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P2K2 – State of the Mission

1994-07-12-State of the Mission
1 Heading
1.1 Topic: State of the Mission
1.2 Group: S. Colorado TeaM
2 Facilitators
2.1 Teacher: Mantutia, Risdon, Jordanson, Oren
2.2 TR: Daniel Raphael, Alan, Paul
3 Session
3.1 Note
3.2 Opening
3.3 Lesson
3.3.1 Teaching Mission
3.4 Dialogue
3.4.1 Conferences
3.4.2 Transmitting
3.4.3 Grid
3.5 Closing
Topic: State of the Mission; Group: S. Colorado TeaM

Teacher: Mantutia, Risdon; TR: Daniel Raphael, Alan, Paul

July 12, 1994 [Ed., Transcribed Sept. 2003]


Don: In the name of the Father, we are gathered here to offer and to receive service, to and from the celestials. May our intention be for the Father’s will to be done.

MANTUTIA: [ T/R-Daniel:] Good evening, this is Mantutia Melchizedek. I am the supervising Melchizedek in the Rocky Mountain Region. Welcome this evening to a wonderful occasion. You have made this special for us too.

Group: Good evening, Teacher.

MANTUTIA: Good evening. I will make some opening comments to begin with, and then answer questions.

Lesson; Teaching Mission

MANTUTIA: Nothing stands still on either side of the temporal barrier; the Teaching Mission continues ahead far better than we had anticipated. There are enclaves of resistance; there are wide areas of unknowing, people who do not know of the Teaching Mission. We move forward in a positive way, we do not make defensive gestures or postures, but move stalwartly, capably, confidently forward. Many of you live in geographic areas, which are “captured,” so to speak, within the grasp and supervision of the Melchizedek reign on this planet. Machiventa has said before, and will say again, that we are here; we will not be removed! However small a portion we claim on this planet at this time will be enlarged; it will not go backwards.

Energy circuits from Jerusem, Edentia, and Salvington are well fixed on this planet; there is much, much, much yet to do on this planet. However we have a much easier communication and transport to and from Urantia than before. We do not have to do, as you do, transfer from one bus to another, to get to another location; we can come here directly. That is turf and territory; there are also hearts and minds, and souls that are growing and enlarging within the scope of the Teaching Mission. The Correcting Time is well underway. You may have noticed—maybe not—the difference of approach in presenting the Teaching Mission to different areas of your populace; this is very much appropriate, similarly as your teachers are geared toward your level of understanding. So too, do we adapt and adopt different tactics to assist the growth of the Teaching Mission. Some of this has occurred here in Colorado; you will see evidence of that, too. So much for in-house organizational information.

I am very pleased you are here. Out of state visitors are always welcome, you add a flavor; like an orchestra, you bring new tones to an otherwise good symphony. We welcome you here. I will be open for questions for a period of time, as we have many guests here, and as many TR’s as we have here tonight, this may be a long evening, if you wish. There are many here who are eager to practice on this side and although we have new students here, who will not speak through you, they practice, similarly as some of you practice. As I speak through Daniel, some of you can hear my words beforehand. So too, do our students practice this way also, and there are new ones of you who wish to practice also; we will give you opportunity to do that. Do you have questions? We will test the mettle of Daniel, here, the TR. If not, you are welcome to query me after the round robin of TRing, as I will be here to close the meeting. My able and capable Senior Teacher, Risdon, is here also.


Eric: Is he a Melchizedek?


Student: I do have a general question; is there anything you would suggest we keep in mind as we go to the conference in Spokane in a couple of days?

MANTUTIA: Yes, six basics. This is fundamental; the basics are “All growth leads to the Father,” one does not do so with their ego. And other than that, you should do well.

Student: Thank you.

MANTUTIA: I will not announce whom Risdon will speak through, but let him do that. And if you are new at this, accept the voice that you hear; doubts can be displayed at home. Display confidence here. Confidence engenders growth. The one fundamental purpose of this group in Denver, its early on function is to assist the development of TR’s, so this is “play time.” So let’s play.

Robbie: Footnote here, I’ve never seen this before; I’ve had lasers in chartreuse, gold, purple/blue, shooting a long way—I just thought you might want to know what you’re missing.

Daniel: She gets the Fourth of July every day!

Robbie: It’s very strange, but it’s finished now. I don’t know what the significance of it was, but it was a new one on me.


Daniel:  This is Daniel, and I will assist anyone who’s new. Just relax and go into your silent space; now try to concentrate on listening, but concentrate on stillness and you will hear an announcement to you to TR if you’re it.

RISDON: Greetings, I am Risdon. (TR ?)

Daniel: Greetings, Risdon, it is good to hear from you.

RISDON: We are also very happy to be here tonight. It is so wonderful you are in our sight. Much is happening on different levels and you are part of this. Never forget who you really are, it is part of your dream, your quest to discover those, to find us out even more than being a child of God. It is a much more; it is just a beginning. If you can experience this, you would be amazed for you are unlike anyone else in the universe. Your gift to us and the universe is special; special in many ways, God is …?… are you …?… always do you …?… for you in living perfection…?….

[Ed. Too much background noise.]

Daniel: That is greatly appreciated.

RISDON: You are greatly appreciated also, and loved very much.

Don: That is so good to hear.

RISDON: I will step back as even more wish to take their turn.

Daniel: Risdon, do the individual teachers of each person, would they like to speak too?

RISDON: Yes, absolutely. We are always happy to begin an opportunity to express ourselves. Please feel free to indicate if you are feeling the spiritual pressure from us.

JORDANSON: This is Jordanson; I am Alan’s teacher. I come through Daniel, not to cause any embarrassment to my student, but to bow before him and he would come to the door of speaking. He has not done this in a large group like this before; he is a bit shy, so I hope you will accept my efforts to dissolve the shyness, to slide the other way. I say that just for the moment; I will leave Daniel now and [I see him on the horse with stirrups] and Alan, when, you are comfortable—do this only when you are comfortable.

Alan: Thank you teacher.

JORDANSON: This is Jordanson. (TR Alan)

Group: Greetings!

JORDANSON: As Daniel has said already, Alan is quite shy, so you will show patience, for he is quite afraid at times. We are most pleased at this time for your efforts. We would have you know that you are much loved and cherished and guided. It is not an easy thing to do, to suspend judgment, to put aside your ego and allow another to speak through you, and we are most understanding of this tendency. In time your fears will subside or diminish and you will speak the words more freely, more confidently. Until such time, know that this is only kindergarten for you to develop your skills and as you know, as your children attempt new tasks, you are always most understanding. So fear not, rejoice in the process, and enjoy the opportunity to serve the Father. If you wish, feel free to ask questions.

Daniel: Jordanson, what is your status, are you an ascendant mortal or are you another Celestial of some sort?

JORDANSON: I am an ascendant mortal as you are. I am from a distant planet, and my origin is as an Agondonter, as are you all. I am resident on Edentia for this age, and have volunteered with many to come to the planet of Michael’s bestowal in order to facilitate growth, yours and ours. Names, faces, these are difficult things for this one, at this time, but he shall work at it.

Eric: Jordanson, you say you’re an Agondonter, as we will be, this means that your planet of origin was also part of the rebellion?

JORDANSON: No, another in the distant past. However, in all rebellions, there is much pain and fertile ground for spiritual gain.

Daniel: Jordanson, I perceive that you have been in association with Alan for quite some time, as you are fluent through him. You’ve been with him longer than a year or two?

JORDANSON: We have served individuals over a lengthy period on this election

[[Ed. Celestial Teachers contend for placement to/with mortals. Their election indicates their success.]]

We test the waters, so to speak, to see who might be responsive. In this way, I have observed him over several years. This is sometimes, a lengthy process, and I would much like the opportunity…(distracted by noises in the room).

[[This is Alan. I think Jordanson is finished with me.]]

Daniel: That happens. You did wonderfully! For a new TR, you just did fabulously well. Well, Ophelia is here, Robbie’s Guardian Angel.

Robbie: No, mine is …?…. Ophelia is Linda’s.

MANTUTIA/Daniel: This is Mantutia. You are doing well, you are experiencing what many people experience when they come together for the first time, and that is a kind of culture shock, a newness of energy. Were you to do this once a day, for one or two days, you would be in sync, and it would go very well and act as a round robin. That is why your Spirit Fest and your get-togethers, your Teaching Mission reunions are important to align energies. This has a dual function, both for socialization and normalization of mortal interaction, but also attunement of energy. You know by now, that when you travel and go to areas, you carry this energy with you and you infuse it with this benign infection of love. And so your haltingness right now is a normal aspect of the development of harmony within a group. This takes time; it is not just on your ego shyness basis alone, but one also of mixing and matching flavors of frequency. You might say right now, we have a “passion fruit punch.” (Laughing.)

[[Daniel: I like that one! Pineapple, guava, all sorts of things.]]

MANTUTIA: So take your ease, continue on. We want you to do this tonight, as many of you will be traveling on. You will carry this essence, this harmony, this frequency from the Rocky Mountain Region, from your home states, from your home groups, onward to wherever you travel. So whether you TR tonight or not, is not definitive of receiving this harmony, this frequency adjustment. So with that, I will step aside once more.

Daniel: Robbie, are you getting anything on the agenda?

Robbie: Machiventa, are you here? …or Mantutia, are you the one that is throwing off the magenta color?

MANTUTIA: / Daniel: This is Mantutia; I have been here all along.

Robbie: Daniel, was that Rebecca that was throwing this color?

Daniel: No, I wasn’t seeing in color.

Robbie: I think Rebecca’s here.

Eric: Isn’t she usually?

Daniel: Wherever Don is! Risdon, this is Daniel. Are there any other guests here who would like to come forward?

RISDON: Yes, there are other guests here. They have been making the rounds, knocking upon your doors of consciousness, waiting to enter. And when one does not acknowledge, we move to another; in situations as this, which tend to be developmental, we usually begin with experienced TR’s and proceed to those who wish to TR, whether they are experienced or not. We have in some meetings, such as this for instance, we do not push hard or increase the pressure or amperage, but try to lead you across the threshold. One learns to listen carefully, when they hear whispers. We try to make our awareness know to individuals by least amount of volume—volume is not a very accurate word—necessary to awaken the TR capacity within one. I leave it to your group now, to decide how they wish to proceed.

Student: May I ask a question of you now?

RISDON: You most certainly may.

Student: Why is it that you use the least amount of pressure, use the subtlest methods in making contact?

RISDON: This encourages the learning process for the budding or experienced TR to listen more carefully. It is similarly as you would observe distant stars at night, when your eyes are constricted, when you look at the faint star, you will not see it, but by training yourself to look slightly to the side of where that star would be, then you see it. TR’ing is a learned skill and so we know that the mind can increase its ability to hear, by straining. Does that answer your question?

Student: By straining, do you mean by effort?


Student: Yes, thank you.

Student: Are you still with us, Risdon?

RISDON: Certainly.

Student: Is there any suggestions that you may have approaching the issues of fear or concern that may interrupt or distort the process?

RISDON: Fear? Explain please.

Student: Concern over whether we are hearing what we think we are hearing.

RISDON: So by ‘fear’, you mean by embarrassment?

Student: Or misinterpretation.

RISDON: This is a perennial question and a perennial concern, a genuine concern of new and experienced TR’s and this is our response to that: If you enter into this with sincere intent, to exercise your capabilities in this joint process, you would present the best evidence that you find. Do not be overly concerned about the content, as you think you need to be. If you are sincere and you do not want to mislead people, we feel confident that you will not. You will know the quality of your capability from feedback from your peers. You will do this as most TR’s do, during the feedback time after a session. Everyone compares notes; it is debriefing time. I feel I may not have thoroughly answered your question. Have I?

Student: I think you have answered it as well as you would like to, yes, thank you.

RISDON: Daniel is feeling the burden of carrying the weight of the evening. He wishes to withdraw, and asks me to invite another. And so I would ask our dear friend, Don, to bring his efforts to bear, if possible.

Don: Don has been bearing his efforts here, but they are not bearing any fruit. I just know it is a total blank tonight for me.

Daniel: Hmmm! Any thoughts about that, Don?

Don: It’s been that kind of a day.

Daniel: Okay, I have those kinds of days too. Does anybody else have a “knocking?” Does anybody else have their own personal teachers speaking to them?

Eric: Somebody is playing around inside. I’m trying to get a name before I start speaking. So we are just having fun at the moment.

Student: Well, I know my personal teacher is here.

Student: Well, does Pat’s teacher want to talk through him?

Student: Meaning, Eric.

Eric: My head is confused because in the study group here last night, there was somebody named Oren, I just want to make sure that I wasn’t confusing it too. Oren has just been amused by my mortal tendency.

OREN: [/ Eric: ] …?… for blooming, time long anticipated. I delight in being among you tonight and sharing this time with you.

Daniel: Well, we are glad that you are here, and Machiventa said that spring and summer would be a time of flowering and much change. Are you witnessing that too?

OREN: Absolutely! We are watering constantly, praying for more and more flowers. See how well you are doing? We use only the best water. I believe it is a time to be light and to enjoy, to be merry, a time of rejoicing, and a time of fellowship. How may I be of service to you tonight?

Daniel: Well, who else is here, whether they want to speak or not. Is there a guest list?

OREN: There are many! The TR is blocked at the moment.

Daniel: Oren, will there be any noticeable outcomes from the meeting in Spokane?

[[Eric: The image I have is like the river going down rapids; at times it’s bumpy, the pace is fast, it’s constant, it’s refreshing, clean, and yet passing over one rapids does not mean that there are not more ahead.]]

OREN: It is a time of flowing to the source, of finding your goals, your destiny, of finding your purpose among your fellows, and re-finding, and re-finding again, for as you meet one challenge successfully, others are brought to you. Remain, therefore, flexible and do not think that because you have gotten one answer, that that’s all there are. We will wait expectantly—the TR was going to use the word anxious, and that is not quite correct. The time of mass fellowship later this week in Spokane, it is a time that we have all been preparing for on both sides of the consciousness spectrum.

Daniel: Good, we will look forward to a report from Eric when he returns.

OREN: He has some question as to whether he will, he fears he will ascend into…?….

Daniel: Well, I guess we will wait.

Student: I have this image of Eric in a chair, flying through the air. Flights of fancy can be such fun, yes. I’d like to be a camp fly.

Robbie: There’s kind of a fuzzy light, a dove gray again—does that mean anything?

Daniel: They were here last week; they came to me.

Student: Oren, are there Arcturians here?

OREN: Not as we know that term. But in general, when we are part of the Teaching Mission, we present a united front [that] is only a partially correct word to use. As you are familiar with the

[ Great White Brotherhood],

…we essentially go by Department names, and the Arcturians are not in our department. This is a Teaching Mission, and the Arcturians may be in the wing, observing, assisting in some other way.

Daniel: Are there ascendant mortals from the Arcturian sector or constellation who are part of the Teaching Mission then?

OREN: Perhaps. The sense is that the Teaching Mission is made up of just about some of everybody.

Daniel: That is what I have heard.

Student: Including us!

OREN: Yes, yes, some of everybody. Some of us, some of you…

Student: Oren, are you familiar with Amadon (or AhmaNiden)?

OREN: The question triggered the TR’s memory—he has confused the response. Yes, I am familiar with Amadon; what is it you wish to know, my child?

Student: I wanted to know if he was part of the Teaching Mission. He laughed when I asked him.

OREN: Could you repeat that, please?

Student: I wanted to know if he was here as part of the Teaching Mission, if he was part of another mission.

OREN: What was it you said after that?

Student: Is he here for the Teaching Mission, or is he here for another mission?

OREN: I don’t think that information is available.

Daniel: Robbie, I think the dove gray was the Divine Minister, the Creative Daughter Spirit.

Student: Okay.

Daniel: She was here—

Student: She checked in?

Daniel: —Yes.

OREN: She is a joyful one, is she not? We all very much love our wonderful Minister. She is invaluable to our work, is our resource when we need to make a connection, our inspiration and source for innumerable [ed.?] —tangible to us, but not to you. We delight in your participation and in your inquiries, even if not all of them are answerable. Your curiosity, your explorative natures are very precious to us. And a special greeting to my dear Pat.

Pat: Thank you.

OREN: Now, that is all for me, for Oren—thank you all very much for your attention. I will step down and make room for the next.

MANTUTIA: /[ Daniel]: This is Mantutia. I will bring this meeting to a close, unless there are questions or others who would wish to come forward. I will leave an open space for you to consider this.

Alan: Mantutia, what form, what manner of presence, manipulation, Personality is required to bring about these contacts?

MANTUTIA: Would you explain that a little further, please?

Student: Are there Personalities present that assist in the communications?

MANTUTIA: Midwayers are present whenever TR’ing occurs.

Student: Is this always the case?


Alan: Are Life Carriers also represented?

MANTUTIA: No. They are capable of doing this, assisting also, but not necessary. This will change in the future, however.

Alan: How so?

MANTUTIA: As you become more adept and as your frequencies are up-stepped, you will be more and more capable. This will not occur overnight.

Alan: Someone used a term recently that I wasn’t familiar with, but it occurred to me that perhaps that would be one of the objectives of the Teaching Mission, was to create of the TR’s also, not just channels, but conduits. Is this familiar to you?

[[This is Daniel—what did you mean by that? You can ask directly—you seem like you are being circumspect here.]]

Alan: Conduit, speaking through someone without having a consistently open channel.

MANTUTIA: Many exist already. Many are capable of hearing and transmitting almost on an on-going basis.

Alan: Does this transpire with us, without us knowing it?

MANTUTIA: You would be aware of it.

Eric: I could throw in some information here too. There are a variety of different types of conduit through the activities involved; not all of it is in verbal form, some of it is—for myself, for Eric—I find myself being a conduit frequently for lots of energy, lots of vibrational frequencies activity. Oftentimes, there will be one or more energy beings working with me, working with the energy vortices in the room, but not necessarily active in a speaking role.

MANTUTIA: That is correct.

Alan: So we may all be conduits on different levels of experience of reality?

MANTUTIA: You were talking about hearing speech from a teacher, then you are a conduit—you would hear that. You are also carriers of the Light; you are Christ Michael’s beacons. One has recently said that you each infuse an area approximately three miles in diameter.

Eric: Really!

MANTUTIA: So it is important that you keep yourself in…

Students: (several talking at once.) The Light. That’s a lot of responsibility!

MANTUTIA: Your intent is a primary function, staying focused, too. If you have clear intent, sincere intent, God intent, then your actions, behavior, your words, your thoughts would be in alignment with that intent. If you were not intent, you would be in a place of darkness, a quiet, darkened, dim light.

Alan: It says ramifications for the objectives of the Teaching Mission.

MANTUTIA: Exactly. Certainly. We have approached those who are torchbearers; this is not a metaphor; you are in actuality, spiritual torchbearers, bringing the Light of Christ Michael, the Teaching Mission of the Father, into the world. This light is the light above, the frequency above.

Alan: And this is something that is quite visible to the Celestials?

MANTUTIA: Oh, definitely! Certainly! We see you! You are fireflies in the night.

Alan: And you also know that we are suffering from lapses into darkness?


Robbie: …?… if you don’t fly one way, you get to another.

Alan: They give you these visions—they are so insightful, these metaphors that they give you. I’ve never thought of myself as a firefly before.

Eric: The Pittsburgh teacher, Mara, likened us to the Christmas tree lights, each of us a different color, sparkling in the night.


Alan: The points that you had made, suggest of something of a grid, and so a grid that covers an actual geographic area—is this correct?


Alan: And is one of your activities to see that the grid is covered adequately, not too much in one place, not to little in another?

MANTUTIA: You can never have too much light!

Alan: Is this something that is considered in the distribution of people, and how we move about?


Alan: I’m very curious to know; you’ll have to excuse me.

MANTUTIA: Oh, we love questions, we entertain questions, we invite questions.

Alan: I interrupted you—you were about to say about the distribution of people.

MANTUTIA: People distribute themselves; free will is always operant, even when you receive “the call” to move, it is an invitation. You have been called,

Daniel has been called, Don has been called—many have been called. Some come, some don’t. We have brought many of you here for special reasons. To answer your original question, yes, you are conduits of many things.

Alan: It helps to know these things, I guess, in terms of better caring about our responsibilities and understanding the responsibility’s value.

MANTUTIA: Yes, you are eternally in a relationship with the Father, yourself and others. You…

[[ Daniel: I lost it. Well, they’re striking up the band! They’re picking up their instruments.]]

(Too much background noise to hear words.)

RISDON: Good evening, Paul, this is Risdon:

Paul: We welcome you.

Paul: I’m sorry to be late.

RISDON: You are never late; you are always with us; we are always with you.

Eric: You mean the oneness doesn’t cease when you leave the room?

Paul: Are you open to questions, Risdon?

RISDON: Certainly!

[[ Mantutia is here. Daniel has been slipping in and out between Mantutia and Risdon.]]

Paul: I was just curious to see if you had any comments about the General Council meetings of this past Thursday and Friday in Oklahoma City, as to the disposition there? And if not, that’s okay.

RISDON: One moment. You mean “business as usual?”

[[Daniel: He told me he’d like to place that on hold.]]

Paul: Does he have any comments to make about the up-coming meetings in the state of Washington, later this week?

RISDON: We are very enthusiastic about that, much more so than what occurred in Oklahoma.

Students laughing. Eric: I can’t imagine why!

RISDON: We know where our family is and we seek reunion with them. Yes, we will be there in force—not in force of strength, but in loving strength.

[[This is Daniel: We spoke about that earlier, about the harmonic, the harmony, the attunement, the alignment of that and what will occur there.]]


RISDON: This is Risdon, Paul. We were about to wind up the meeting, however we always leave opportunity for one to come through you, if you wish. You are welcome to close the meeting, or to continue it, as you wish.

Paul: I’m getting Risdon.

[[Daniel: Thank you Risdon, for trading horses! This pony needs to go to the stable.]]

(Group laughing.)

RISDON: This is Risdon; I am here to close the meeting out. We look forward to the discussions that will follow this meeting and our participation in the fellowship that will occur, immediately after the conclusion. I bid you good night, shalom!

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