excuse me. I feel her asking for the floor. One moment, please.

MERIUM: I am so glad to be invited out to share in the praise of my own teaching skills. I humbly bow to your gracious flattery and will augment Tomas’ intent and yield to the truth that I am in fact a child like you are a child and it is that quality of childlikeness that allows us to be such close friends. You can trust me because I am capable of being foolish and of being fluffy. I am not a scholastic type, although of course I am an experienced being and so I have garnered some wisdom along the way, which can b substantiated and/or documented by certain research if necessary; however, my value, as I see my value, is in my life itself as a child of God, and how many times have I said, like an old record, I play with my children.

You have acquiesced, Elyssia, to play with your children in such a way as you can understand how their little minds are operating. You have begun to connect with them in a way that is effective and meaningful; you are no longer speaking down to them or patronizing, as is a classic tendency of teachers. I myself try not to act like a teacher. I try to be as mortal and sentimental as possible, knowing that’s what you respond to. I will not wallow in your misery because you like it, but I will enjoy the refreshment of your childlike nature because you like it and so do I.

Now you will work with your children in Sunday School on a new level, and you will become comfortable there to the extent that you will see in reflection how you and the Father have been working together and even beyond you will begin to appreciate how the Father in and through His fragment of Himself in you, has been enabling you to lift up into a greater reality of being also. You will be brought to a new level of appreciation of your relationship with the Great Teacher that will border on worship, a new degree of worship for you Elyssia, all because you have allowed yourself to experience the experience of connecting as a fellow with your students.

ELYSSIA: Wow! That is great!

MERIUM: And thus we serve, and so, shall we dance? Thank you, Tomas, and thank you all.

ELYSSIA: We shall dance.

TOMAS: I have returned. I have nothing on my curriculum to add without your input.

ELYSSIA: We did wonder how we were involved in that Paper about the Most Highs.

TOMAS: All right, then, let’s get out our eyeglasses and dictionaries. I say that because this will require a contentious reiteration for the record so that years hence when you are reading the transcript of March 14, 1999, it will make sense, and so who would like to construct the query?

While you are applying yourself thus, Angus, I will comment briefly that we had a very nice meeting of late with a very experienced sojourner on Urantia, an active worker in the field known as Jack, and he spoke of disciplines in a way that would behoove you to make note of. If you are going to be good students, you would do well to develop certain disciplines in order to garner greater joy from your learning. You may or may not agree, Merium, but it is compatible with my training. Alright, then.

Most Highs

ANGUS: The sentence we had in question, from page 488d, “But Daniel fully understood these matters. He said, ‘The Most High rules in the kingdom of men and gives it to whomsoever he will.'” (43:3.4) That sentence seemed to have caused confusion.

TOMAS: Let me equate it this way. In your own lives, you have felt called. You have felt stimulated by some impelling force. At first it was not clear as to its divinity stature and yet as you allowed yourself to investigate and be swayed by the prompts and leadings, you were brought to a revelation which confirmed for you in your deep recesses that which you knew to be true. In your heart of hearts you knew and found the Fifth Epochal Revelation to be a confirmation of that which was already true for you, and thus you came into a more greater awareness of yourself through this confirmation . This is a personalization of how it is the Most Highs rule in the kingdoms of men and give it to whomsoever they will give it to.

LIANA: Are you speaking of awareness? Is that what they give to?

TOMAS: Of course. You cannot begin to govern until you are in existence and you must come into existence in order that one day you may learn to govern and or be self-governing. All of this experience for you on Urantia is focused around the issue of your soul birth. Having been born of the spirit you can begin to consciously be developed by and through your experiences and your decisions. You thus begin to become citizens of your System and eventually you will contribute greatly to your Constellation and it is in that context that the Most Highs rule, for there are those who would not respond. Many are called but few are chosen. And they send out the call.

LIANA: Tomas, to help me understand what you are saying, I’d like to have an analogy, so when you say Constellation, if I think of here – we look up into the sky and we see groups of stars, so when you say Constellation, are you saying – is that analogy similar? Like we are stars within a constellation?

TOMAS: Yes, you could think in terms of a jar of bubbles, and in your blowing air, you can create a mass of bubbles like suds, and the entire mass of suds can fall within one large bubble which encases and encloses the many bubbles. The many bubbles are your many worlds of time and space within the larger bubble of the Constellation, and so you in your tiny bubble can look out into the realms of space and see far beyond and assume that out there somewhere is a film, a demarcation, an architectural sphere allowing for the existence of a “geographic area” earmarked as the Constellation of Norlatiadek which neighbors the bubble of a Constellation afar.

It is also a level of functioning, for whereas you here on your world, your sphere, are geographically located, you are also a level of reality, and the same holds true for your Constellation and its purpose. It also represents an actual level of functioning.

LIANA: So could I use another word? Could I say “plan”?

TOMAS: In your dissertation, you may, yes, as long as you flesh it out to include that it is a place as well, just like heaven is a state of mind, perhaps, to many, it is a physical area also. It is multi-dimensional, my dear.

LIANA: Yes. What I am trying to do is hear this in a more simplistic way, so that’s why I’m asking you these questions. So, it’s just like when we say that there’s a physical body, an emotional body and a mental body, you are saying to me that there’s a consciousness that’s heaven, but there’s also a physical place that’s heaven.

TOMAS: That’s correct.

LIANA: That’s what I’m saying, and you can correct me. The Christ-consciousness is a plan that is evolving on earth.

TOMAS: Absolutely! And you are now touching upon the morontia reality and the greater dimension which we like to bring you to, and so I thank you for pursuing and persisting in this way. As we have discussed in earlier lessons and which we will touch upon for time immemorial, you yourselves are a microcosm of the Paradise reality, inasmuch as you have within you the Father, the Infinite Spirit and the Eternal Son as manifested through the Thought Adjuster, the Spirit of Truth and the adjutant mind spirits of the Mother, and so all these factors are your building blocks toward your ultimate perfection, and so even within you is the potential of the architectural sphere of the

Constellation wherein you live, for all those values you will learn as you ascend will be revealed to you from within, from within your own microcosm, as you are exposed to these realities in your ascension. You will learn how to be self-governing; you will learn how to co-govern; you will learn how to function in legislative capacities and so forth in order to govern your realm.

These values are an essential part of your education throughout your ascent in and through your local universe. The realm of study of the Constellation occurs prior to your further studies of the local universe which allows you to rise to the level of awareness that will put you in Michael and Nebadonia in their sphere, their home sphere, and then you will embark upon the true spirit journey and ultimately return to the Father in Paradise, and so as you ascend your development and understanding of the order of function and organization of life and its organismal factors of intelligent beings is part of the education of the Constellation Fathers and their associates.


LIANA: Tomas, I was just reading a book by a man named Ken Wilbur and he was talking about – and this just brought it home to me and made it easier for me to understand it better – “the one and the many” that we are always a part of – I don’t want to say higher or lower, so … we are not divorced from the other kingdoms. I mean the animal kingdom, the mineral kingdom? I mean when you even think in the physical reality we are just an atom, we are just a seed within the womb of our mothers and then, you know, it’s almost like a plant.

We’re a seed in there and then we are a plant and then we are a human being, but then in consciousness, every time we are born we can’t differentiate ourselves as little babies, so we keep growing and growing and that’s how we individuate. It’s like every time a child is born, it’s like a universe that’s unfolding. I mean, it has its history and its future. And so, I just had to share that.

TOMAS: I am glad you did, and I will hoe the soil with you and call to mind that when a radish seed is planted, it knows it is a radish. It always grows up to be a radish. It is never a spinach or a carrot, and each of you who are born are born with your own unique characteristics that can be developed as you allow for your own growth.

ANGUS: Basically, the descriptions that we have in what’s going on at the level of Edentia all the way down to a lot of things that are going on inside us all the time.

TOMAS: Right. As this microcosm philosophy allows, yes, and so you are correct, you cannot completely divorce yourself from your physical cousins, your trees and rocks and water and so forth. In fact you read today that there is living water, real water, on Edentia and so forth, mountains, rivers, etc., that are recognizable and material in the sense that material is appropriate for that sphere. Always will you be part of the material universe in that context. It just will not be as dense as you understand it in your most dense material existence as a mortal in this cocoon existence of your own soul birth.


TOMAS: Once your soul has begun to soar, your world automatically is enlightened and enlivened, and I will come around now to wind this up for this afternoon, that when you are being enilghtened and enlivened, if you go through periods, phases, wherein one reality is peeled away as a new reality is added unto you, do not be dismayed or delayed unduly by any confusion which may come to your mind. Trust that you are being led in faith to your next plateau of awareness and of service. The clarity of the Son is just around the corner, even as the sun of spring is right behind this gentle snow.

LIANA: That’s beautiful, Tomas.

TOMAS: As are you, my dear, and my dears. I will look forward to your approach to spring and see you on the morrow.

GROUP: Thank you, Tomas.

TOMAS: Amen and farewell.

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