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P2K4 – Psychic Attacks; Psychic Energy

1998-05-26-Psychic Attacks; Psychic Energy

1 Heading
1.1 Topic: Psychic Attacks, Psychic Energy
1.2 Group: N. Colorado TeaM
2 Facilitators
2.1 Teacher: A’Sandra
2.2 TR: Daniel Raphael
3 Session
3.1 Dialogue
3.1.1 Power
3.1.2 Energy, Belief
Topic: Psychic Attacks, Psychic Energy; Group: N. Colorado TeaM

Teacher: A’Sandra; TR: Daniel Raphael


A’SANDRA: [Paraphrased and shortened] I cannot describe how we have enjoyed your exchange tonight. We are smiling like Cheshire cats. Your exchange was infused with Spirit. It was not superficial.

[As recorded] This is in some ways, the morontia life you are living, when you live it this way, consciously, and so intentionally, so aware of your connection moment to moment, that you are truly children of God, that you are spiritual beings living out your spiritual growth in your daily lives minute by minute. We are most pleased with how you are doing. The process within the group is wonderful. It is dynamic. You have achieved the level of exchange between yourselves that is trusting, that is bonded as Mary has said and that you are encircuited in many ways and that you are living out your connections.
The thoughts and projections of thoughts by others in your group towards each of you is being received by you. You are modifying your behaviors based on your collective, mindal exchange. It’s not what others think about you or say about you, [that] dictates how you behave but it provides you with food for thought in your thinking. You are able to reflect upon a larger panorama of views and insights than just by yourself.

So you see that your emotions and your mind, your thoughts, really, truly, do have an impact on your growth and on those with whom you are encircuited. This is the most powerful connection. Therefore your relationship with each other must be loving, must be positive, must be upbeat so that your thoughts and your emotional energy that you project toward each other is supportive of the best efforts of each of you.

[Paraphrased and shortened] I wish I were here long enough to take the credit for this but the credit goes to those who have worked with you before me, who orchestrated and fine tuned you and have done such a wonderful job. Our work, as group Teachers, is to help mince [?] the group together so that you become a ‘larger consciousness and that you help each other near and far.’

Extend this pattern to the whole of your world. Wouldn’t this make a difference? Many social changes would occur very, very rapidly. This is one of the higher long term goals of the TM, ‘”get positive groups of people encircuited.”

[[A’Sandra mentioned Mary’s visit to the Greater Community study group and that she made a bond with them and ‘had touched them in ways they had not been touched before.”]]

[As recorded] They have even a larger perspective of their teachings and someone will try to eventually fit it into a larger cosmology and find a larger truth and reference from which they can integrate their work.

So you see, the projections that Ambrose was talking about is occurring. Maybe they won’t be called the TM group or whatever but the groups are becoming encircuited and there will be a process of finding similarities which you are doing. Others may become curious and may want to come visit this group. Always offer them the opportunity to do so. Those who are ready and were called will answer the call eventually.

So you see why I am so happy, why I am so gleeful and have such a wide grin upon my face. It is because your group has evolved more and more and is becoming more and more one in its intention for living.

JoiLin: Could you address a bit, what it is that happens when they verbalize what they hear coming in from the Teachers? Is it your desire that each member of this group eventually shares their personal Teacher within the group format? And, is there something that happens to the individual via the verbalization, in the deep brain perhaps?

A’SANDRA: [Paraphrased] It is a way of modifying the emotional responses within the individual. For one to channel within a group they must overcome doubt, fear, guilt, shame, and ego resistances and emotional responses to what is said. It is a hope that when each is ready, that you will overcome these barriers and accept the challenge as it’s beneficial to the group and future groups. The group has an opportunity to receive a broader base of wisdom and experience. However, not everyone is an active participant in this way. They can be active through listening. One who does not wish to TR does not imply they are lesser in anyway. Their temperament may not be suitable for this.

Mary: Can you tell us of our existence before the material plane and do we come here with a purpose or mission?

A’SANDRA: Most certainly. You were souls before you came here of course. You have talents and abilities related to your soul plan. You have a growth pattern as a soul. Therefore you have something to do, something to become, something to fulfill, something to be, some unfilled potential that must be fulfilled. It is done uniquely for each of you. You are beginning to glimpse the incredible orchestration of a planet of souls where billions of individuals work and come into being with each other that have a way that helps them grow. You came to your family for a reason because there were skills you needed.

There [tape unclear] wisdom and knowledge that you needed. You are with your mate for this same reason he is with you. You are in this nation, this world, this time, the souls do not know limitations of time or space but only for its need for fulfillment. The answer to your question is a later phase of development that will puzzle, charm, excite and thrill millions of people in years to come.


Mary: What can you tell us about spiritual power? The UB alludes to it but it doesn’t define what it is. Can you give us some insights?

A’SANDRA: This is most difficult to do, to explain it or illustrate it or to even provide an adequate metaphor for you. As… you are at the bottom of the pile working your way up. You – speaking to your humble origins – you would not truly understand a full explanation of this. I do not mean to demean your capacity or your intellect or the growth that you have already achieved. It is that spiritual power has its rudiment in what you were speaking of earlier where you were connecting thought to emotional energy.

You’re just beginning to get to the nub of it, the very bottom of the center, so to speak. If you looked at a three dimensional construct of this idea or concept, spiritual energy is also in harmony with the universe. It is constructed, guided, by intent and used ever mindfully by your consciousness. Therefore it is used most effectively when it is consciously held in mind. That you are doing so.

Mary: What are the best applications?

A’SANDRA: To learn to love, to put it very simply. This is the highest intent with the greatest quality [unclear] to you and to others. It is also the color, so to speak of spiritual energy. Light and love, these are… it is hard to separate, hard to make sense of a word as an energy form. You ask the most difficult question. A good question, but most difficult question to answer.

Mary: I am trying to get a grasp, a sense, for spiritual power and I take it that it is intent in combination with conscious thought and manifestation of love. I think the element…

A’SANDRA: Yes, the rudimentary element…

Mary: …that creates the spiritual energy or power.

A’SANDRA: You will find difficulty in understanding the Urantia Book definition of power as opposed to energy and these differences are the difficulty with which I am struggling with now.

Mary: Well, describe those. Can you give it to us and I’ll chew on it for however long and try… it will give me something to think about.

A’SANDRA: Most simply put, most simply put: If you were to distill the complete Encyclopedia Britannica into three words it would be ‘Love In Action’.

Mary: Okay.

A’SANDRA: Then put that into the little Eveready rabbit’s battery and then you have it.

Mary: A’Cilla has pointed out that our thoughts in combination with our emotions, when directed at people we have these circuits or bonds with, very much affects those people, which I was not truly aware of. I knew that it affected myself… I’m trying to get a clearer understanding of that. I know that, say for example, if I’m angry at someone and I’m sending out negative energy, that’s damaging to me. I wasn’t aware that they actually received that.

A’SANDRA: Oh, yes. Let me try to help you. You have been married before?

Mary: Yes.

A’SANDRA: And this partner of yours had thoughts toward you.

Mary: Yes.

A’SANDRA: And, you felt those thoughts and that energy when you were apart?

Mary: No.

A’SANDRA: You didn’t?

Mary: No but, when apart I severed the bond. That was an old pattern of mine.

Energy, Belief

A’SANDRA: There’s some of you who can feel the energy of one who is distant from you, physically distant. Some days you might wake up and go, “Wow, what is on their mind? They are really upset.” This is…

Mary: Why am I not sensitive to that?

A’SANDRA: Because of your injuries from your childhood. It was a means of blockage. You have created an energetic block so that you do not feel this. When you continue to work with your “inner child”, you will remove those blocks and you will then be in touch with a larger well of energy of thoughts and emotions than you have felt in your life. You also become much more compassionate, sympathetic, and empathic. These are all, those words – empathy, sympathy, compassion – one feels the grief of another, one feels the joy of another.

And, when you have an ex-spouse that perhaps hates you and wishes you were dead, you feel those darts, those coming to you. You may be upset and wonder why you’re upset and then you realize, “Oh, I know what this is about”, so you know where this comes from. Your world is much more acquainted with the negative darts than the positive ones. And, let me explain to you that you may want to read in some of the esoteric literature about psychic attack and psychic energy. These are highly related.

Psychic attacks or psychic energy is mind and emotional energy projected outward, either positive or negative. The universe’s energy does not differentiate with intent how it is applied and this is part of your lessons, how you learn. This is part of the karmic lessons that come to you. Your thoughts and emotional energy writes, so to speak, an energetic record of your life so that if you have deficiencies or too much of one thing then you will be balanced out eventually. That is awfully general, I know, but will give you food for thought.

You also are aware of the amorous intentions of another, perhaps in your lifetime, where you had been in an office or had spoken to someone, never having really seen them or observed them for non-verbal behaviors, but, yet, you knew they had an interest in you, in your body, in your life, in your possessions, in something. That is why one of the commandments – do not covet – is so important, because it creates an energetic field between yourself and another in a most negative way. And, it is most powerful when it is attached to another person, another being who carries intellectual, mindal energy and emotional energy. There is a way of imprinting on another against their will, subconsciously, so that they can be attracted to you.

You may be thinking this sounds like Voodoo or Black Magic, yes exactly. Those rites and rituals and those belief systems are real. They are negative. Voodoo is one of the most destructive cult belief systems using [tape unclear] energy in the Caribbean and those other areas. Those are real. Do not discard them or disbelieve them, yet because knowledge about them is powerful, so that you can protect yourself when these things occur. Because one is adept at Voodoo or Black Magic does not mean that the intended victims are powerless. Certainly not. Part of the belief system is that if you are the recipient of those energies then you are powerless.

So, if you believe you are powerless then you are. But, if you believe you are powerful then you have power. These things are real so the belief systems of people effect their intent, their use of their emotional energy. It is most important that the Correcting Time continue on as it is to counteract those developments in your world which were genocidal in nature, which began in… which were existent before the 20th century but, developed to such horrendous terms in this century, when millions upon millions were terminated.

This is a very detrimental, harmful, soul destructive process. Genocide at a national and global level can literally kill the soul of the planet’s humanity. That is another reason why the Correcting Time is most needed on your planet and that there was an urgency for its intention in this century.

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