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P2K1 – Your Planet & Place In It

1994-05-10-Your Planet & Place In It
1 Heading
1.1 Topic: Your Planet and Place In It
1.2 Group: N. Colorado TeaM
2 Facilitators
2.1 Teacher: Lanaforge, Mantutia, Malaventa, Risdon, Felicia
2.2 TR: Don, Daniel Raphael, Eric, Paul
3 Session
3.1 Opening
3.2 Lesson
3.2.1 Correcting Time
3.3 Dialogue
3.3.1 Urantia
3.3.2 Growth
3.4 Closing
Topic: Your Planet and Place In It; Group: N. Colorado TeaM

Teacher: Risdon, Lanaforge, Felicia, Mantutia, Malaventa
TR: Don, Daniel Raphael, Eric, Paul


RISDON: (TR, Don) It is good to be with you once again.

[[ Daniel: I guess you have been with each one of us during the week, haven’t you?]]


Paul: Risdon, I want to thank you for the message that you gave me yesterday afternoon. It was short, very helpful and thank you!

RISDON: You are very welcome, and the gratitude is returned. There is rejoicing when messages are received.

Paul: Well, I was shocked! You are truly a good friend. Are you here to answer questions tonight, or do you have anything to say to us first?

[[This is Don: I think he wants to convey a feeling of a very warm glow, a reciprocal touch of a deep friend. It is shared with the group, each individual—each individual very specifically.]]

Daniel: Risdon, with the development of this group, what takes place now—do we grow numbers, do we grow skills and abilities, or do we just let it continue as it is?

Don: There seems to be a request for a focus to go deeper—I don’t get anything in an expansive way, either in effort or numbers or communication—because that will take care of itself.

Daniel: So when you say deeper, are you speaking about a greater united effort by the group to seek more direct contact with the Father or with Deities?

Don (paraphrased): Our communion with the Father.

Daniel: Okay, I would definitely love to experience more of that, and I ask for your and other’s assistance to help me and to help us do that.

RISDON: (TR, Don): That assistance is available, on call, and a critical part of the communion.

Daniel: Okay, if we were going to do this now, which I hope we do, would you instruct us on how to proceed then?

RISDON: This is something the guests will do.

Daniel: Okay. I ask personally, when you come visit me, I would enjoy your lighter knocking upon my door; I enjoy your company and your friendship and would like to be more aware of your presence, so that I can greet you and we could chat.

Eric: I would second that sentiment.

RISDON: There will always be times in which the communication is tangible, and this should not be construed as a reward for the dispensing of limited resources.

Eric: Huh?

[[This is Don: He is talking about times when the communication is tangible, but when it does happen, it is not to be construed as a reward; and when it is not happening, it is not to be construed as a limitation from either side.]]

RISDON: …And the times of silence are for the study in faith stretching and sufficient unto themselves.

Eric: Thank you.

Daniel: Do you have any instructions to me or advice or counsel to myself or to anyone else who is going to St. Louis next week?

RISDON: Rousing enjoy!

Daniel: Good.

[[Don: Lots of smiles, but no counsel.]]

Daniel: Adventure!

[[Don: He wants to pass the torch to the guest. The guest is a Spiritual Director of some note.]]

Daniel: Does the name “Lanaforge” ring a bell with anybody? Well, I’ll give it a try. He came to me earlier today—Lanaforge—he’s a Lanonandek Son, I think.

Correcting Time

LANAFORGE: (TR, Daniel) This is Lanaforge. Greetings.

(Group Greetings.)

LANAFORGE: I am with you tonight to speak to you about your planet and your place in it. The one I am speaking through is unsure of this, but it will develop better as he gains confidence. You my sons and daughters of the Father are in a privileged place on your planet, a privileged time in the evolution of this planet. You have experienced much travail in your personal lives; you have witnessed much in your horrific news media, yet you do not know of the horrors that exist in other parts of the world. That is why we look to you as moral and spiritual leaders; you are “instigators;” you are instigators of movement—social, spiritual movement on your planet.
My function is to witness…

[[This is Daniel: He ran a bunch of words together—witness this, view this, supervise this, observe the results—]]

…somewhat oversee, yes. As you know, the Teaching Mission is a developmental program to revise your dark planet. You as instigators will be witness to many starts that are successful (and end), some that are not successful (and end) and some that will be magnificently successful and continue. Do not waiver, please, in your investment in these programs—we have chosen you. You have placed yourselves in positions in your lives for great testing. Your angels and your teachers have been witnessed to this; you have proven yourselves invaluable.

You are coming to the clarification of your mortal/morontial development, where you are “as platinum;” platinum which is untouched by elements around it, yet it is intimately affected by those elements around it; it is a paradox, an irony of a catalyst. You know about this so well in your catalytic converters in your cars; very small traces, very small amounts of this precious metal, this precious element can have a tremendous saving upon your environment. You too are instigators/catalysts of powerful change; a lot of it, you are unaware of. Others have spoken to you about remaining in consciousness—you call it “holding space,” moment by moment, being in touch with spirit; even more, inviting spirit to be in touch with you, even more to have spirit flow through you as the Christ Light, as the Light of God.

You each affect, geographically, a large area around you. When you are conscious of this, when you are in your God-like state, when you are in your Christ-self awareness of this, inviting spirit to work through you, you are brilliant! We look upon this city, whether it is in daylight, or darkness, and we see the twinkling of lights, we see steady lights, we see powerful beacons of lights from your mortal/morontial souls. You will be visited by other visitors too, who will say much the same thing. We want you to realize that you are co-creators of this new era on your planet. Silently, you go forward, and you participate in this; when you are conscious of this process, you invoke this even more powerfully. And as this one asked a little while ago, whether you need to do anything with this group or not, you are doing it already.

Be not so concerned with outward appearances of change; it is the hearts of men, the hearts of women that we seek to change. I am privileged to be an agent of Christ Michael upon this planet, to participate in the overseer-ship of certain activities. What is occurring on your planet has not been done before, and it takes conscious, co-creative mortals as yourselves, participating with celestials, with angels, with higher entities, deities.

You go to the grocery store, you deal with others—clerks, with people who stock shelves—you use money to transact your purchases. We want you to realize that you transact Christ Michael’s business every second that you are alive, conscious and in communion with this co-creative ability. You are incredibly powerful, far more than you realize. It is important that moral, ethical, Christ Centered, God Centered, aspiring individuals be witness and co-creators with this energy. A lot of your work is silent, but we hear the music that comes from you that you make with others, the dance of lights. This is a special time on your planet and you have received special marks upon your beings, by the Prince of this Planet, by Christ Michael himself; your mark goes with you. I will stop now and be open to questions, if you have any. And yes, dear Robbie, it was my “lime-green” color that you saw!

[Continuing] The person I speak through has done so in a solemn voice, yet I want you to know that though this is solemn business, it is joyous business! We are reclaiming this planet and many other planets in rebellion and bringing them into the light, the heavens “ring” with the jubilation, of the knowingness of triumph that awaits everyone’s efforts. These are good times; you have been witness to hard times in your life; they will not always be so. In fact, your Prince has said that, “This is the springtime of your lives now, and enjoy!”


Eric: If I may ask a question related to that, my spirit seems to be one of doing a lot of clearing in preparation for the springtime you speak of. And while I honor the process, portions of it are painful, and…this is more a statement than a question…I hope I can find a way to participate in the clearing such that I find ways that are easier on the body than what I’ve just gone through. And yet, even if it cannot be made easier, I nonetheless welcome it and honor the process of clearing. I appreciate all of your efforts in that regard. Thank you.

LANAFORGE: (TR, Daniel): You are one of many people going through the same process. Your planet is experiencing an infusion of energy on the personal level, which is igniting a desire to change. Your attachment to these issues is the painful part; releasing them is as difficult as you are attached to them.

[This is Daniel. An illustration of the scene I’m seeing is walking through a swamp and there are these leeches that come to you. They are easily plucked off if they are not fully attached, but once they are plucked off, they can leave you bleeding.]

So you are very fortunate that many of the lessons that you learned—the ways of living, the values, the things that you were taught that were of value in relationships and in materiality and status and personal worth—left you more in the dark, and as you release these issues, work with them, yes, they will be difficult, but it will not always be so. You have many helpers, who are willing to help you, who desire to help you, yearn to help you—there is almost no end to the resources available to you, to work through almost any issue in your personal life.

Eric: I did enjoy the association within the experience.

LANAFORGE: Remember, you are a co-creator on this planet for others, for yourself, and for the future of this planet and the inhabitants.

Eric: Then may I learn the ways of creating, and not missing it!

LANAFORGE: Your intent—sincere intent—is most important. When you express these in your silence with your Thought Adjuster, your Father Fragment, you have set in motion that joint effort to bring about your highest desires. Giving up old desires must occur also. (Hmmm.)


Paul: Lanaforge, you said earlier, I think the right quote was, “This has not happened before on any other planet.” Can you expound on that a little bit? What is so different about what is happening now on our planet? I’m just curious; this is a curiosity question.

LANAFORGE: Yes, it is a good curiosity question. There have been other eras of rebellion in Nebadon, your Local Universe. They were not dealt with assertively, though they were dealt with deliberately, and with love, and powerfully, yet the infusion to bring about change did not occur, as it is here. Your world has undergone many unfortunate reversals of its plan for its evolution as an inhabited planet. There…[Like he’s leaking classified information…] there was concern about losing the planet due to the machinations of the miscreants abroad here, the technology has gone so far out of balance—not that it is not wonderful—but that there has not been the philosophical investment equal to the technological investment, to guide the wise use of that technology.

The animalistic urges to conquer, to be in control, to be in power—the competitiveness of your kind, particularly in the Western World—cause great concern about this planet. Many efforts have been applied to this planet to cause that technology to make a detour, but it has come on all the same. You are a willful bunch of humans! And your leaders have been most willful; some have been very benevolent, but most have been very powerful and have sought power. The…[This is Daniel. It’s kind of a funny parallel, how he uses words.] We have applied a “marketing strategy” to your planet as opposed to passive selling, out of spiritual necessity of its infusion in people’s lives. This is no small effort! And so, we are not force-feeding the planet or its individuals, but we are offering it at a much more conscious level, than on any planet heretofore.

For those people who seek contact, who have willed to be intimate with the Father, they are brighter lights and attract much attention from us. You each have attracted much attention, long ago. You have dedicated your lives to this work, and in some way, at some time, you have said, “I want to help. What can I do?” And so, you have gone through—each of you—an accelerated course of faith growth, soul-filling experiences, mighty decision-making events have come to you in your life. You have winced, you have looked askance at this path you have taken, but you have not deferred from it.

[Daniel: I can feel there is much adulation here.]

You often get tired of the “Atta-boys” that we give you, (much chuckling on both sides)—believe me, we wait to share with many millions of those others there waiting to grow. We have tremendous admiration for what you have done individually; and please do not misconstrue this next statement—you are a “giant” of your kind. So it has been a matter of sales/marketing, an assertive approach to bringing this planet into Light and Life with the co-creative cooperation of those who have prayed earnestly to do so. We are teaching you how to do this; you are getting insights during your days and weeks. You have brothers and sisters, neighbors, caretakers, gardeners, housekeepers all around you that you do not see. Those are “us.”

Robbie: Of course you don’t do windows.

LANAFORGE: Yes, we definitely do, do windows! We want to do everybody’s windows! We want to make them bright and clear and clean, so that their light shines “in” and your light shines “out.” Some of you are really definitely getting the connection that “we are here; this is real.” This is not a mirage, this is not smoke, this is not a screen, a façade or a front, this is not a sham, this is NOT your imagination! This is real. The Father’s kingdom is far more real than your own material minds; your souls are far more real than your material bodies; they will outlast your bodies into eternity, when your bodies become consumed once again in the nova of your sun, if your planet is not settled in Light and Life by then. So, do you understand the importance that you have to us? I hope you do. So, dear Paul, your curiosity question…[This is Daniel laughing] …is most apropos. Our way of giving you greater insight into your importance, is in how you conduct your everyday activities, because your “everydays” are not as everyday as they used to be, and never will be, ever again!

Paul: I do understand that!

LANAFORGE: It does not mean that you will not bump into or be faced with cranky people—as Robbie calls them. You will; you will be more able to consciously witness your own spiritual growth in their presence and consciously share that with them, without being egoistic, without being self-righteous, but as a loving neighbor, who has come upon a person who will not let you pull the thorn from their foot, as they walk upon it every day. Some of your people delight in being grumpy! Grumpy can be a way of life; it is empowering, in the meanest sorts of ways. Does that answer your question, Paul?

Paul: Yes. Lanaforge, you run the risk of flattering our egos! Are you not concerned?
(Everyone laughing.)

LANAFORGE: You have a “streak of humility” that I am relying upon.


Eric: Growing up as a Christian, to talk about Jesus was problematic in the sense that I didn’t have a feeling of certainty behind the words, but now that I have had intimate associations with the Master and with you and all of our other friends, I just can’t help but notice how much easier it is to speak much more matter-of-factly about God and about our membership in this family. I don’t even question anymore whether or not the other person agrees or believes, for I merely state it as my perception, down to “let them do with it as they will.”

LANAFORGE: Yes, this is part of the path, being conscious of that is very important. You grow very rapidly when you are conscious of this process, and your appreciation of it is acknowledgement of your growth. And as your Urantia Book says, as you become more trustworthy, the more you trust and the more trustworthy you become, the more responsibility you will be entrusted with for greater service. You are finding that way; you can be of a service even to grumpy people by not falling into their bear traps, where they become the “savior” when they open the trap and release you.

Eric: Or perhaps the flip side, by going to a situation which would ordinarily cause us to be grumpy and does not get us grumpy. I’ve noticed that, as well.

LANAFORGE: This is part of the happiness: Being able to see grumpy-making situations and being able to pass them by. You, as this one, I’m speaking through knows, life is not necessarily easier, it is that you do not cover the same rough ground that you did before; you are presented with new challenges. But if you look back at your old life, your old behaviors, you ran over rough ground, roughshod, with difficulty, without protection. Now you can see those old situations in a much different perspective.

[[This is Daniel. This is bugging me! Who is this “Lanaforge”—I know I read his name many times—it’s killing me. I’ll have to look it up—I hope I got his name right.]]

Student: Was he a good guy or a bad guy?

Paul: Well I think he’s a Lanonandek, very high up. I am just guessing.

LANAFORGE: This is Lanaforge. I am very pleased to have been here. I was invited to be here; I was invited to speak. There will be many other Descending Sons of the Father, coming to visit you occasionally. You are Ascending Sons and Daughters; you will become more and more acquainted with the Descending Sons. You are most fortunate to have one of the most elevated and prestigious Descending Sons to have finished his seventh incarnation on this planet. I am very pleased to be, I am honored to be on your planet! There is much work to do here.

The honor is in recognition of Michael and his courageous period in the flesh on your planet. It is also an honor for us to walk where the Master walked. You take your trips to the Mediterranean and go to the “Holy land”—what do you call that word? An oxymoron? The Holy land? No such thing! We too are honored to go to the outback of this local universe to the darker places, which are now coming into light, and walk where the Master walked. He set an example for many, not just on your planet.

You will find this true, throughout all of your ascension and your participation on the Morontia Worlds, through this Local Universe, at the System level, at the Constellation level, and at the Central Teaching Schools of your Local Universe. He is the Son, who has seen the Father; Christ Michael has seen the Father. And so in leaving you, I would ask you to continue to invite the Father’s presence, near to you, in to you; this is the Son, this is the Father, and this is the Creator, the First Source and Center. And so I now leave you children, and you will not be called “children” for much longer, as you grow. Good-bye.

Group: Wow!

Daniel: Someone else is going to have to pick this one up—I am just totally blank.

Eric: Hello, dear friends!

(Group Greetings!)

FELICIA: This is one who loves you.

(Group: Felicia!)

Daniel: Well, Felicia, it is good to have you here among us.

FELICIA: (TR, Eric) It is nice to know my call sign is easily recognized.

Robbie: Did you come back for our party?

FELICIA: Yes, dear.

FELICIA: What shall we say? You have already been told so much good news about yourselves and about the planet. It is our honored privilege to be working with you on an on-going basis; I have nothing but encouragement for you to continue and to be all that you can be, to love, to live, to be liked, and to be holy. I urge you each and every day to follow the Light, to be IN the Light, to BE the Light, and to show others this light. It is the most important thing that you can do, for as you light one candle from the next, if you are a burning candle, then others can come along and light themselves off of you. It is a treasure beyond measure, a happiness that spreads. How we love you so! We know that you feel it sometimes and we want you to know, it is there for you always.

[[This is the TR. I am just feeling some palpable outpouring of love energy right now.]]

Paul: Felicia, Daniel may be seeing Marilyn; I know you’ve had much contact with her; do you have anything you want to communicate from her to us, or that we can take to her?

FELICIA: She is a joy! A wonderful sister/worker; we are blessed and delighted to have each opportunity to do so. Probably not today, but I will offer our greeting to her, through you, and to others whenever the opportunity presents itself. Relate to her our blessings, although we are sure she is already aware of them. It is good that you meet and congregate and work together. We take complete delight in the opportunities to work with various associations that become possible day-to-day and week-to-week and month-to-month. We hope that you also, will treasure these opportunities, to be with one another in new and more glorious and fulfilling ways with one another, just as we take complete delight in being able to associate more and more with you, and with her. For those of you who come to her, give her a hug for us.

Paul: Will do!

FELICIA: Thank you. Are there other questions? Don is there something you wish to ask?

Don: Funny you should ask!

FELICIA: I seemed to feel “something” coming from your direction. What can we do for you, my dear?

Don: I would ask for all the celestial assistance that can possibly be mustered—I have recently had an old tapestry within me thrown back, revealing some very dirty windows that I did not want to see.


Don It’s a daunting task that almost every level of my conscious being balks at, and I just ask for assistance, courage and persistence, wisdom to wield the squeegee on this.

FELICIA: Please repeat that last part?

Don: I am just asking for assistance on a cleaning process that is inevitable.

FELICIA: Of course. And why do you think it is now, at this time that you are seeing this tapestry?

Don: Recognition of spiritual pride, spiritual gluttony—there are not many of the major virtues that I could, at this point in time, escape from being in transgression against.

FELICIA: So you are having a tough discovery?

Don: Yeah.

FELICIA: How wonderful!

Don: Right! [Sarcastically] Whoopee!

FELICIA: You are aware that we do not share some of your levels of distress, being presented with truth or images that are there to be seen. They are the pearl in the oyster, are they not? The oyster chafes at the irritation, and yet what comes out of it can be so beautiful, can it not?

Don: I can hold that as a conceivable possibility, yeah.

Robbie: Or it can just be incredulous.

FELICIA: Certainly we are available to assist you at any moment, and from moment-to-moment, in an ongoing fashion. We urge you to open yourself up to the truth, to the light, for all need to be cleansed. And as you have heard, this is the “Correcting Time.” Who better to cleanse first, than our wonderful ambassadors of the kingdom so that you can then show the way to others to follow? Know that you are loved, that you are held tenderly, and that these tapestries, as you call them, while they may be finely woven, perhaps sometimes we present them to you, for you to unravel them, and to leave something out of your own conscious choice. Do not be afraid to take scissors to them, if you wish. And know that you are very much loved!

Don: Thank you, Felicia, I will accept them and will continue to request as time goes on.

FELICIA: Wonderful!

FELICIA: This is Felicia; I bid you adieu at this point. It has been a pleasure addressing you once again. We shall see you again soon.

Daniel: Good day, Felicia.

Eric: Boy was she happy! I wouldn’t mind sitting in that space for a while longer!

Paul: Mantutia is here.

MANTUTIA: (TR, Paul): This is Mantutia.

Daniel: Good evening, Mantutia! It’s hard to welcome you to your own territory. We welcome you to this group, though.

[Everyone is laughing.]

MANTUTIA: Greetings. I am very happy to be here, there is much to say, but I will be brief. I wish to impart to you here tonight, the importance of our mission. By “our” I mean to include you, for you are integral parts of this mission. At times, you must feel lowly, small, in comparison to both us and other people who seem to carry more weight than you. I do not wish to glorify you, for there is only one that we all glorify in truth, and that is the Father. But, you must realize the importance of what you do, each of you, in your day-to-day life. You are each growing, which is the essence of this life. You are not the only ones who are growing, for there are many others, but each one of you is in association with those others, even those whom you do not know and will never know in this life. There is a linkage among you all.

I do not mean to be trite in restating the obvious; I always wish to affirm your very special place in what is happening on this planet during your days. Remember this, be joyful in this, you are so cherished! Be happy, dear little children. I now stand before you; I am in front of the fireplace. I stand before you. My hand is on each one of you; I am not Michael; I am not the Father, but I speak for them at this very moment. I AM love! I bestow on each of you the love of the Father within you. Take this gift—take it—enjoy this gift. Receive the strength embedded in the gift. Now go forward in strength and joy; you are much blessed! Good night, Shalom.

[[ Daniel: Good night. ]]

Don: Very upbeat, smiling, blessing, overcare—not as in too much, but as in over-head.

Robbie: As in over-control?

Daniel: Yes, I believe so. There is just a lot of warmth that is involved in this over-care.

Eric: A tremendous amount of energy. Not nearly as strong as Michael’s, but similar.

Don: There is a brief message and then we will close; and the message belongs to the circle. And I think he’s asking for kind of a “circle TR.” Let’s see…does anyone get anything?

Daniel: Yes, Machiventa wants us to talk in turn.

Don: Okay, what does that mean? Like you would talk, and I would, and Eric would, and Paul, and anyone else who would.

Don: Okay. There’s an image of going, not necessarily around the circle, but for each person to say whatever is in mind, so that gives us the same thing.

Eric: I get Malaventa

[ed.: possibly Malvantra or Malventia?].

MALAVENTA: Hello and greetings from this part of the room.

(Group Welcome)

MALAVENTA: It is a joy and so wonderful to be able to commune with each of you to embrace you, to give you my love, to hold you, to uphold you, to be your staff and your support, to walk with you, to sup with you, to share in your decisions and activities. We delight to associate with you, my dear children. It is… [I think he’s saying it’s a kind of “ecstasy” for him]. Bless you!

Don: I just want to confirm the word that he uses—of ecstasy, it is an embracement of ecstasy, and on their part, it is a joy that is indescribable for them to be able to be acknowledged in this manner.

Eric: For some reason, the image that comes to mind—I don’t know if this has anything to do with it—is standing on a pool’s edge and being able to fall backwards into the water, instead of a splash, the lack of fear even while falling, the move into the waters of life, I guess, is to take the plunge, instead of watching where we are going.

Daniel or Don: Well, I’m not getting anything.

Paul: I’m getting a real sense of real peacefulness and a very strange visual image that I haven’t seen before, which looks like millions of white lights, condensed.

Eric: I think what I’m feeling is being bathed in that light.

Paul: Yeah, same sensation, part of it—seeing it and being a part of it at the same time.

Don: The attitude of receptivity is sufficient unto itself.


Daniel: Well, someone is here saying, “Go ahead and say it.”

MALAVENTA: “Peace be to you, my children. This is my dearest wish to you that you may feel the peace that passes all understanding. Yes, both in your hearts and in your mind, that you may know this to the depths of your being. You come closer to approximating this with each passing day, with each passing experience of growth. It is our desire to assist you in this growth and in experiencing this peace. I leave you now,

[[This is Daniel. I don’t know who is speaking.]]

MALAVENTA:  I leave you now and bid you adieu.”

Paul: I got that that was Malaventa.

Eric: I got Malaventa too.

Daniel or Don: He’s been riding the circuits though.

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