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POC237- Concept of Progress

2004-05-30-Concept of Progress
Pocatello #237


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Concept of Progress
o 1.2 Group: SE Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Daniel, Klarixiska
o 2.2 TR: Bob S., Nancy, Virginia
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue

Topic: Concept of Progress
Group: SE Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Daniel, Klarixiska
TR: Bob S., Nancy, Virginia


DANIEL:  (Bob S.): This is Daniel, my friends. Let us pray. To those whose universe we inhabit, we give thanks from our limited perspective on these opportunities, which have been presented, to all of us. We ask You, Creators, to oversee our attempts to walk this path you have set before each of us. Help us to see the step that lays next before us.

DANIEL: (Nancy K.): Greetings my dear students, this is your guide and teacher, Daniel, continuing. As always it is my pleasure to welcome you back together and to comment on your endeavors of the week or weeks; whatever the time gap between these formal times together.


DANIEL:  It is with great joy that I smile upon each of your progress. Tonight I wish to focus our group conversation on this concept of progress. I wish to begin by discussing individual progress, then moving to group progress, and finally I will address the state of Urantia. I provide this overview in part to assist our TR in dealing with her fears of the unknown, in unknown material. I smile as I say this. I have heard it is an efficacious teaching technique.

My dear friends, you do well. Each of you is progressing steadily on your paths to the Father. I have chosen this topic tonight because I realize that it does not always feel as if you are progressing. Often as you judge it, you are stagnant, or slipping, or advancing in a sluggish manner. Recall earlier times and older lessons, and you will remember that you were told that you cannot judge your own progress any more than you can judge another’s. This is, first, not for you to do, and second, it is not, you do not have the ability. You do not see the vastness of the interactions and the complexity of intention.

You do not understand the workings of mind. You do not know the layers of mind, and so, you do not know your own mind. Now please understand that I am using the word mind in its broader meaning, not referring to the thought processes of the ego. So you are not in the position to judge your progress, but you can know your intention; you can know your desire, and you can discern your intent.

We are also not in the position to judge your progress, for it is not ours to judge anymore than it is yours. However, we have a broader understanding, and have watched you with loving affection, and see results that you miss in your assessments. I again wish to commend each of you for your individual work and for the trueness of your intention and the shining desire to know the Father and to do His will that glows hot and white in each of you.

As a group you continue to progress. The quality of the energy that you create jointly in your shared prayer time, and in this time of reception and reflection, continues to grow in brilliance and in it’s ability to have a significant effect upon the human group consciousness. I would reiterate the thought that both Nancy and Virginia heard this weekend. There is a need for cells-of-love, for groups of people to come together, to share love-consciousness, to focus this consciousness together, for there are synergies in collective action. As a group, you have been doing this for many years. The brilliance of your connection grows stronger and more effective. As a group you are progressing.

Now we turn to the state of the world and take up a theme that is on many of your minds. As you read your papers, listen to the nightly news, discuss with your friends and colleagues the state of the nations, the state of the world, you can feel very discouraged, and it can appear the forces of destruction outweigh the forces of creation. I assure you this is not possible; always will the forces of creation prevail. And progress too is happening at the planetary level. So I remind you of the nature of change: change is not linear, smooth, gradual, when experienced microscopically, but often happens in fits and starts.

A sense of chaos may precede forward motion. Science is realizing this even in child development. It is natural and necessary for a developing child to appear to regress, and in that regression for chaos to appear in the family for a time. Not only is it natural but necessary for the next step. In your own lives you may often feel the most out-of-touch, the most-lost, the most-disconnected, the most-abandoned and perhaps frustrated, prior to the pieces reforming at a higher level than where they seemingly fell apart.

This is also how change occurs at the social level. So while things are very dangerous, yes, while there is much error, many unfortunate situations, poor decisions, etc, many of you are responding, many of you are making those personal decisions to extend yourselves. As situations continue to slide, the need to wake up becomes greater, the call becomes louder, and the response is there, and this is what you may not see. You are less aware of the hearts that are turning to the Father asking for answers, seeking assistance, offering themselves to the solution, than we are. So I say to you progress is occurring at the planetary level, as well.

This week I ask you to consider the nature of progress and apply this understanding at the many levels in which you function, in which your thoughts turn. Although progress is often looked to as a great good, and a happy thing, I would point out that progress never comes without change, and change is often experienced as uncomfortable.

So this week consider that what we tell you may be true, progress may be occurring on all levels. As you consider this, note your physiological response. And for the sake of contrast, decide for a moment to not believe it, experience pessimism, despair, and note your physiologic response. Allow the hope and the promise inherent in progress to overcome the discomfort inherent in change.

I am now open for discussion in what ever form that discussion may come. (pause) You are a quiet group tonight. Are you feeling challenging this evening or simply weary, or none of the above?


Ken: Did you say challenging or challenged.

DANIEL: : Challenging!.

Ken: Well, we are challenged, or I am challenged. The bar was raised again tonight. Thank you.

DANIEL: : You are welcome. Well my friends going once going twice let us stand and hold hands. And my dear, before I begin our final prayer, may I wish you, Virginia, a very, if not happy, congratulatory birthday.

Virginia: Thank you Daniel.

DANIEL: : You do well.  Klarixiska requests the privilege of the final prayer.

KLARIXISKA: (Virginia): God of hope and promise, God of progress, God of forgiveness, God of total awareness, we thank You that You are the One that is God. We thank You for Your hope, that is expressed in angels and guides. We thank You for Your promise that all things can be used for good. We thank You for progress. We thank You, that on Urantia, there have been positive changes. Give these students optimism, gratitude, and the ability to overcome, so that they might be able to love those that would appear unlovely. Amen

Group: Amen.

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