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PBG76- False Prophets Among You

1999-03-21-False Prophets Among You
Pittsburgh #76


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: False Prophets Among You
o 1.2 Group: Pittsburgh TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Tomas, Anatolia
o 2.2 TR: Gerdean
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Seers
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Supreme
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: False Prophets Among You
Group: Pittsburgh TeaM
Teacher: Tomas, Anatolia
TR: Gerdean


TOMAS: I am going to say a prayer. I will bring you children in distress to the attention of the Father through a sincere proposal that He look down upon you who seek His aid, who seek His comfort, who seek His assurance of a smooth and merciful transition from one day to the next, for yourselves and for those you love, in the context of an informal chat on behalf of you who join with us in this configuration of believers.

Claireesa, it has been a joy to have you as part of our family. Always are you welcome and always are you a part of this Teacher Base, you who are an extended ambassador of our brother Abraham and his flock. Evangel, my sojourner and friend, it is always a pleasure to embrace you and to renew our connection as siblings and kindred spirits in our goals of eternity.

All of you here today are jewels, indeed, and Michael looks upon you all with deep affection. I can speak for him in this context for he is here and he is indeed embracing each and healing your wounds and comforting your sorrows, even as you now focus your attention on the Master, our elder brother, and as he elevates us into the presence of the Father himself.

Our Father smiles on all His children, even the curmudgeons among you, for as you know, you are only partially responsible for your life’s experiences, inasmuch as much of life’s experiences are beyond your control. Many of the vicissitudes of this life have had long-range effects upon your unfurled souls. Many of the fears and conditions of your childhood and your forebearers have brought restrictions and locks upon your doors of perception that are without divine grace, too heavy, too difficult to open.

It is our sublime prayer, Father in heaven, that You will help us to live within the circumference of the life You have given us without those undue restraints and locks upon our perception of Your love for us. Your son Michael came to us as Jesus to remove the shackles and chains that bind us, to release the spiritual captives. It is our earnest intent and hope, Father God, that we can be of service to Your children, in allowing Your loving light and ministry to unfurl itself upon our world, that they may see the glory of You and know the personal love that You hold for them and for all of us indeed.

Be with us now, dear Father, as we begin to understand yet more of Your ways, that we may better serve, that we may learn to love one another as Jesus has loved us. Amen.

GROUP: Amen.

TOMAS: And good afternoon, my loyal flock. GROUP: Good afternoon.

TOMAS: We have a gargantuan group indeed. We are growing exponentially as you grow also, and as you grow, we are justified in having yet more attendees in the spirit realm as they come to observe your inner workings. How fortuitous for you this afternoon in this new season of renewal, to read about the groupings of social entities in your ascent, indeed, in clusters of ten and behold, you are ten in number today and you are experiencing in fact a living organismal growth, you who have learned how to accept each other in terms of your spirit reality and your sense of soul worth because of your relationship with Father and with each other as His living legacies, His heirs in this kingdom of men.

I would like to deliver a few words this afternoon on a subject which may sound like a left fielder for you in the face of this afternoon’s bounty, but it has to do with something you have often wondered about and not acted upon in terms of questions, and so I would like to discuss “false prophets among you.”

ELYSSIA: There probably are a lot of them around right now, are there not?

TOMAS: Before I answer yes or no, Elyssia, which you all realize we are not good at . ..(Group chuckle) . .. I would like to expound somewhat and perhaps, in essence, answer your question, for since you say, “are there not?” indicates to me the value of these words.


TOMAS:  Your Master, when he was here, discussed briefly the concept of false prophets when he spoke of those who would profess to be followers of him but whom he knew not. Our arenas, yes, worlds from rebellion and darkness, even elemental evolutionary worlds, are often inundated with those who like the sound of their own voice and who, like the pied piper, like to have a mass following of the unknowing, that they may pump up their sense of self.

Now, I know this evening you read at length about error, imperfection, evil, potential evil, even about sin and about iniquity, and so these relativity levels have much to do with an understanding of what might be called “false prophets” for you can easily discern, in your spirit perception, where their motives lie if you listen closely to their message. Are they bringing attention to themselves through their own authority and intellect or are they helping you to gain a greater understanding of reality, that is divinity, that might be understood through truth, beauty, and goodness?

You also studied today about knowledge, and there are many who have much knowledge. Scholars, academics, intellectuals — and I am not disclaiming their merits, for in order to have a good understanding of everything, knowledge is as important as anything, — but if there is no soulful quality, no spiritual substance, no genuine evolutionary soul growth, then what is the use of a lot of knowledge? It is necessary for you to grow in the spirit.

Your greatest goal, in terms of your life here on Urantia, is not to observe the mountains or the rivers or any of those other things, but to begin to consciously work with your Thought Adjuster, to become familiar with your own resident Divinity, the status of sonship/daughtership with God is the ultimate status, the foundation of all of your relationships, and the ultimate purpose of your very being. As a child of God you are in faith allowing yourself to grow through His good will into a spiritual adult. You are being raised by the Father through your experiential lessons to become a being who glorifies Him who has brought you into being.

The difference between one who sees with eyes to see and shares that vision of God consciousness as a living reality through the morontia-izing process in the marriage between the mind and the spirit, is a seer indeed, a prophet in the true sense. A false prophet will give you stories and wonders, but the Master Himself chose not to become King in that kind of a kingdom. He chose to be a humble and dutiful son of the living God and thereby have the greatest gift of power possible, the gift of being able to bring men to God and God to men.

It is in this sense that Michael will call you his friends. Not just his children, but his friends and fellows. Even though you may never use the scriptures of the words of the prophets of old, if you bring the Father to life in your life that it may be seen by others to their own enthusiastic acceptance of their own relationship with divinity, you have found a lost sheep, you have given breadth to the kingdom, and you have served Our Father by expanding and ennobling His reality in your realm. Thus, humble prophets, go forth and sing of Him who is germane to all. Are there any questions?


LEAH: Well, I noticed today in the reading there’s a statement that says, “The meaning of life is in its adaptability; the value of life is its progressability, even to the heights of God consciousness.” That just kind of struck me when we read that. We come together and talk about our circumstances — as they call them in the Book “the vicissitudes of life” — whether we’re complaining or rejoicing, it is an adaptive process. That just struck me. Also that the highest level to which a finite creature can progress is the recognition of the Universal Father, and the knowing of the Supreme. I was wondering, how do you know the Supreme? I mean, I do know that we are part of the evolutionary Supreme, but could you put that sentence into better context for me?

TOMAS: No, I could not.

LEAH: Oh, thank you anyway. (Group laughter) You were really good at saying “no” that time!

TOMAS: The best thing that I can do with that at this juncture is to drag out the jigsaw puzzle again and indicate that the pieces of the puzzle will one day all fit and it is not the kind of linear actual puzzle that your rational mind sees, but a hologram of reality, a living actuality.

The evolving Supreme is your gift to God. When you create reality, through God, you have enlarged His universe. When you can enable another to recognize the God Fragment within, by and through your sharing with them the fruits of the divine spirit, you have contributed to the Supreme.

As you might understand it, when you offer an insight and you feel and see and sense their eyes awaken with an understanding of the concept that you brought to their mind and enabled them to grasp, you have given light to their minds and this concept is similar; indeed, it is part of the evolving Supreme, for as men and women begin to think, they begin to activate the mind arena of choice which then enables them to make those decisions which will advance or retard their own development in their own spiritual reality, and so this is all part of the growing, actualizing substance of a new god, the Supreme God, which is part of your undertaking as an active cooperative in co-creation of higher reality, divine reality.

I could not possibly say that in one short sentence in order for you to grasp the concept, and that is why I said, “No, I could not” you see. But, I can discuss it at length. “Have you a better understanding of what it means?” however, is the question.

LEAH: I believe so. Relating to what was said earlier about “when the words are given to you” so if you experience that, I would think that you would have knowledge of the evolving Supreme.

TOMAS: Yes, and I will say here that it is a critical juncture and it bespeaks the mature human being as compared to the one who is an accidental beneficiary of gifts of time and space when you recognize that your Self-acting adjuster has enabled you to spill forth pearls of wisdom that have enlightened and enlivened the spirit reality of your peer and you give instant credit to the Creator rather than assuming credit for yourself. That is the true earmark of how far you have come in being conscious of your appropriate sonship status. It is the instant that determines your true prophet or false prophet standing.

That was a simple parenthetic in relation to my earlier words, and not something to stumble upon, for if you are engaged, in fact, in being about the Father’s business — and I know you are — you will not stop to wonder if you have fallen short, but will rejoice in the opportunity to serve in order that you may give glory to our Creator and Our Father, for that, then, residually allows you to also bask in the glow of divine love and be part of this great illumination which will one day consume the entire grand universe in purpose and perfection.

LEAH: Thank you.


TOMAS: : Well, workers, let us commence then with the balance of this Sabbath day and enjoy the heralds of Spring which are even now making their way into your environment. Have any of you stopped to notice the fertile earth and the emergence of the mighty worms? Have you studied the shrubberies to notice the new nodules which will be bursting forth in green flames of chlorophyll soon? What a wondrous time of year! Throw off the doldrums of the Winter season now and embrace the springtime.

Nature is a great impetus to worship and I have offered you an afternoon to go do just such, and so thank group, and thank you all, visitors and overseers in this extremely exhilarating adventure. Amen and farewell.

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