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P2K3 – Grids of Interlaced Circuits

1998-05-05-Grids of Interlaced Circuits

1 Heading
1.1 Topic: Grids of Interlaced Circuits
1.2 Group: At Large
2 Facilitators
2.1 Teacher: Marleena
2.2 TR: Daniel Raphael
3 Session
3.1 Opening
3.2 Lesson
3.3 Closing
3.4 Note
Topic: Grids of Interlaced Circuits

Group: At Large
Facilitators:Teacher: Marleena; TR: Daniel Raphael


MARLEENA: Hello dear friends. This is Marleena. You each are unique and wonderful children of our Father.
I ask you to look at your accomplishments in this moment. I ask you to look at what you each as an individual has overcome, has learned, has experienced, has grown from, that has enabled you to reach this point right now where you are. You are each stimulating individuals in your own special capacity. Each and every one of you is a “doer”.


MARLEENA: This circuit that we are creating, that we will all be evolving together, is unique. You each are a valuable part of the gridwork that we will be connecting together in these coming times. Do not look at this singling out as if it is overly important as an individual grouping, yet recognize its importance, because truly it is. It is the first of it’s kind, and yes, it is experimental. We have much faith in you as individuals. Together you are a balance of characteristics and aspects. You will feed each other, and you will challenge each other to grow and to perceive in new ways. You are forerunners in a new plan of creating grids of interlaced circuits. You are purposefully spread out over a large part of your country. When you each become connected with one another, and with ‘each’ other, and consequently all together, then it will be very growth promoting for many others around you.

Each one of you is very deeply respected by a large number of individuals. Each one of you, in your personal times of being most in tune with your Inner Partner, have born fruit which has earned you this respect. There is not one among you who has not blossomed into a tree from which many have tasted the fruit and also rested in the shade. And, this is the value of the circuit that we will all be creating together. I have indeed hand-picked you for this assignment. Each of you, if willing, will be a part of this prototype gridwork of conscious workers in the demonstration of the attainment of Light and Life.

This does not mean that you each as individuals has attained full Light and Life, although you are each quite close in the actualization of a very valuable part of the overall experiencing of Light and Life. Connected, you will learn those lessons which you each individually seek. None of you are afraid to learn the lessons now. Fears will surface, as is natural with those in the human condition, yet no longer do those fears get the better of you for you know who is your Source, and you have each come to a significant level of trust and cooperation with that Source. Because of the respect that you all have attained, that which we build together will be more readily assimilated by larger numbers of individuals.

There will be other grids such as yours, evolving by the fruit of your example. One day I will be sharing with each one of you who choose to participate, and also through you, as we all interconnect. You all in this group have the ability to recognize the specialness of what may occur in this union without any need whatsoever to feel special on a personal level. You each have given over to the Father a measure of personal control that, you no longer feel the human desires for special recognition. Because you each do not seek personal recognition, only Father’s will in your life – that is the reason why your soul gets the true and beautiful recognition – that because of your faithfulness and steadfastness, you so surely deserve.

Do this connecting time. You know one another. You respect one another. When you make the effort to connect the circuit with one another, picture that which you find most spiritually attractive about each person, and on that, focus. Focus on the beauty of soul that you have discovered in the others when you connect in this time. You are letting free your love to flow unto one another. Focus on those things which you truly love about one another. In this way will the circuit be welded and connected and effective as an overall unit. Look deeply into your personal path and see how it may benefit from the infusion of the spirituality of concepts of all.

I do not want to set you apart, yet the first realization of something new is always set apart, for there is no other way. The first is new and unique because it is the first. But in the Supreme plan of things, the second and third and fourth are of equal, and ever evolving importance. Fear not that you will be set apart from those whom you love, for truly, each of you is quite wonderfully lovable. You have gained a degree of mastery over your ego’s tendency towards egotism. This too is why I have selected you each in particular, and it is also why, for now, I will make the decisions on who is to be invited into this group. It is not that I do not trust you to pick those who will join you, it is only that at this early point in it’s evolution I have a larger perspective of who is indeed ready and who will be ready in a short time.

You are leaders, each of you, and at the same time teachers, each of you. This is a wonderful combination. You can lead to the next resting place, and then teach others in the way to traverse the obstacles to reach the place of attainment. Then, you may lead to the next place, and teach, and lead, and teach. None of you need to become leaders, nor to act as if you are a leader. When you follow the true leader, your Indwelling Partner, then you lead and teach by example rather than by title. You have gained an understanding of the importance of each and every one of God’s children, the invaluable gift that each has to offer, and you have embraced the equal value of each part in relation to the whole.

Do not be afraid to share with others what you learn, for that is your hand down, and never lose sight of the fact that always is there one or more who is at the same time giving to you a hand, up. You are a part of the procession, a part and link of the chain which leads Godward. Do not belittle yourself nor over aggrandize yourself, for where you as an individual link may chance to be in the ascent progression, always will there be links ahead of you to pull you onward, and links behind you for you to share of the inertia from above. See it as Father pulling the chain home to Paradise.


Daniel is tiring and I have given you much to think about. To be a part of this grouping is fully a freewill choice. You will not be judged if you choose not to participate. But you are most heartily invited to do so. If you do not choose to be a part of this, then it will be for someone else to make that choice. Follow the inner guidance of your Divine partner. Whichever path you choose will be the right one for you.

Until the next time. You are embraced by my love. Do not forget to work on your daily connection. You will grow personally, much more easily and quicker when you create this connection time with one another. Allow it my friends, if you so will. I leave now.

[[ Marleena seemed to me to have kind of an “alto” voice as compared to the soprano flavor of most of the other female teachers I’ve T/Red.]]

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