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PHL2- What Does Light Mean To You

2014-08-28-What Does Light Mean To You
Philippines #2


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: What Does Light Mean To You
o 1.2 Group: Philippines Mission
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Michael
o 2.2 TR: Evan Mariano
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: What Does Light Mean To You
Group: Philippines Mission
Teacher: Michael
TR: Evan Mariano


MICHAEL of Nebadon: My dearest forum members: Evan here is on my staff as she has been my scribe for the past few weeks writing about my life in Urantia. I would like to shift your consciousness a bit from the stories of my life 2000 years ago to stories we can share and relate to each other in these wonderful days of Light and Life here in Urantia.

What does Light mean to you? It’s a weight thing for some but more than that it gives illumination and brightness wherever there is darkness. How do you do that? Well for one you can open the lamps or whatever makes you see in the dark just like the sun does. Now you here are members of the Magisterial Mission. You have committed to do your share, to work with Monjoronson, Machiventa and Myself to do the Father’s will is it not? For what is the Father’s will if not to ‘bring about the light’?

Think about what you can do to dispel the darkness. And of course I am speaking about darkness in this planet; the darkness that has overcome and overridden the good, true and beautiful that was all there was in Urantia. These times are to be the ‘enlightenment’ or ‘the quickening’ ‘the upliftment’ or the ‘step up’ – the many words and phrases that people have used to explain what the world needs to change things.

Change is coming and we, Monjoronson, Machiventa, many Celestials in the Teaching Mission, many teachers from the Teaching Mission and now you here in the Serara and MTML forum need to painstakingly and gradually try to explain and elaborate this to your fellows: what must change.

The change that we seek (that we all seek) first and foremost comes from within. People have to realize, know and live Truth as I have taught it. People need to come to their senses and stop the foolishness of their meaningless existence, stop living in the mire of false thinking, and come to know this Truth for them to have real living knowledge of God within, the Father of All Existence. Again, they need to listen to the God Spark within.

But, and I say this because it is still not recommendable now, it is not for you to explain the Thought Adjuster, the Superuniverses and etc etc. These are not necessarily expedient in coming to know your Creator and Creation Itself. It is useful if you want to have a greater understanding of yourselves and what the universe is all about. Ordinary people will not be able to comprehend this now…not yet.

The essence of your existence, all existence, is love, mercy and forgiveness. These are the embodiments of what it is to be God-like, to be perfect.

What does Life mean to you? It’s living out your existence is it not? To live it in the now. Wherever you find yourselves now in your little town in your own country – this is your present reality, your existence. Whatever you are doing in your life and it begs the question – what is the significance of your existence? Are you being true to yourself? Are you about your Father’s business? What is your Father’s business in regard to His will?

Think about what you can do to start this business. When you start a business you must be entrepreneurs. At the very least you must do some planning, some research and feasibility study. No one is called and required to do that which is beyond their capability. You have all the help you need from Us, Nebadonia and the Celestial guides here and around you – We all lovingly wait to answer your call.

Call and ask, ask what it is, you, by your own desire and inclination can do to start that business – of doing the Father’s will, to establish His Kingdom here now in Urantia and serve your brothers and sisters here now in Urantia.

The time for action is now. Monjoronson will be here with you in the flesh but why wait for the arrival of Monjoronson? You can now see amazing displays of natural wonders but why wait for the heavens to show that God truly exists? You are ready now. You have the spirit now. Think about that. You are no longer ordinary citizens of Urantia. You are part of the Magisterial Mission. Do you really know what this means?

You do not see the light that surrounds each of you. You do not realize that you yourselves have this Light. Do you think you are just minor workers in the Father’s fields? You are much more than that my dear ones. You are the enlightened, the uplifted, the strong and the brave. You are My apostles, My disciples, My beloved shepherds of love. You have the power to heal, to quicken, to lift, to give of the Spirit of Love that is within you.

Release that spirit now for all your brothers and sisters to see because they need it now. Take hold of the reins in your life and be about the Father’s work. We are here right beside you even as we are in front of you. We will be there to assist you with all the background effects if you will and whatever is necessary for you to do your work well. We have the logistics you know.

You will gather the lost sheep of Mine and you will lead them back to Me and they will follow. And we will be here in time to give that seal of guarantee – that your work is blessed by the Creator of All. Trust Me my friends and enjoy your new missions. You don’t need to go about the Father’s business so somber and serious. It is and should be the most ‘light’ and ‘enjoyable’ activity you have ever done in your entire life.

So speak and tell Me what you can plan today and We will help you with your divine endeavor. We are family are we not? Isn’t this the most exciting adventure?

I leave you with these thoughts, My Peace and My Joy. Michael

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