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PHL1- Recollections of My Life on Urantia Parts 1-13

2014-07-20-Recollections of My Life on Urantia
Philippines #1 – Parts 1-13


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Recollections of My Life
o 1.2 Group: Philippines Mission
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Michael
o 2.2 TR: Evan Mariano
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Part 1
o 3.2 Part 2
o 3.3 Part 3
o 3.4 Part 4
o 3.5 Part 5
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Topic: Recollections of My Life
Group: Philippines Mission
Teacher: Michael
TR: Evan Mariano

Part 1
July 20, 2014

  • The Sabbath and My Memories of It

MICHAEL of  Nebadon: Hello Evangeline. This is Michael. I come to say hello as it is a day of rest and most people are actually having a nice lazy day. When I was here living in Palestine the Sabbath was the day of rest and we were allowed to do anything we liked. No one had to work and there was plenty of food to eat. I suppose it was the custom that the day of rest is also the day to eat. Food was always plenty then as the fish that were caught in the lakes and in the Sea of Galilee was abundant then. We always had a feast and it was lots of fun.

I enjoyed very much being with my family and my brothers and sisters. We often went on picnics beside the shore. I tell you this because it is not often that I can share the things I did here before with others. You are someone I can share this with without any feelings positive or negative. You just take things with a grain of salt which I love.

I just recall those days and I miss them. I was normal too you know I liked what everybody else liked too. It was only when I was older that things got pretty serious with me in my mind. I just couldn’t help wondering why things were sometimes so mysterious and that everything should have an answer. I also wondered aloud to my father and mother but they never seemed to appreciate my questions. This is why I sought from someone else these questions and that’s when I found my real dad. I will come again to continue… have a nice afternoon. Michael.

Part 2
July 22, 2014

  • Directions to the Transmitter from Michael

MICHAEL of  Nebadon: Hello Evangeline. I shall continue with my life story. I know you find this quite lengthy but I merely want people to know how I lived during those teenage years of my life. This is no longer a secret and it was never really a secret although there was just no scribe I could talk to and no one was listening to me talk about it. . . .

  • My Teenage Years with My Family

During those young years of my life, I quite enjoyed my brothers and sisters who were so lovable to me. I mean they were lovable as well as loving and we were such a happy family. The years before my father Joseph died, we were always secure and happy. We never knew want and there was always plenty of food to eat and clothes to wear and everything young people always want to own. I did not and never owned anything luxurious except a few nice clothes and capes my mother made for me when the weather is cold and new shoes that my father bought for me whenever I needed those to wear. He never was a penny-pincher and always wanted us all to have the best things that life then could give. In this sense, we were not well off as compared to very rich families then but we were also not so poor to have suffered or felt deprivation.

Everything was fine with us until the day he died. That was a terrible blow for all of us because we loved our father very much. In spite of all that he was, sometimes cranky and severe, we knew he loved us all so tenderly and that was why I loved him so much too. He took care of us all in a way that most loving fathers do. He loved my mother Mary so much that he would do anything to please her. She was so happy with him around. She was the apple of his eyes. So deep was their love for each other that they would be lost without each other. That was the kind of love they had and the kind of love we grew up with.

  • The Nature of Our Little Family in Nazareth

I was so happy to have a happy family and I knew that some families had many problems that we never had. Somehow I knew that many troubles grew out of families that were not loving and caring. Families need to care for each other and grow in love for one another. This is basic love learning, the things that every human being needs to have a tender loving family. Without this basic tenderness children will never learn to know what true love is and it is such a misfortune for children to have to go through life without this kind of tenderness that can only be given by a father and a mother who truly care.

This is a reason why we understand the troubles of persons who did not have a true loving family during their early years. How could they come to know of love when their parents did not show them or were not able to make them feel it? Love is given and should be felt within you as a gift of expression. First you express it with words or actions because the thought behind it is already love. Then you know by the words expressed to you and the actions that follow. This is love showing its real colors. Genuine love is so unique and so strong and unmistakable. It is there for the receiver to receive and giver to give and it is one complete cycle this gift giving and receiving of love. It is the most beautiful imagery and cycle – like the sun and the moon and the stars. It gives of itself in the process. I will come back.

Part 3
July 24, 2014

MICHAEL of  Nebadon: When I was a little boy I used to ask my mother why little children behaved the way they do. I could see from my other playmates that they were roughshod and given to shouting. I always wondered aloud why the children were already temperamental. My mother didn’t have the answers to these questions and she always replied with ‘I don’t know’ or ‘Maybe their parents don’t tell them to behave”. So it was. I now want to tell you why.

When children start the growth process, over time they become more independent of their parents and they can do things for themselves. This natural growth pattern goes well into adulthood and it stems from your instinct to survive. As children you look at your new capacities in a boastful way but without pride. Children love to do things by themselves like eating, drinking and putting on their own clothes. These are good feelings. It is a grand feeling to be independent.

As you grow up you are influenced by several external factors: your friends and peers, the media, the environment, the culture or just about anything that presents a different view from what you held as a child. All these are agents that will contribute to your growth in a good way or in a negative way depending on the level of your emotions, mind, physical fitness and spiritual beliefs. Altogether they are what will make you the person you will be if you allow them to.

Once you allow negative ego patterns to dominate your mind, then your vision of yourself in relation to the world is not the same as when you looked at your new capabilities as a child with innocent pride. As your mind is pulled into the ‘ego’ side of consciousness which your animal nature finds pleasing, you will now look at others as ‘separate’ and ‘different’ – more often than not in a lesser degree from where you believe yourself to be.

But if you have cared to be diligent with these external influences and allowed in your consciousness only the positive which your divine ‘Spark’ finds pleasing, then these good values will sink into your mind and you will gain a perspective that is ‘one’ with the world and more attuned to godly values.
Do you know that I was just a lonely kid for most of my early youth? This was because I didn’t really have any inclination to do what most kids of my time did. They would usually go off hunting, or find other games to play that to me were not worth the effort and my time. I would wander all by myself into the hills where

I spent my boyhood and there reflect on many things about life. I had so many questions I didn’t know the answers to and I kept searching and searching. There are methods to find the truth and all the answers you will ask. The Universal Father’s love is Truth and I have given you the Spirit of Truth. Not only will you find the answers to your questions but you will discover His Universe of Love and all that seems to be mysterious if you ask with a sincere heart. That is why I said ‘Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

For everyone who asks receives’; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.’ And to this I will add now ‘Fight the good fight’. My children, after you find the answers to your questions, which you will surely get from our loving Father who is within you, you have another job to do which is to look around and find your lost brethren who have allowed their ‘ego’ impulses to rule them. I leave you My peace and My love. Michael.

Part 4
July 25, 2014

MICHAEL of  Nebadon: Today I want to talk about the roles men and women play in society. As I was entering my teen years, I knew many girls in our village who I thought were quite pretty but I would just admire them from afar. It was not the custom to get close to them.

One time, I was sitting beside some boys who were looking at the girls in our village and I noticed they were talking about a particular girl and laughing loud at the same time. This girl knew that the boys were talking about her disdainfully because she was looking in our direction with her face showing embarrassment. I went nearer the group and they thought I wanted to join the fun but I was getting upset because to me their actions were cowardly and unjust. I knew some of these boys and one of them whispered to me the reason they were laughing. I immediately told the group to stop what they were doing.

Most of the boys who knew me believed I was serious and stopped but there was one in the group who I didn’t know, came up to me and in an angry fashion asked who I was that I dared to ask them to stop. I simply said to him that if they wanted to put someone down they should do it in front of that person. He looked at me angrily but decided not to challenge me.

In those days women were not regarded as equal to men. When I went to Jerusalem for my consecration, my mother, Mary, had to remain in the gallery reserved for women since women were not allowed in the main hall. I was saddened by the fact that she would not be able to see the whole event where she was. She wanted so much to see me and I was excited to be there as it was a much awaited event in the lives of Jewish boys.

Today there are some countries where women are not regarded with respect and given dignity. Every person no matter what race, culture or belief deserves the respect and love of their brethren. Without this there can be no true equality in the brotherhood of men. Women must be given their honorable place in Urantia and that is as an equal to men. The future generations of men and women in the era of light and life will co-exist in harmony and love for one another. There will be schools that Adam and Eve will establish where the roles of both men and women will be taught as well as the importance of family in a society that upholds the higher truths of the Father.

Honor and respect are qualities that both sexes will learn in relating to each other. The animal instinct that mortals were endowed with to survive in this planet will no longer rule in the era of light and life. The evolutionary mortals in other regions of Nebadon that were not involved in the Lucifer Rebellion thrive on the wholeness and spiritual unity between a man and a woman. They agree to become one because what prevails is the Love they have found within the Divine Consciousness.

Parents are aware of their social responsibilities and know how they are to minister to and raise their children. The Father’s presence is palpable and goodness is pervasive in the environment. You will have quite a change in this and many other aspects of life. I leave you to imagine how Urantia will evolve in its new environment, where cultural and social institutions are grounded in the Universal Father’s love. I bid you good day. Be in My love and peace. Michael.

Part 5
July 27, 2014

MICHAEL of  Nebadon: I was a normal teenager in the sense that I belonged to a group, not a gang as some groups are called these days, just a band of like-minded boys in our village. I was always the leader because I had a strong personality. We would joke around and play sports-like games and do all the usual fun stuff boys do. I wasn’t a domineering person but I had a tough stance and demeanor. I was especially wary of those who displayed some kind of superiority and tried to lord it over others. These types are like the present day bullies you often see in schools and hang out in parks.

A person’s character starts to take form before puberty and as I said depending on how you perceive the world and others around you, you will already have developed a response mechanism to external stimuli. Psychologists call this stage of adolescence as the self-conscious/confused phase. This is when the reasoning mind is tested against what you now hold as ‘true’ and your sense of right and wrong begins to come into play. You imagine you’re on-stage and your actions are displayed for all others to see and judge. What others think of you is very important at this junction.

Your vibrations are pitted against the vibrations of others that surround you. This awareness of self and your inner feelings get stronger until you reach full adulthood. Now the push and pull mechanism of your impulses are harder to control; just as your brain is changing the rest of your body is developing.

When problems have arisen out of this life stage and its condition/conditionings, the solutions have been largely left to psychologists and psychiatrists to analyze. How do you conclude anything from a miasma of ideas running in a quagmire of things past and present within the psyche of the human brain which you have only half understood?

Those who are concerned with the education and wholeness of these young minds should have given some basic lessons for them to understand what is going on in their bodies and minds. Many problems stemming from this lack of information (addiction, gangsterism and most forms of moral degradation) should have been avoided.

Another fail factor is the lack of parental guidance. How can parents truly and lovingly guide their teenagers when they themselves lack the basic knowledge and are themselves in need of enlightenment?

My own confusion had more to do with the frustration I felt from the social and religious environment that we lived in. The Jewish religious practices were strict even ironclad and punishment was forthcoming for any slight offense like eating pork. I wasn’t a meat lover as I preferred cheese and bread made by my mother but I ate all types of food with gusto and which I found flavorful made from beef, chicken, fish and especially pork. I had tasted this forbidden meat in the house of a friend who was a Gentile. They ate anything they wanted to. Pork is off limits to Jewish people because it is written in the Bible.

You should consider two factors around what you put in your mouth to eat: it’s either bad OR unhealthy for your body or it will be good for your health and nourishment or at the very least has no effect whatsoever. Eating pork and any meats do not and never will defile a person. Eating and drinking are simple pleasures in life that the Father of All built into the human digestive system for mortal man’s nourishment and pleasure. Your taste buds consist of thousands of cells each of which are programmed to relay to your brain the wonderful flavor intensities of different kinds of food you discover and like. They are built in to your physical structure not just to guarantee your survival and need for nourishment but for you to enjoy all the food flavors of the world.

The Mosaic Law or the Ten Commandments never mentioned restrictions about food. The Universal Father does not have any preference on what you will eat or drink. Common sense dictates what is healthy for your body. Certainly, you will be careful to avoid that which is not good for it like too much salt, fats etc.

I tried to teach all these details to everyone in Palestine. Beliefs grounded in years of conditioning from traditions are imbedded in the subconscious and difficult to uproot. The Father’s love is unconditional and unfettered. This comes from His Perfect Love which holds no man sinful because of what he eats or drinks.

With those thoughts I leave you today My children of Urantia and with My Love and Peace, I bid you good day. I am Michael.

Part 6
August 3, 2014 at 6:33 pm

MICHAEL of  Nebadon: I would like to continue my life story. When I was preaching I often spoke in parables because the ideas I taught were new and people had difficulty understanding them.
Here is a parable for modern man. There was a farmer who tilled his land so that he could have vegetables to sell when harvest time came. The farmer took good care of his vegetable garden and did everything he could to produce a bountiful harvest. But when harvest time came he found to his dismay that some insects and parasites had eaten the underlying leaves which affected the price he could fetch for his produce.

It is said that you reap what you sow but this was not the case. What had gone wrong?
The farmer is like the man who thinks he has prepared for everything that he needs in life. He is financially secure, family life is good, he has many friends, he has even shared his blessings with many people, travels to many places and has done many things that a successful man normally does. Nearing the end of his life, his aging body begins to slow and he finds himself with less friends and family and he is left alone most of the time in a home where visitors are rare. He is filled with a gnawing emptiness he cannot shake off or understand.

This is modern man’s dilemma. What is it that will make the life of any man remarkable and meaningful? Today’s technological advances allow you to live exhilarating lives. With the click of a finger, you are able to roam the world, obtain and transfer data, see friends you haven’t seen for a long time, and the list goes on and on. There doesn’t seem to be an end with new inventions that make your lives even more exciting and invigorating.

Modern technology is bringing to all men the gift of speed and the extremes of creative genius. Human beings all over the world are using technology to get information, education, answers, rewards and everything comes fast and easy.

If men will not stop this endless cycle of doing things faster, cheaper, better etc. his mind gets used to this speed cycle of material advancement and gradually his thinking is clouded with too much to do, with busy-ness with the material world until his desire for spiritual growth practically ceases. He becomes less and less interested in what will truly make him what he really is.
Modern man must stop to take some time to reflect and seek the truth about life or he will not find the wholeness and health he expected out of it. Life becomes superfluous and many things you do may be unnecessary and are merely futile attempts to clutch at straws of happiness.

Allow the Spirit of Love to touch your hearts and do not become so attracted to material things in life that your attention to the most important part of you, your spiritual nature, is made to suffer and wilt with neglect. Let the end of your life radiate the peace and happiness that comes from having listened to your God Fragment within you. When the day of harvest arrives, you can be assured of joys and rewards from gracious living and thinking. Create a more beautiful end to your mortal existence by striving to mirror the image of your loving Creator. I love you My Children of Urantia. Michael.

Part 7
August 5, 2014 at 7:43 pm

MICHAEL of  Nebadon: When I was here in Urantia going about my Father’s work in Palestine, many people would come to me to ask what they should do to be able to enter the Kingdom of God. They were rich and poor alike, noble and ordinary and even Pharisees and Rabbis – all wanted to know what I was preaching because these teachings were not the usual ones taught in the synagogues. The idea that God had a Kingdom was held as highly preposterous by the Jews, because their first and foremost teaching is about the righteousness of God and not what He was like. This is why the commandments of Moses and the rest of the laws found in the Old Testament became the principles they taught and their followers strictly adhered to.

The whole concept of morality and of defining right and wrong revolves around beliefs and teachings that evolved from different prophets and teachers from the time of Adam and Eve down to the ages.
The thread that the universe is woven from is love and goodness. It was never of punishment and retribution. Primitive man would not have been able to comprehend such a concept of love and goodness by himself if it were not planted in the minds of men during the early times when Caligastia was the Planetary Prince of Urantia.

It was Caligastia’s role as Planetary Prince to do this but he did nothing to instill the concept of love of the One God to the population then. During those early times primitive man had no inkling about moral values. They needed to survive the harsh jungles and instinct played a major part in his everyday life.

When Adam and Eve arrived as Material Son and Daughter, they were to impart knowledge about the Universal Father as a Creator of All, singular and absolute, with the end in mind to counter balance the effects and strategy if you will of the Lucifer Rebellion. The advocates of this rebellion used provocative and highly deceiving arguments that denied the existence of the true nature of Divine Consciousness and won many beings over to their cause.

They even succeeded in thwarting Adam and Eve’s mission. After the many years of tribal conflicts since Adam and Eve until the time of Abraham, the human population was fundamentally slavish and civilizations merely relied on beliefs their ancestors handed down. But things started to change when Machiventa Melchizedek came to Urantia and started to disseminate the true basis for other religions to begin.

In this era the concept of one God became widespread and many places worshiped their deities according to their beliefs. Machiventa and his associates reached far and wide in Urantia and he did his work so thoroughly that humanity gained a foothold for the promise of eternity. Caligastia and his cohorts were unable to stop Machiventa’s influence in the world.
I will continue with the evolution of Urantia in relation to the Kingdom of God in the next Part 8.

Part 8
August 6, 2014 at 7:54 am

  • Urantia in relation to the Kingdom of God

MICHAEL of  Nebadon: Abraham was considered the father of all nations. It was this honorable man that changed the course of history. If Abraham had not listened to Machiventa Melchizedek he would have been a great king but his glory would have ended abruptly. His mental prowess is unmatched in history and his faith in God is so sublime he never wanted ‘doubt’ to get in the way of his relationship with God at any point. This is the reason for the story around his sacrifice of his son. What was true was his solid and abiding faith in the Lord God.

As a father, Abraham showed his love and respect for all peoples. He made his covenant with God and as he promised gathered his people as a good shepherd showing them the ways of the Lord. The history of the Israelites began in earnest during these times and the prophecy was fulfilled in that Abraham became the ‘father of all nations’.

The long history of Abraham is intertwined with the involvement of Machiventa Melchizedek in his decisions especially as Abraham was a powerful ruler and with his army he wanted to subdue the surrounding regions. It was only the persuasive disapproval of Machiventa that he did not pursue his ambitions.

The teachings of Machiventa in that period of history laid the foundation of the truth about the Kingdom of God. Machiventa taught that God wanted only to see that His children had enough faith to believe in His love and have trust in His boundless goodness. This was the faith that Abraham practiced and that is why God looked down upon him with favor. Mortals of that time had a hard time believing this simple truth and even to this day people find it incredible that the Universal Father is a Father who loves and cares for his children unconditionally.

And this is the crux of my own teaching and my own love. Have no doubt about this children of Urantia. There is only this kind of love which pervades the whole universe and it is here with you now as you live your days in the flesh and as you will live it in the spirit. This is the Kingdom of God within you and without you, if you will but receive it in your heart. Michael.

Part 9
August 8, 2014 at 7:38am

  • Subject: Praying with hope

MICHAEL of  Nebadon: I will continue my life story. When I was preaching in the hills of Judea there was a man who was covered with sores or lesions as you call it these days. He approached me and said, ‘Master, would you be so kind as to look upon me and have mercy on my affliction?’. I felt a deep respect and regard for this man who by faith knew I had the power to heal and help him. It was with gladness that I took his hand and with certainty, looked up to my Father and prayed ‘Lord God of all creation, I know You are generous and loving. I have this man in front of me who has believed in me, and because I have shown him what You are. Now by your kindness and generosity, I lift him up to You and beseech You to heal him first in his spirit and then in his body.

Father, I know You will do this because You promised that no man shall go on living with any affliction so long as he comes to You with a sincere trust that only You can save him from his ills. I thank you Father for all You give us and I thank You for sending me here to Your beloved children and My children, My brothers and sisters.‘

There are many ways to pray. The prayer of faith is the most efficacious because it springs from hope and trust that your future relief will be provided by God. Strengthen therefore your spirit with hope. Make it stronger and stronger as hoping is the same as wishing. When you wish for something you cannot think about it, do not let it just linger in your mind. Keep it vibrant and full of energy just as something you use to enlarge a small fire. Keep that fire burning inside you and as it becomes stronger you will see that the universe (and all creation) is suddenly awake and Father’s love, which is energy surrounding you, will be attracted to that flame you have created.

Do you see the energy of love that creates and is impelled to act on your sincere appeal? As you feel it in your heart you will receive it first in your soul and it will manifest in your world. Pray my children and pray with deep longing for your wishes and it will be granted unto you. I leave you with this thought and my love. I am Michael.

Part 10
August 14, 2014

  • Subject: Friendship

MICHAEL of  Nebadon: When I was in Palestine preaching with the apostles it was a time of great joy for me. We made a happy group and they were always solicitous of me. They made sure I was properly fed, clothed and cheerful. Peter especially was quite gregarious in the sense that he was a good talker, very vocal about his thoughts and feelings and just expressed his point of view whenever he wanted to. The other apostles were not as outspoken as Peter.

When Peter and I went out to fish which was often, we would have a great time because he loved to tell jokes and relate stories about other people. He was what you would call a ‘gossip monger’. He would make fun of people he found ridiculous especially well-known figures at that time. You can imagine how much we enjoyed each other’s company. Friendship is something that human beings should always cultivate. Having a good time with friends is one of the best things in life. A best friend, even if it is only one person in your life, is a real blessing. Peter was that to me. He wanted to make me happy and he loved me very much. When I was arrested by the soldiers of Herod he was beside himself with grief. He didn’t know what to do and he was scared to death of Herod.

It was a difficult time for all of us. John, James, Nathaniel and Matthew became depressed and fearful. They wanted to do something but knew they could be arrested too. I told them to stay away from the proceedings because I knew it was going to be devastating for all of them. These feelings of grief, sadness or desperation come from tragedies in life that you must share with friends if the occasion calls for it.

I am telling you this because I want to impart to you and to others how hard it was for me to leave my friends behind. I actually knew that death would relieve me from the apathy I sometimes felt from crowds who went to hear me only because of the healings I performed, and because I knew about my Divine origins by that time. I knew that I would be heading back home to Paradise. My divinity was not too obvious yet with the apostles.

But what I want to delve on are the good times…the laughter, the fun, the camaraderie that you surely have experienced in your lives very often. These are the moments that count more and are worth remembering until you get older.

Have a set of good friends. Develop this closeness with persons you feel you have affinity to. Never feel that people are out to take advantage of you so you keep most people at arm’s length. Take the risk that this one isn’t going to be the friend you are afraid to have. Take the risk of friendship or picking a mate even if you make a wrong decision. People will be people no matter how they are at any given time. They will always change, sometimes for the better sometimes for the worse. That is human nature. Human nature is the point of this story I wanted to tell you today. Peter was a great friend during good times but was a disappointment during the crucifixion.

This nature of ours, and I say ours, because I was here as a man too, is a mortal fallible nature but it is a marvelous concept of potential. From this potentiality comes the experience of a lifetime. You never know what will happen when you marry! You never know how things will work out in the future with business friends! It’s always a big gamble to open yourself up and show your true colors. Most people hide their real selves so that they will not be disappointed, lose faith, rejected or for whatever reasons. People are people and people don’t like taking risks.

I tell you now: take that risk. Take big risks in the area of friendship because things change. Natural humor quickly changes. Moods and feelings and temperaments and beliefs change. And going back to Peter, he recovered from his disappointing behavior by becoming the best preacher of the twelve.
You today are not what you were 3 or 5 years ago. Aren’t you a different person today? Don’t you like yourself better today?

So I leave with you this lesson on friendship as another of my recollections when I was here in Urantia. I had great fun and I laughed and cried and worked and played.
Have a great life, dear friends, have a wonderful enjoyable life. You have the time now…make the rest of your life the best years of your life. ‘Seize the moment’. Love life and love yourselves. I leave you My peace. Good day.

Part 11
August 17, 2014

  • Subject: Truest Kind of Love

MICHAEL of  Nebadon: What is the truest kind of love in the world? The truest kind of love in the world is one which brings with it all its imperfections and shows how this is in accord with reality. What are you if not a body with many imperfections? When you say you love someone, what do you lay at the feet of your beloved? Is it not your ‘self’, your moods, your weaknesses, your ills, your present state of mind? You were created with all the necessary ingredients as it were, your Thought Adjuster, your Truth Spirit, the assistance of your Seraphim and countless Midwayers. All these beings come to your aid unknown to you but they are there all the same. You are never alone. These things are hard to believe but nevertheless they are true. And yet you will remain imperfect in this world.

So, where does your imperfection come from? Your mortal-physical constitution is a perfectly working machine, capable of invigorating itself, regenerating itself, healing itself. You only need a small amount of nourishment and sleep and it is ready to go. You hardly take notice of this magnificent piece of equipment. I am not speaking of the physicality of your being whether you have the perfect shape of face, body or torso. Your physical attributes have no bearing on the depth of your love. People think that changing the way their nose is shaped or hiding their obesity by cosmetic surgery will make them more lovable and ‘acceptable’ to their loved one.

The intellect and awareness are what makes you individuated – alone and unique. No one has the same experiential path. Every different input will create a totally different individual. What then is the key or secret to a loving and lovable personality? Is it not the uniqueness of the other that attracts?

You are unaware that growth is occurring in every dimension of your being. You are never the same at any given time. The universe slowly proceeds to circulate around their given orbit. There is always movement and activity in every living being. No living being stands still and does not evolve. Everything must evolve and that includes your personality.

Reflect on these things as you relate to your First Source and Center. It is said that one should first reconcile with his brother before he can lay his gift on the altar of the Lord. I say to you show mercy on your ‘self’ and accept the imperfections of your body and your mind, and come to the altar of the Lord in thanksgiving and praise as you do not know how great is His love for you in spite of all your imperfections. This is the love of self that is true – that you know your imperfections and you come to love and accept this as part of your very being which you will not hold against your ‘self’, your loved one and your Creator.

When you say you love someone do not hide behind a façade of untruth. Neither must you look at the imperfect physical and mental attributes of the one you love. True love accepts all that is imperfect.

Part 12
August 21, 2014

  • Subject: My Seventh Bestowal

MICHAEL of  Nebadon:  The Urantia Book considers August 21 as my official birth date on Urantia. It was a special day for me because it was the day when I finally arrived in this world. This was my personal choice. Urantia was to be the planet of my Seventh Bestowal. It’s a little planet but one that I loved so much and cared for as the Creator Son of the Universe of Nebadon.

It was so backward and unilluminated that I wondered if I ever would succeed in the mission that my brother, Immanuel, entrusted to me. It was a huge undertaking and such a big risk because there were so many concerns about this planet that drew the attention of many in the realms of the Universal Father. But I dismissed their concerns, because you, my little ones, were the faces I saw and heartbeats I heard. You were far from understanding reality, and yet I knew that one day there would be many who would listen to my voice and heed my teachings.

The Paradise Father was behind me in my decision and from then on it was all systems go. It was excruciating because, although the evolution of the planet was the ideal setting, there was much anxiety in the existing human kingdoms of the time. The Jews were under the rulership of the Romans but these people were the choicest group of people who we (Gabriel and I) knew would provide the best backdrop in the plan of salvation.

The Paradise Deities knew my incarnation was a gamble, and if I could pull it off it would be a dream come true. Remember, I was to reveal the Truth about the Living God and this Truth was not something that was going to be simple to spell out to the Jews living at that time. I took that risk and do you believe that I was able to overcome the odds? This grand design of coming to your world to establish the Kingdom of Heaven is a dream come true.

It has taken two millennia. but Urantia will become the greatest little planet in Nebadon. I love Urantia – it is the planet of my bestowal and I love you, the people of Urantia. I dreamt of you for so many, many, years in order to ascertain my heart with regard to just what had to be done on Urantia, when the health of the planet became blackened and the hearts of the people turned against the spirit of the land. And now that dream will come to reality with the arrival of the Magisterial Son. Do you see now how I carefully set out the plan of salvation? Everything has its place and is a delicate part of the design.

Even your own little lives play out so beautifully in this wonderful drama of love. You are amazed at the intricate details of your life? It is my masterpiece of love dear little ones – there are no coincidences. This is the impetus for the song that was sung in my presentation in the temple as a babe and Simon and Anna the poetess wrote the poem that graced my coming to Urantia: Song of Simeon

Part 13
August 23, 2014

  • Subject: The Bread of Life

MICHAEL of  Nebadon:  During the last days of my life here in Urantia, there was a kind of confrontation at the synagogue in Capernaum, where leaders of the Sanhedrin came from as far as Jerusalem and had gathered so they could personally hear me speak what to their minds were blasphemous teachings against the traditional Jewish oral laws. After making me read the sermon from Deuteronomy these righteous men continuously hounded me with questions about their laws which were meant to trap me. I knew very well what their intentions were and I said everything they wanted to hear and more.

I spoke to them of the hypocrisy of their old ways, their greed for material things, the perversion of their minds and more importantly how they misunderstood the Truth my Father stood for. They were naturally incensed and their egos decided right there and then that I had to be permanently stopped. This is the ‘ego’ consciousness derived from the Lucifer Rebellion but much of this thinking comes from mortal man’s own twisted sense of what is the true will of the Father.

Whenever you are in doubt, beset by problems and anything that causes you anxiety, come to Me, for my burden is light and my yoke is easy. Never stray far from Me for I am the Good Shepherd and I will lead you back to goodness, beauty and truth. I have often and continuously said these things and I say them again to you today.

Did I not also say that I have come to gather the lost sheep? As I sat there in the synagogue, even as my words repeatedly went against the grain of the minds of those who were present then including my own disciples who were not yet strong in the faith, I also knew there would be millions of lost sheep, of souls, that needed to find their way back to the Heavenly Father and that I will have to work hard to find them. This is why I said I would forgive and show mercy to all sinners who sin from unrighteousness of mind except one: the deliberate and wicked intent to blaspheme the Father as the doer will not even seek forgiveness but will eternally reject divine Mercy.

The goodness of God is perceived through the goodness of your heart. The God Spark within you is always calling you and showing you ways and means for you to make a wise decision, for you to choose the higher path. If indeed it is the harder choice, know that this will lead to even better things as the path of spirit is not always clearly seen.

These words are from My spirit and will give you the true Bread of life. Heed these words of eternal life and become ambassadors of goodwill, seeking and establishing the brotherhood of men in the Kingdom of God in the coming era of Light and Life. I am Michael.

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