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NCO28 – Belonging Part2 – Mental Illness

Group: Northern Colorado TeaM Group #28
Topics: Belonging, part 2
Q & A on Mental Illness, World Affairs

Teachers: Rayson, Arista, & a Health Advisor (TR, Dirk)
Rayson ( New TR, Dick)

November 10, 2002

Dirk: It is our intention today to receive communications from our unseen friends, our teachers, those associated with the Teaching Mission and the Correcting Time, under the auspices of the Melchizedeks, Michael and Nebadonia. We will observe a Stillness period and when we feel the Merkaba energy is established, we will link up and be ready to receive. (Long pause.) I feel we are linked with the Merkaba. Is there anyone who would speak with us today?

RAYSON: Good afternoon students, this is Teacher Rayson

Group greetings.

RAYSON: And how are you?

Group: Ready for another lesson.

RAYSON: Yes, the energy is “just right” in this room today and we have a room full of guests on both sides of the veil, so to speak. Our first speaker is Arista.

ARISTA: Good afternoon students.

Group greetings.

ARISTA: We have talked about “Belonging” in our previous session. Today we will continue with this idea of belonging in your time, in your space—we are making this very personal—in your skin, in your body, in your mind. Re-owning the pieces of you who you’ve scattered amongst your environment, your relationships, your friends, and your work. Yes, and even the things you’ve owned; the pieces you’ve placed on the things and in the things you’ve owned—your vehicles, your toys, your tools, your furniture, your domicile. If you feel scattered, it is time to “pick up your room,” so to speak.

And how would you reclaim these pieces? Can you do it yourself? Do you recognize that you have placed part of yourself in the object? Your energy will come back to you by stating your intention, as you have witnessed here with Dirk’s Reiki treatment and the intention of this meeting. You can reclaim your pieces by stating your intention and following through with your prayer. Your steps upon the path of Father will become more certain and sure, as you claim your pieces. Your joy will become more complete, as you bring pieces back home; your love will be more fulfilling as you re-assemble, become stronger.

You may wonder how will this affect your relationships, what will change? Will you be “all there?” Imagine yourself divided as you have found yourself on many occasions, trying to answer the phone, cook a meal, tend to the children, do a multitude of chores all at the same time. Would it not be wonderful to attend to each in it’s own turn with your full attention and your full love and care? Note too, that your sense of completion and fulfillment is enhanced as you re-assemble your pieces. You become “in the moment” with your Creator, step-by-step, hour-by-hour, and the gift you have assembled to present to your loved ones and friends is that which the Father intended, your whole being in attendance. Thank you students. I have completed my portion of the lesson today.

Group: Thank you Arista.

RAYSON: I think we’ll take a short break here, the TR needs a moment.
Dirk: Let’s get everyone hooked up here. Let’s do a single tone, nnnnnnnnnn. Okay. Yes, we are hooked to the Merkaba again. Teacher Rayson, thank you for your patience.

RAYSON: Yes, students, I am back.

Dirk: Rayson, this is Dirk. Dick is beginning his training to receive and would like the opportunity to do so in this afternoon’s session. Perhaps a little later?

RAYSON: Wonderful! I look forward to this experience, as you say, later. I am inclined to deal with questions this afternoon. Have we questions?

Student: I’m brand new here, I’ve never been here before, but I have a question about mental illness. I guess I just want to know, when you have mental illness in the family, is it true that you can be spiritually healed without harsh psychotropic drugs? I guess I want assurance that spiritual systems really are dominant over physical systems and I guess I’m looking for “hope” for a family member. I don’t know if it is really illness—I don’t know what it is—it’s stressful.

RAYSON: I see, yes. These are the most difficult. Like any good program of help, it is necessary to clean up the animal part prior to close examination of that which is called “mental illness.” Get the system operative with [pure] water, and pure food, energy, as you know. Stress is difficult; the combination of factors—previous experience, lack of love, fear—early on creating problems that enlarge, becoming endemic, systemic. It is as with the other medical problems, you do what you can with the environment and seek assistance with the other problems, sometimes psychotropic drugs, sometimes not.

Still, as you have learned from your book, “What the Father wills, IS.” There have been many heavy addictions cancelled in moments. There have been certain classes of previously diagnosed mental problems eradicated in seconds. If it is not a physiological problem and amenable to purification of the system, we could not, the Father could not, so-called “cure” a person with major mental disarrayments of physical systems. There are many examples of healing, physical and mental. Yes, it’s possible. Does this help?

Student: Yes it does. It gives me something positive and concrete to work on.

RAYSON: You’re welcome.

Student: I have a question on that same topic.


Student: If you are living with someone with serious irrational episodes, what is the best, the most spiritual, the most healing way to deal with them on a day to day, intimate basis?

RAYSON: Has this irrationality been ascribed to any particular problem?

Student: Well, the person says he’s suffering from depression and he knows that he is mentally ill. He also has physical problems, viruses.

RAYSON: So it’s not induced chemically through drugs or alcohol or those kinds of situations?

Student: No, no.

RAYSON: Does he/she believe in God?

Student: Believe, yes; experience, I don’t believe so.

RAYSON: Can this person accept love?

Student: When his state of mind is healthy, yes. In the irrational states, I haven’t experienced anything effective to bring him out of it.

RAYSON: In your physical contact with this person, when you hug him, do you feel it sinking in? Does it get through? Can you feel, for instance, warmth on the person’s back when they are being embraced?

Student: Sometimes, not always. Sometimes healing energy seems to just bounce right back or stay on the surface.

RAYSON: Is there a pattern to the depression?

Student: Depression always comes after the rages; sometimes lasts for hours, sometimes for days.

RAYSON: Have you observed that they come after a certain sequence of events, during the rage or the depression? Are they attached to anything? For instance, some people cannot stand to go on vacation; they will have headaches and get extremely cranky if they are about to go and have a good time; their system will not let them do it. Have you observed anything similar as to when these occur?

Student: Winters are worse.

RAYSON: “Winters are worse.”

Student: If it were predictable, it would be easier to figure out ways to deal with it.

RAYSON: Yes. Has this person stated that they truly want out of this depression and/or rages?

Student: No.

RAYSON: It is long going and comfortable?

Student: Apparently.

RAYSON: I see. Please wait a moment, I will summon a Health Advisor.

Student: Thank you.

Health Advisor: Good afternoon.

Group greetings.

Health Advisor: Rayson requested my presence and filled me in as to the circumstances. I am inclined to give you the spiritual part that I would give first, to see if this rings a bell for you. It seems these rages followed by depressions are long standing, perhaps back to the childhood of this individual, and it would be a valid question to ask if he (or she) can confront the person or circumstance over which he had this rage and subsequent depression. He is “recycling” into attempting to do the “hard work” of Michael, to close those situations in his past that are open wounds, that prevent him from loving, prevent him from being whole, from feeling, from his emotions. His emotions are blocked; he can only take them out and play with them when he receives the signals that it’s time—time of year, time of day, time of similar circumstances.

Our Master is prepared to “walk and support” this individual in confronting, facing the original circumstances of his blockage, and gently helping him through it. When it is no longer energized with fear and anger and rage and hatred, and the poison has been removed, it will be closed with love and forgiveness of himself, forgiveness of whomever was involved with in this circumstance. Now that is a difficult prescription that few reach here on Urantia, few accomplish it; rest assured it will be accomplished on your mansion worlds, if not here. Although food and nutrition and energy—is this person amenable to Reiki treatment?

Student: Yes.

Health Advisor: —smoothing the energies and food and nutrition may perhaps mitigate the severity of these outbreaks. Though the work is to be done by the individual, there is a further base that this person could ask for—the mind of Michael—and that would greatly facilitate his returning to those circumstances and doing Michael’s hard work. Of course he/she is supported continually by Michael and Nebadonia in this work, and his Guardians and all your celestial unseen friends. Has my discourse aided you?

Student: Yes, but not totally. I am still wondering what is the best way for me to respond to this person to elicit spirit in them and bring them to this healing place. Is there anything that can be done from without when the person is not whole-hearted and can’t even see spirit from that state?

Health Advisor: Sometimes it is best to withdraw and send your love and energy from a distance. It does no good to be harmed in the process if that is a possibility. You mention that this person was infected also, with viral infections?

Student: Yes.

Health Advisor: These of course, aggravate the situation. His depression also involves his health. Please avail yourself of your prayer fellows and friends when you are confronted with this circumstance. We are surrounding you and supporting you; we will do so more energetically and strongly, with the aid of Nebadonia’s help from the anchor, when you are in this circumstance. Please let everyone participate—it will be our pleasure.

Student: Thank you.

Health Advisor: It is one of those circumstances where humans wish they could do it for them, and it is not to be; it is their lesson that they are so diligently working on, over and over again. Thank you for engaging me at your meeting this afternoon. This TR needs another break. Thank you.
RAYSON: Yes, you are again joined with the Merkaba and I am back. Now, we have again an opportunity for questions.

Student: This is a question for Teacher Rayson.


Student: I have a notion or a sense that there is more to the information you were giving to us on intentional communities, in that I believe there is a role that the Midwayers are playing? Could you please elaborate on anything that might be useful to us in that area?

RAYSON: Specifically what the Midwayers are doing?

Student: Yes. Would you care to elaborate on what role the Midwayers may play, if they are playing a role, in the intentional community planning or once the communities are established, what their role would be? I just think that logically, since they are co-inhabitants of this planet that they would be involved in this planning from the beginning.

RAYSON: As indeed they are. You know the freedom of action on the Midwayers part, and of all the Celestials is predicated upon the intention/action of the individuals who set forth upon the course of intentional community. Whether they are just beginning to write a book that will expound their ideas of intentional community and intend to distribute this book to larger audiences, it is our “okay,” our “signal” to provide for these persons in ways that we can, with readily available information—meeting the right person, at the right time, or getting an individual to meet a person who can introduce them to the right person at the right time. We are able to facilitate, as best we can, the fortuitous connections that put people on their “stated path.”

We have stated before, we have heard we attempt to herd people toward the Urantia Book, to Urantia meetings and conferences, or to people who have made the commitment to engage in the Teaching Mission. We are able to link them up and facilitate groups and perhaps foster some new groups in other areas, from the people who move, change jobs, et cetera. This is something we take delight in accomplishing. Some do not notice and others are very much aware and thankful for the help and guidance. We are able to smooth the process of putting words on paper, should you choose to write a book. Many of these areas—some we are not at liberty to disclose at this time. Does that answer your query?

Student: Yes, [laughing] it’s pretty specific! Thank you.

RAYSON: You’re welcome. Anything else?  Dick, would you care to take over?

Dick: Yes, I can.

RAYSON: Thank you.

RAYSON: (TR Dick) One of the major issues raised today was that of mental illness, and as your Urantia Book explains, we are never given more than we can stand. And what occurs on occasion, is a chemical imbalance. So mental illness can be treated with drugs as well as psychotherapy. In psychotherapy, the professional will attempt to get to a “cause.” And once the subject understands the “cause,” and relives the cause—maybe several times—and realizes that it is not as significant as it had led to believe, and that it can be dealt with by forgiveness, by moving on.

So, that a certain incident can bring about mental illness, and a better understanding of that incident can help relieve it, and will then change the balance of chemistry in the subject’s brain. Mental illness is treatable; it does not have to be feared, because it is controllable. The unknown certainly is very often feared, and that is normal, that is natural, but the more we learn about the unknown, and make it become known, the easier we can deal with it.

So we do not necessarily have to fear that for ourselves because of a family relationship, because the incidences in our lives are different than the incidences in the subject’s life. Each person is different; each person has different resistances and different protections. So it is not necessary to lapse into the “unknown” or “the dark side”, as some people would refer to it, for protection, for we know how to bring protection to ourselves when we want to and when we need to. But some people do not realize how to bring that about, or they don’t desire to.

Through love and prayer, and professional help, changes can be brought about, which will have a positive effect on the subject, if the subject seeks this. But while we may seek it for the subject, that in and of itself, is not enough. The subject must want to deal with the issues and to create the subject’s own healing. And spirit will aid in that. Through the counselor or the doctor—the professional has many tools at its disposal to deal with a particular type of mental illness that is being encountered. Mental illness is curable, is reversible, can result in a person who can contribute a great deal to society and his fellow mankind. So it is not the end of all things, but the beginning when the realization is made and is dealt with, and the individual can then become strengthened and deal with life in a normal manner. But it should be recognized that a chemical imbalance is often part of that, and that is easy to deal with. But it may take somebody else who is trained to delve into issues, such as those the subject is encountering.

Concerning the other issue on intentional community and the Midwayers, the Midwayers certainly produce bringing people together, bringing the right spirits together to work on a given issue, and also have been brought to bear on raising the foods that we need to nourish our body. Midwayers have been seen by some people in their gardens, and have assisted in growing plant life under conditions that might be deemed to be contrary to what would be expected—soil conditions, weather conditions—and yet the Midwayers can bring about special influences on vegetation to produce healthy end products for the body.

Midwayers can assist in balancing out climatic situations. Our earth has been going through some very traumatic imbalances that the Midwayers are assisting in correcting at this time. The earth’s imbalances are from lack of love, lack of caring for fellow mankind. The Midwayers are working toward achieving love and peaceful conditions, and it takes a while for this to occur. Mankind can change things pretty quickly; it means that the Midwayers have to work overtime to bring about change in the correct direction. But they do work through people, connecting with people and spreading the message of love and well being to one another. Does that answer the questions that were raised earlier?

Student: Yes. It also brought about another question. I have also been feeling the pain and suffering the earth is going through; I feel compassion towards the earth. Every time I hear of something going against the earth, it hurts so deeply. I feel motivated to do something to change that situation, yet so often I feel I am just one individual. How can I do, what can I do? And my question is along the line of what to do and my thoughts are in the area of energy. It seems that most of the humans that are inhabiting this world have issues that stem around the energy issue—of oil in this particular case—and I’ve been feeling that we’ve had the answers in our hands, (the scientists have had the answer for some time,) yet their voices are silenced by the people in control. My question is, is there anything that I can do to help the situation to move forward—“if” there is an answer to that?

RAYSON: Yes, and that is why we are involved in the Teaching Mission. It is a mission to teach each one of us as individuals, what we need to be aware of to bring about positive change. And you can see that the earth is receiving the negativity; it just goes right into the earth and results in earthquakes, volcanic action, and imbalances such as hurricanes and heavy storms. Until we kind of mellow out ourselves, as individuals, people throughout the earth—until that occurs, there will continue to be imbalances. And you will see that in weather reactions and earth change reactions. So, what can we do? We have been told what we must do is to live our life as Christ Michael gave us as an example, in the Urantia teachings—loving one another, being kind and good to one another, by being strong in the face of adversity—and by channeling love, even to those that would be our enemies, who appear to be our enemies. Because these so-called enemies think that they are right, it is very difficult to convince them otherwise because they are so certain of their position.

We seem to be headed in the direction of war, but war is not a certainty. On the spiritual level, the spirit, Midwayers and all the spiritual entities are striving to bring about peace, even in the face of, the threat of war. The threat of war itself, while it sounds negative may produce a positive result without going to war. And that seems to be the posture of the people today; they are in this negative posture, but that does not necessarily mean that there will be war if we continue to use our energy for peaceful purposes, our prayers for peace, and get the spirit of peace to the forefront through our actions of kindness, love and goodness, through our actions of expressing truth, and just by caring for one another.

It may be a very simple relationship between two people, or between a small group of people; this can expand, and is being expanded here on earth today, which is why the Teaching Mission is able to come in today. But the principles of the way people live on this earth—in some cases are different, but in many cases are similar—even between different religions. And those who truly understand their religions can recognize the similarities between them as being greater than the differences, and recognize the importance for tolerance and allowing each to follow its own path to God. There is no reason, right now, that we have to feel that we are in a hopeless situation; but we are in a Correcting Time. We are in a time where justice is coming to the forefront. And those who would take particularly individual negative action against others will be suppressed, because we are in a Correcting Time. Did that answer your question?

Student: I think so. Would you care to elaborate on the suppression aspect?

RAYSON: Well, there is suppression taking place right now; and there is an attempt to bring about justice here on earth, where the perpetrators of evil acts are being tracked down and brought before the court system and tried. In some cases this doesn’t occur; in some cases there is action taken on the spot, where a negative perpetrator may be dispatched to the other side on the spot, without any trial. But the negativity is being addressed and there are lessons to be learned on all sides of these issues.

One of the lessons that this country feels strongly about is protecting itself. People of the United States feel it is very important to protect itself, protect its country. We have oceans on both sides; we have a little bit of time balance in our favor, but the way we are going about protecting ourselves is trying to root out individual negative aspects as we can encounter them, as we can track them down. It is probably going to be very difficult to track them all down, but if in the end result, we can take a country that has been going against human rights principles, where its leadership has jeopardized the lives of its subjects—if we had a change in that government, and bring the world along in understanding the importance of bringing about a better means of government, then we will have accomplished some positive results.

And the right people, believe it or not, will ultimately, eventually, be put into office. It will take a desire on behalf of the subjects, on behalf of the people to want that to happen, particularly the people in that given country. And there is a lot of that desire that is there, that has not surfaced because of fear of repercussions. But it can surface, and on the spiritual level, we will strive to bring it about so that it does surface, hopefully without the undue taking of lives. Does that answer your question?

Student:  Yes, thank you very much.

Student: Your statement about the negativity causing earthquakes and erupting volcanoes…that’s the first time I’ve heard that in the Teaching Mission. Can you elaborate any more on that?

RAYSON: Well, we should recognize that the earth is a living entity, just like we are individual bodies that are living entities. And the earth receives—we can feel the energy between the earth, and us as we sit here in meditation. We are using that energy in a positive means; but there is a lot of negative energy that is received by the earth, and the earth has to release it, just as we have to release negative energy within ourselves. We talked earlier about mental illness, and those individuals have not learned to release the negative energy, they carry it and they need to be able to release it, get rid of it, to allow the positive energy to come in.

And in the case of the earth, when it absorbs a certain amount of negative energy, it must release that negative energy, dissipate it, fragment it and it does this with different reactions, and it can be within the earth and around the earth. It can result in the energy of storms—you know there are nice gentle rains that can be very productive and then there are severe storms that can be very destructive, both using water. And if we—“we” as people—have an interaction with the earth, and as we think, we are effecting the way the earth reacts. So if it interests you at all, you can follow some of the things that are happening in the earth today. The newspapers have articles about this on a weekly basis, and you can see what’s happening where—often what happens on one side of the earth, shortly thereafter follows on the other side of the earth. So if you observe this, you will notice what is going on. It does not mean that God is punishing anyone; it just means that there is a relationship between the thinking and behavior of mankind and the earth.

Student: So where the earth releases its negative energy, is that in any way related to where the negative energy was created?

RAYSON: Not necessarily, because there are certain energy producing places in and around the earth. There are certain fault lines, there can be shifts in the earth’s structure—and it’s not the fault of the people who live along side of those fault lines, except they just happen to be in the wrong place if there is a severe earthquake. But the scientists know where the fault lines are; they know where the energy centers are, although not all of them understand the relationships between a human being and the earth. And as time goes on, that will be better understood. Right at the present time it is very difficult; most people do not have a belief system along those lines. They see physical things being quite separate from human beings, and yet, there’s a tie-in. Does that answer your question?

Student: Yes, and I appreciate the information. It has given me a lot to think about. I have been following the geologic patterns of the globe and it is an area of great interest for me. I appreciate you’re tying that in to the negative energy.

Dirk: Before you go, Teacher, would you please identify yourself?

RAYSON: This is Teacher Rayson, continuing on. Well I think this about concludes our afternoon session. Thank you all for your attention and attendance.

Group: Thank you!

RAYSON: We will see you in two weeks.

Group: Thank you Rayson. Good day.

[Note from transcriber: The new TR, Dick, mentioned at the conclusion that because the subject matter was in his area of knowledge and experience, that he was aware his transmission was a blend of his ideas with Rayson’s in some places. For someone who has been with the Teaching Mission only two and a half months, this is a remarkable initial solo flight.]

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