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Planetary Transformation Conference Call 2022-02-20

Planetary Transformation Conference Call

Institute of Christ Consciousness

February 20, 2022


Topic: Infusing Planetary Consciousness with Reckoning in Living the Gospel of Jesus, Infusion of Life Energies into the Planet from our Mother Spirit

T/R:    Donna D’Ingillo


PRAYER:  Paradise Deities, Divine Parents, Magisterial Son, and Planetary Seraphim, we are grateful to participate with you as more spiritual energy bathes this planet’s consciousness at all levels of mind and memory.  Thank you for what you are about to endow to our collaborative efforts today that what we produce from our hearts may be put to good use in support of more love and healing to bathe these circuits of mind even into the deepest memories that we contain within our mind-body systems.  We ask you to encircuit us as one in your LOVE, bring us into greater UNITY alignment—spiritually, emotionally, mentally—that our all our efforts may be unified and act as one functioning in accordance with divine WILL, and we thank you for that divine WILL prevailing here In this call today. And we are very appreciative of this opportunity to be of service.  Thank you.


MICHAEL:  Peace be upon you, my children!  This is Michael, welcoming you into my embrace now, as you sit with me for a few moments as we prepare these circuits of mind to receive an amplification of LIGHT that will render your awareness more spiritually receptive.  There is nothing you need to do other than open your hearts to me and allow me to present myself to you that you may experience me in the ways I wish to convey to you now receive me, my beloved children.  Receive my PEACE AND LOVE. (Pause)


There is a reckoning spiritual dynamic moving through Urantian consciousness at this time.  You may perceive this as a sorting of the ways; that which will help you perceive more truth and discern that which is still out of alignment within yourselves that you may bring this to the Spirit Within and seek the deeper meaning and value of what you are being shown that you may choose the higher path that brings you back into the fold of the Father’s loving embrace.


As you know, we are here to support your efforts, but it is you that must take the time to make contact with the Spirit Within, seek guidance, and be willing to discern that which is being shown to you through the lens of the Spirit Within.  You have this ability and now it is vitally important that you continue to cultivate this type of internal communication with your Spirit.  And of course, I will be there to assist you in this process when you call on me and ask for my LOVE to support you as you make contact with the Divine Presence within you.


So in this beginning phase of our time together, continue to allow my presence to move in you, and invite that RECKONING dynamic to gently stir within you and help you in this great discerning process so vital to your deeper comprehension of who you are and your rightful place in the vast design of LIFE.  (Pause)


We have taken you through many phases of implementing the Correcting Time changes necessary for this world to continue to heal and transform life.  The awakening process helped many to appreciate that there is a higher way to life and that this world has not flourished in these LIFE dynamics because of the deviation from the divine plan that began many, many years—eons ago.  And so, the spiritual progression moves you from phase to phase.  In this RECKONING phase, it is intended to help you in the discerning process of that which is truth from error and what is good from evil.  The confusion within human mind has led you in many ways to perpetuate these rebellion influences, yet in this time and phase of RECKONING, you will come to appreciate more of how this sorting of the ways is unfolding in you that you may have more depth perception and discernment.


Continue to receive from me, in me, and allow my embrace to enfold you and fill you with PEACE, my beloved children.  Allow this RECKONING energy to gently stir in you and deepen in my LOVE. (Pause)


I invite you to appeal to your Universe Mother at this moment now to stand in the life energies that begin at the very source of all LIFE.  Take a moment to envision yourself standing in a field containing the word LIFE as this is a component of your heavenly Mother.  Invite Her to gently expand you now, my children.  Become familiar bit more so with Her presence in you.  She envelops you and embraces you in Her LIFE energy as we continue our ministrations to you now.  As you focus on Her and the LIFE energies know that this is a quality or substance of energy that you need, and allow yourselves to drink deeply in it and of it. (Pause)


LIFE circuitry is all around you, and in time you will come to understand how to use these LIFE circuits to, not only enhance the quality of your life, but that of the entire planet and all life here.  As you know, the spiritual quality of life here has never fully flourished.  And you are among those who are at the material end receiving these energies to apply them into the planet through your own conscious understanding and living these principles of LIFE.


But there is so much to learn, my children.  You are only beginning to realize how much you have to recover in your understanding of these dynamics of LIFE and to use them in alignment with the divine WAYS and WILL of LIFE itself.  So, continue to drink deeply in LIFE as your Mother embraces you.  Let us stay in this place together for a few moments before we invite you to gaze into the collective and hold these circuits there. This is your time and turn to receive individually before you share this with the world (Pause)


As these energies of RECKONING and LIFE continue to support you, you will begin to fathom a deeper level of responsibility, not only to yourself and your Creator, but to your brothers and sisters and to life itself.  This is as it should be.  You do not live in isolation as a distinct personality, but are conjoined in these circuits of LIFE to which you have access and will learn over time how you use these with discernment, discretion, and wisdom to participate in this great time of healing upon this planet.  Allow these energies to integrate deeply, opening you to the new depths within your being that you may expand to new heights of divinity recognition from Spirit Within you. (Pause)


From that place, we invite you to turn your gaze into the collective now as I withdraw and leave you in the capable hands of your Magisterial Son.  Thank you, my children, for your dedicated faith during this phase of Urantian evolution.  Your efforts please me mightily, and I leave you in my PEACE and LOVE.  Good day.


MONJONRONSON:  Beloved brethren, thank you for joining us today to support this world’s continued evolution in the circuits of LIGHT and LIFE.  This is Monjoronson.  As you make that shift from your own internal focus from your heart, begin to project that intention from your heart into the planet for the world to receive more of this RECKONING dynamic. (Pause)


As you visualize the globe before you in your mind’s eye, let that RECKONING spiral around the globe and invite them to deepen into memory—into the very fabric of LIFE. and invite this RECKONING energy to create more openings that more and discernment in human mind may operate.  You have within your minds great capacity and potential.  You use reason and logic in your discerning processes.  But in doing so, it is vitally important to hold that intention for more TRUTH to prevail within your mind and to now for more TRUTH to prevail within the circuits of human mind and the way in which it has been conditioned. 


As you know, there is much to be outworked, and we bring in this RECKONING dynamic to help you sort what is out of alignment to perceive the Father’s insights of TRUTH, and the heart must be willing to receive this.  There must be sincerity, humility, and a keen appreciation for what LIFE wishes to teach you.  You might consider that you are all on a very, very long learning curve.  Eternal life is your destiny.  So when you consider that, you can perceive that at this stage of your development that you have much to learn, to process, to digest, that you may have higher discernment to support you through this time where there is much confusion perpetuating in human mind. 


Continue to project the RECKONING dynamic into the planet as we begin our ministrations and connect it into the LIFE dynamics that more people may awaken to LIFE and reckon themselves and their paths within it.  Simply hold this intention now as we conduct the energies into those places where there is great need for LIFE and LOVE and LIGHT to prevail.  Thank you. (Pause)


Ind our last time together we began to amplify the RECKONING dynamic.  We also invited you to focus on RECKONING and RECONCILIATION IN THE LIVING GOSPEL OF JESUS.  This was an important focus for it began to move more spiritual energy into the LIVING GOSPEL that Jesus preached and taught, and this is still a very fundamental dynamic to engage with the RECKONING process underway.  But here is a subtle shift.  Now we invite you to focus on: RECKONING IN LIVING THE GOSPEL OF JESUS.  Do you see the distinction, my brethren?

So few people attempt to live this GOSPEL as your Father Michael taught, but it is alive on the planet.  And now we invite you to focus and send forth this intention from your hearts:  RECKONING IN LIVING THE GOSPEL OF JESUS.  RECKONING IN LIVING THE GOSPEL OF JESUS.  RECKONING IN LIVING THE GOSPEL OF JESUS.  You might say this will help humanity use this as a measuring stick to help them perceive their own missteps or steps on their path.  Everyone has made mistakes and this is expected of human nature.  But we do also expect that you learn from them.  Do not repeat them so frequently as you often do; and by allowing this RECKONING dynamic to move in you, this will help you in your intention to live the GOSPEL OF JESUS.


So, continue to allow these energies to not only circulate in and through you but to project from your hearts into the planet that this may engage with the circuits of mind all around the globe and encourage more people in their own reckoning process for their greater discernment in their lives of how they had either aligned or misaligned with the Father’s plans for them (Pause)


As this RECKONING dynamic continues to move through planetary mind and memory more people will become aware of how they have either aligned or transgressed divine WAYS of LIFE.  For some, they will be very much taken off-track.  For others, they will not be able to reconcile this with themselves.  And for many, it will seem like a breath of fresh air has moved through their minds, cleared out the ways in which they have perceived themselves and the world around them.


So you must prepare yourself to be steady and steadfast in your own faith in who you are that you may help them find that place within them of their Spirit that will give them more perspective about their lives that they may forgive themselves, seek repentance and receive the redemption that is their due.  We have been preparing you for many years for this time.  For some it will be very difficult.  And for others, it will seem as if they have been released from a bondage so deep they will feel a new life surge in them.  And they will also need guidance and direction to learn of the spirit potential within them they may glean this from communing with their own Inner Divine Presence on a daily basis. 


So prepare yourselves by continuing to allow these dynamics to move in you and through you, elevating collective mind just a little bit higher for more light to penetrate, calibrate and realign human thought to the spiritual gravity embracing this world. (Pause)


Invite this energy to go into the core of the earth.  May it circulate through memory, bring about deeper awareness within human mind for people to remember who they are, recognize their potential, and be reckoned in themselves, they may open to their spiritual potential and participate in this great transformation process on the planet.  If you wish, you may invite and envision these words: RECKONING IN LIVING THE GOSPEL OF JESUS right into the core of the earth as we continue our ministrations, my beloved brethren. (Pause)


This time of RECKONING is part of the Correcting Time agenda.  So allow this phase to do what it is designed to do.  Know that you are providing great human willingness for this to occur on the planet, that deeper levels to have a broader outreach in human mind, o help humanity understand its true position in the fabric of LIFE and the role it plays in the evolutionary process of the divine plans becoming manifest in material form. (Pause)


Let us now elevate our gaze to the Paradise Deities, thanking them with deep gratitude for the divine plans of all LIFE and the evolutionary design for the material worlds to reflect these beautiful ways of LIFE—of LOVE, of TRUTH and GOONDESS prevailing as the motivators and innovators of human creativity and spiritual potential.  Invite the divine Paradise reflection to prevail upon Urantian mind calibrating into the core of the earth as a divine reflection from above radiates to this world below. (Pause)


Envision yourselves standing in that divine reflection as you envision yourself connected to the core of the earth.  Receive the divine embrace—the Paradise level downward and from the core of the earth upwardly holding you in this circuit of expansion and stability.  And just invite that to go into planetary mind bring about more internal recognition within humanity of the RECKONING process now underway.  It is time. (Pause)


May the DIVINE MIND OF CHRIST—that perfection of SELF Jesus experienced from His own Indwelling Spirit communicate with you now as we make one more adjustment in this circuit to assist in this RECKONING dynamic.  You have heard the expression, “When your own mind fails, you may come to the mind of Christ and exchange it for yours.”  This truism is very important for you now to assist you in your own reckoning and discernment process that you may participate with us with more faith and patience, come into the greater recognition of who you are and what it is that you can be about of creating heaven on earth in your own unique way. 


Let us ask for this anchoring of the MIND OF CHRIST to pervade the planet expanding the synergy of the RECKONING phase of what it is here to help humanity reconcile within themselves and in the collective. (Pause)


The integration process is underway, and while we have completed our objectives for this call today these energies will continue to expand and shed new light in areas where there is great need.  As we have encouraged you before, we invite you to revisit this call, participate in its dynamics, and to spend a portion of your stillness practice and holding the world in

The RECKONING dynamic that human willingness may embrace this and know of its TRUTH and GOODNESS for the healing of Urantian mind.


Thank you, my brethren, for your participation today, for your continued faith and involvement in this Correcting Time program.  Your Father Michael loves this world.  Your Mother Nebadonia holds this in Her LIFE essence.  Be assured that this is a time when all things will be righted, and that the ways of the universe will help this planet regain its rightful trajectory, continue on that course and proceed to that splendid era of Light and Life, now beginning to dawn humanity’s understanding.  Fare well in these days ahead of you, my brethren, for you are secure in the LOVE of the Father and the support of the universe, and lead your brothers and sisters into the paths of right living in the Father’s LOVE.  Good day.

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