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POC236- Conditions To TR

2003-11-23-Conditions To TR
Pocatello #236


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Conditions to TR
o 1.2 Group: Pocatello TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Daniel, Ignacia, Alexandra, Klarixiska, Minearsia, Cora
o 2.2 TR: Nancy, Bob S.
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Dialogue
 3.2.1 Transmitting
 3.2.2 Health
 3.2.3 Teaching Mission
 3.2.4 Ego
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Conditions to TR
Group: Pocatello TeaM
Teacher: Daniel, Ignacia, Alexandra, Klarixiska, Minearsia, Cora
TR: Nancy, Bob S.


DANIEL: (Nancy): Greetings, I am Daniel, here with great pleasure, both at the humor and the camaraderie displayed here this evening and at what I see as the depth and breadth of your commitment. We consider the format from two weeks ago to have been a great success, and suggest continuation of that format, if you are all willing. What are your thoughts?


Bob S: As a person who wasn’t there, I thought it was wonderful. I got really into it reading the transcript. I’m sorry we missed it. I second the motion.

Bob P: Third. (Laughter.)

DANIEL:: If I hear no dissent, we will consider it unanimous. Well then, friends, this is the format we will pursue for the evening, reminiscent of your old TR practice. This style of interaction increases receptivity, and the benefits are broad, yes. I will cease my conversation for now, that the fun may begin. (Laughter.)

IGNACIA: (Bob S): These are the words of one who shall be anonymous for a while. I wish to speak to you regarding the process of transmitting-receiving. The openness one needs on the human side to be a transmitter-receiver requires several things. First of all, one must be open to the process and willing to venture into uncharted territory and possibly to make mistakes in the transmission process itself. As you have been told, if major mistakes are made, they will be corrected at a later time.

The second thing which is necessary is attitude. This condition is very much like the state of mind which one has when making the commitment to do God’s will. The attitude must contain sincerity, complete openness, complete honesty, and the willingness to cooperate fully with the supernals who are the other half of the process.

A third thing is also necessary, and that is strength of character, the courage to deal with the possibility of error. This requires a certain level of self-confidence, self-esteem, or however you wish to characterize that character trait.

A fourth thing must also be added, and this is effort. Even if all three of the other conditions are met, the process does not immediately transpire. It takes practice on the part of the human. All of the circuitry and necessary personages on our side are in place at an early time in the process. We are just waiting for a level of maturity, perhaps you could call it, to occur on the part of the human.

Once that is reached, then the process may begin, and it is not a long conversation typically, initially. It will be a few words, a few sentences, but as time goes on, those sentences become paragraphs; those paragraphs become full pages, etc. I would be willing to take questions on any of those steps I have characterized for you, if you have any.

Nancy: …I have a large thank you and perhaps a question, because I am feeling a lot of reticence [to TR] this time around. My fear of error is huge… I know it takes self-confidence, and I don’t feel very confident any more… Can you help me rebuild my confidence?

IGNACIA: (Bob S) I meant to tell you my name earlier. I am Ignacia, one of Bob S’s former teachers, back for a visit. He did not know I was here.

Nancy: Welcome. I remember you.

IGNACIA: : Let’s get to your question. I believe confidence comes from success, and everyone I have had experience with deals with this differently. Some like to confront their fears head-on and smash them, as it were. Others prefer to attack them from the side and sneak up on them one facet at a time, perhaps, rather then confronting them all at once. Others prefer an attack from the rear, as you might characterize it, where they endeavor to put themselves into positions where they are doing what they fear so subtly they don’t realize they are doing it. So if any of those sound good to you, they are free. Help yourself. (Laughter.)

I unfortunately don’t know you well enough to give you advice, but I would refer you to your personal teacher, and, perhaps in consultation with her, develop a plan. My own impression is that your reticence may be only the result of a lack of practice, but that’s just an initial impression, and may not be valid. Do those answers help, or do you wish to pursue this further?

Nancy: Your perception may be right on target. I have very little personal time, so I don’t practice the way I used to…Transcribing was a wonderful way for me to confirm what I had heard and validate it… Maybe the circumstance of my life are going to leave me reticent for awhile (laughter), but thank you.

IGNACIA: : Yes, but I don’t believe you’ll have to go back that far to recover your skill level.
Bob is reminding me that he was somewhat reticent to TR tonight, since it had been three weeks since he had done it. It’s a skill that relies on repetition, so when one is away for a time, you get what you call “rusty.” Those skills return rapidly when one gets back to doing them regularly.

Nancy: Thank you. It’s been nice chatting with you again.

IGNACIA: : Are there other questions about my characterization of TR’ing steps?  Very well. Let’s turn the time over to someone else and see who is on deck.

ROGER:  (Bob P): That would be R. It would be “Greetings, this is R,” but [the use of] this [initial] is because Bob is not getting the whole name. I do have a name, but R is a good start since it starts with R. (Laughter.)

I am hanging out here tonight with Iggy to talk about TR’ing. It is no more than making your stillness connection, but then taking it a step further. That extra step is a willingness to share. Some might call that the spiritual hug, what comes through in stillness.

As a practice round for Bob, I can hop back a few weeks to when you were talking about nutrition, and say that nutrition is intentional, and that goes for biological and spiritual nutrition. In fact, I might say that biological nutrition is a bit more difficult for many on Urantia than spiritual nutrition could be, because biological nutrition can require a serious search in locating ingredients. Things have gotten to the point that finding what you need, sorting through the complexities of combinations that work best, and then acquiring the discipline of a steady supply can be a constant challenge.


ROGER:  Spiritual nutrition is also a challenge, but the ingredients are readily available. They can be found without a trip to the organic farmers market. Health is a balance between biological and spiritual nutrition, but isn’t it nice to know that spiritual nutrition is more available, if one commits to a healthier path?

As with biological nutrition, if you veer from the path you notice almost immediate effects as we have all experienced. This is our signal to get back on the path to nutrition. It is easier for us to come back to good nutrition once we have experienced it, because we know how good it feels when we’re whole.

Many of us are more reticent—that’s a popular word tonight, and it begins with R—( laughter) to lend spiritual hands to it, because of our backgrounds in the religions of captivity and control rather than religions and journeys of love and growth. Lending a spiritual hand only involves love and perhaps helping someone open themselves to the possibilities of growth. It does not require any one recipe. It does not require a single path that could be defined as a religion. I close with the thought that nutrition is intentional. Appreciate your paths, your choices, and your wanderings. I wish you well along the way.

ROGER:  (Bob S): This is the voice/words of another supernal whose name begins with R. You may call me Roger (laughter). My name is quite long and complicated, so Roger will do. I take great delight in this opportunity to speak. I am a teacher in training, so this is excellent practice for me to stretch my legs, as it were.

As you have heard, the process is easier for us than it is for you. But we usually jump at the chance to speak when we can, because we know from your side, the more you hear, the more potential enthusiasm is apparent, and the more willing are others who have been reticent—there’s that word again—to take a chance. I do not know how long I will be in this vicinity, but I expect within the next few days to be given an assignment, most likely elsewhere. So, with those few words, I will take my leave. I thank you for your attention. Good night.

DANIEL:  (Bob S): This is Daniel again. There are several others we hope have a chance to speak, so let’s continue, friends. Be open and willing, if you are.

Teaching Mission

KLARIXISKA:  (Virginia): This is Klarixiska. Virginia, the reticent, non-risk taker, is having difficulty tonight, primarily with the challenge to repeat that which is communicated. It is much easier for her to say prayers to our Father than to lay out concepts of possible growth and change in one’s life.

I would remind her of the lesson that I gave her this morning. And, certainly everyone can profit from it, for each one in the room is capable of playing a perfect tune without error if you choose to tune your instrument, your voice, to the fine, precise notes that come from the Father. So many times mortals go in other directions to tune their instruments, and, indeed, all that happens is discord and lack of harmony. When, if you tune to the Father, you not only have harmony, but harmony that produces peace and joy in your life and in the lives of those you come in contact with.

As she has already said, there is no recruiting in the Teaching Mission, for following your path to the Father [requires] only love and learning. Those are the results and certainly the quest that each mortal should desire. Tune your instruments, tune your voice, to find the words of the Father within. Yes, many search without when all they have to do is listen within. Thank you, Virginia.

ALEXANDRA: (Bob S): My name is Alexandra. I am Carol’s personal teacher. I am taking advantage of this opportunity to speak to her through this voice and allow the rest of you to listen in.

My dear, my work with you progresses well. I regret we are not yet in communication, but that will come. I am constantly working with you at various levels in ways which I know you would approve. I trust you will soon begin to feel my presence, and, in time, we will be in direct communication. Until that time, know that I am always with you, and I love you very much. This assignment has been a most wonderful blessing to me. Have you any question I may speak to?

Carol: I guess my only question is, do you have any thoughts or help that would move me along towards communication?

ALEXANDRA: Let me say this: the four steps described earlier provide what I believe to be an adequate plan for you. You know yourself well enough to know where, in those four steps, you most likely need to focus. I will be working hard on this side, and, to the extent I am allowed, will be providing encouragement and support. I trust that will suffice for tonight. Do you wish to pursue this further?

Carol: No, and thank you for not giving up.

ALEXANDRA:: One cannot give up on oneself, as you all know, and with the help that is now available, even those moments of frustration and anxiety will be more and more fleeting.
This I say to everyone, not just to Carol. Your planet is on the threshold of great and glorious things. Your task is mostly yourselves. As you know, you can be of little help to others until you have yourselves under control. So that is your first assignment. Once you get well into that task, then you become available for other duties—and we are not usually reticent to make you aware of them.

Do any of the rest of you have questions for me before I turn the time over to another? Very well, I will now hand the microphone over to another. One moment please.

CORA:  (Bob S): This is Cora. I just wanted to remind everyone, including Marty, that I am here tonight. I continue to be with you always, my dear. I hope the lessons tonight on steps toward becoming a TR will provide you with some growth potential. That is the extent of my comments. Thank you all for listening. And for Marty, I’ll be seeing you around, kid!

Marty: Thank you, Cora.


DANIEL:  (Bob S): This is Daniel. We have concluded that it is time to bring this session to a close. We have time for one brief question. Does any one have a question?

Bob P: The word ego in the context of TR’ing comes to mind. It occurs to me that in the context of sharing, ego must be set aside. In order for it to be a spiritually satisfying process, it must be ego-free, or as close as you can get.

DANIEL:: You are correct, my son. This observation is right on the money, as you say. Those who are the best TR’s are those who can best set aside their own desires, ideas, and wishes to allow the words to come through. As you were told earlier, it is somewhat like the fundamental decision to seek God’s will in your life. The more serious, the more honest, the more conscientious you are, the better able is your Thought Adjuster to come through. Does that answer your question, Bob?

Bob P: Yes, very well.


DANIEL:: Very well, let us bring tonight’s meeting to a close, and, as is our custom, take one another’s hand.

MINEARSIA:  (Bob S): My children, let us be at prayer. To that great One-in-Three whose Parenthood we acknowledge, allow us, Your sons and daughters, to continue successfully down our paths to You, with confidence, without doubt, and with hope on high. Let us stride forward, my children, to the end that Light and Life may begin in your lives, on this planet, in this local system, and in the universe of universes.

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