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NCO29 – Spiritual Power; World of the Cross

2002-11-24  Spiritual Power; World of the Cross

Group: Northern Colorado TeaM #29
Topics: Questions and Answers
Spiritual power vs. pseudo-power
Negativity and natural phenomena
Lessons from the World of the Cross
Mental illness
Dealing with “static”
World leaders in the Teaching Mission
Lesson on Thanksgiving
Teacher: Rayson
T/R’s: Dirk (First part); Dick (Second part.)

November 24, 2002

Dirk: We will begin with Stillness and establish the heart line and the mind line. (Pause.) Now, let us link to the Merkaba. It is our intention this afternoon to continue our lessons with our teachers and unseen friends, those who are friendly to the Teaching Mission, under the auspices of the Melchizedeks and Michael and Nebadonia.

RAYSON: This is Teacher Rayson, good afternoon students.

Group greets Rayson.

RAYSON: A lovely, snowy afternoon for this session! Your journeys seemed to be quite successful. First, this afternoon, I would like to ask if there are questions involving the lessons we have had, since Daniel, of course. You may not remember, and it may not be time to review with your questions, however, we will start here.

Student: Rayson, I would like to have more information about the last lesson concerning energy interactions, between spiritual energy reactions and those which are strictly natural phenomena of our planet.

RAYSON: In regards to “influence” in what way? I cannot picture what you are asking yet.

Student: Well, it’s hard for me to picture it too! Last week we talked about energy and how negative energy has an affect on our planet and our beings. During a private session, you went into a little more explanation with me about the differences between those, which are natural phenomena and those, which are controllable through mind. Is there any more that you can share with us on that topic?

RAYSON: You will not be able to control an earthquake, and that is a natural phenomenon. You can control what happens within your organism, within your energy field, you can manipulate that, you can “sink or swim” as the saying goes. If you are drinking of the spirit poisons, you will sink. It is your mind that tells you, “What is it that I need to do?” that puts the breaks on the negative. You can tell yourself, “I do not choose to sink. I ask that this problem, these series of problems be turned over to the Father, and that I choose to seek His help in dealing with this.” Remember, your only true power is spiritual and all else that appears to be power on Urantia at this time is illusion, it is transitory.

It may appear to have power for a period of time, but as all of the civilizations you have ever experienced or read about, it too will fall as did Rome and the Greek states, and even your mighty Russia. The key is spiritual. You are here and continue to be here in these sessions and with these transcripts and with your fellows, your brothers and sisters in this group in order to facilitate your spiritual growth, to maximize your power in becoming spiritual. It is the energies of the spiritual that revitalize you as an individual and the circumstances in which you find yourself. It is not the power you have over others as a state administrator or a manipulator or supervisor or controller—that is illusory and only according to the worldly systems. Does this answer your question?

Student: It helps—by using our mind, can we overcome things like genetic influences, or is that…?

RAYSON: You can only mitigate those “so far.” Sometimes you must play the hand you are dealt, and that is one of those circumstances. You can, of course, get with your brothers and sisters who have had experience and know the course of your particular problem, and can put you right about how to mitigate or alleviate the symptoms you’ve experienced. These days you could research your genetic problem or disease on the Internet and find enough information to help you alleviate some of your symptoms, perhaps. The recommended course would be through brothers and sisters. There is little love flowing over the Internet, at this point.

Student: Thank you, Rayson.

RAYSON: And the floor is open to other questions.

Student: I found it very interesting in the last session when I read what you had to say about the amount of negativity on the planet, affecting climatic or weather conditions—it was like that it did affect earthquakes and volcanic action, hurricanes and so on. Did I understand that correctly?

RAYSON: Yes, that is the way the transcript “read.” It is not something I personally subscribe to largely; there are energies in the earth that are unaffected by people and we would consider earthquakes and volcanoes to be among those.

Student: It sounded as if you were saying something that supported the Gaia Principle of earth as a living organism.

RAYSON: The earth is a living organism, yes. However, if people with all of their hatred and anger and fear and evil doings influenced those areas, over these many centuries of earth, 500,000 years since the rebellion—there has been little else except thievery, murder, wars, extortion, rape, pillage, plunder—I am sure this has not sunk into the earth to change it. Yes, those emotions are energy, but because they are not “loving and of the Father,” they are dead energy, they have very little true power, as we were just talking about. True power is in love. The rest of it is in a pseudo-power that people believe has control over them; they give it control and then try to control others with it. The people look up to the oppressor as their champion, who then oppresses them even further.

This world is so loved by Michael and Nebadonia! He continually refers to it as a “jewel.” It is saturated with the blood of generations, but the motives for those killings and the evil perpetrating it, does not exist any longer. Does this help with your question?

Student: Thank you.

Student: So, Rayson, then if we use mind in a positive direction, where we of the world pray in unity for a certain outcome, can that affect the earth is some ways, or only other beings? For example, if large numbers of people prayed for rain, would that have any effect, or do they just have to limit their prayers to spiritual concerns that affect other beings, other brothers and sisters?

RAYSON: We are all familiar with mercy killings, those who believe they are doing a favor for a loved one that they believe will not get well. Do you not wonder what their prayers are? That this person should die, here on this earth? And they carry it out.

Student: I can understand the pain of watching a loved one go through agony and desiring that they be released from the pain in order to go to the mansion worlds.

RAYSON: Yes, in empathy and sympathy, you experience their pain and agony, or you “believe” you do.

Student: I think at times, it is pretty obvious that someone has reached the “end of his or her rope.”

RAYSON: Yes, that is definitely true. My teaching in this area is that as a student of Michael, remember his words on the cross, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do,” and that this can apply in your relations to the sick and dying, in that you pray that the Father’s will be true for this individual, and for yourself. Remember, only for the people of the Old Testament, was their Father interested in punishing and torturing, and causing all kinds of mayhem to occur to races and nations and individuals. Your Father is a loving, caring Father, who wishes the best for all, and sometimes the best is difficult, as it was for Michael. It may be best to die, to leave this world at this time. It may be the Father’s will that he recover, if that is your will too.

Father does not vary as to motive; he is a continuous bathing in love and trust. He assumes you will make mistakes in the course of living your life. And if you have not made mistakes, you would have no lessons behind you, no “true grit” as it is known; you would be “wimps.” So, enjoy the lessons, enjoy the difficulties and remember, the Father stands by in your difficulties to help you and lift you when that is your mindal choice. Neither Michael nor Nebadonia will change the weather of the planet to make it rain.

Student: I was wondering if we could do that with our free will, mindal action in groups, if we could affect things like weather?

RAYSON: This lesson today appears to be turning out about pseudo-power and real power. If you could pray for rain and have it occur, would this not be pseudo-power? You would be attempting to control something in your environment like turning the furnace up or down, turning the rain on or off, turning the drought on or off. This is pseudo-power; it is not real. Spiritual power is real; the will of the Father rules.

Student: Okay, that answers my question. Thank you.

RAYSON: You’re welcome.

Student: That raises another question. The Hopi Indians have a procedure that they use to bring about rain. A lot of Indian tribes feel that they can affect the weather, and they go through a process that they believe, works. And it seems to work.

RAYSON: Yes, after all these centuries, they have learned the absolute best time to pray!

Student: When they don’t have rain?

RAYSON: Yes. Feel that breeze out of the south, we’d better pray; we’ll make rain. (Group laughing.)

Student: Well, in my own experience, we’ve had a drought here in Colorado and one of the resorts, Vail, brought in Hopi Indians—other resorts didn’t—and it snowed where the Hopi’s got involved; it didn’t at the other places. (More laughter.)

RAYSON: Yes, it will be a considerably long time before you on Urantia debase yourselves of all the superstitions and lovely tales, creative thought, of your world. We enjoy these adventures, so very much. You have rich heritage to share with all the other people you will meet on your journey, in your ascension career from very different worlds. You will hear their very similar, very like-sounding tales of their experiences; you will get to know them on their planets and you will be sought after because you come from Urantia and have had such a completely abnormal, weird, distorted, vague, hit-or-miss upbringing!

Your lessons learned will be held in great esteem, for many of these other children from worlds of Light and Life have never had these experiences in their early lives. Theirs will be rather sedate and comfortable and “normal” compared to your experiences here. And there will be those prejudiced against you because “you killed Michael/Jesus,” even though it was centuries ago and you had nothing to do with it; you are from the World of the Cross! And that label will be a big help in helping other ascenders to deal with their prejudice. So you see, that you get to have your own lessons and create lessons for many others, all along the way.

Student: You spoke at some length at the last session in response to a question about mental illness, and what, if anything, one can do “with love” for a friend or someone suffering from mental illness. I recently heard of a diagnosis of “post traumatic stress syndrome,” and I wondered if those who are close to such an individual can offer anything—you discussed a need for good food and pure water and possibly some therapy or medications—can you speak to this particular problem?

RAYSON: Yes, the individual…it is a difficult place to start…the individual who loves the Father and is cognizant of His Kingdom and his place in the Kingdom, has a chance to move through the “hard work” of post traumatic stress situation, with the help of Michael and Nebadonia and his unseen friends. This can be—you’ll remember we talked about “static” in peoples lives—where there is a place, a whirlpool, an eddy that is full of energy, unresolved, from past times. The individual afflicted can diffuse this static with the loving help of Michael and Nebadonia, and the conscious “willing” of that help, and resolution of that experience.

So you see, there are many pre-conditions to getting through it. The normal course on this planet at this time is to psychoanalyze or medicate or deal with it in some other group therapy, such as Gestalt and those behavior modalities, of relaxation, and biofeedback. They would lessen and mitigate the circumstances as the individual experiences them at this time. However, it is desirable for the person whose choice it is, to take the static and turn it to the Father so that his is no longer an event that has energy and has the person blocked. You see, there are quite a few modalities for taking care of the problem, as I’ve just described.

However the one that can alleviate it for all time for the individual, is the “hard work” of Michael. You go through the circumstance and deal with your part, the other person’s part, and close it with love and forgiveness. When this is accomplished you have—of course I’ve described it quite simplistically—but you have removed the static from the original event and you will increase your meaning and value of that which occurred for all the people involved, and there will no longer be a residual static nodule remaining. That is the idealized way to deal with it.

The others, of course, have varying degrees of success in this kind of operation and should there still be static in the event, you will have the opportunity to remove it as a morontia being. If you mask many of your lessons, possibilities, potentials, with chemicals, you are missing the opportunity of completing these lessons and you will deal with it later on, on the mansion worlds. Does this help?

Student: Thank you.

Student: Rayson, on the mansion worlds will we recover all of the memories of those events, which will be of interest to those around us, that would be of value?

RAYSON: You will be able to teach the meaning and value you achieved for those events. The details may remain for those who love to be storytellers; for the rest of us, those details may not be there. And you can, of course, contact those who were there with you at the same time and ask them for what they remember.

Dirk: Let’s take a little break.

* * * * * * * * * * *
[Dirk was unable to continue after the break.]

T/R Dick: Father, please help us in this transmission and reception, so that we may do thy will. In the name of Christ Michael, we pray. Amen.

RAYSON ((continuing)): Your teachers and unseen friends are here to assist you and guide you with our lesson today. We are in a special time of love and thanksgiving. Giving thanks is a form of love; it is a very special time; it is a time of caring for one another. It’s a time of realization that our Heavenly Father has brought to us many blessings, whether they be acts of happiness and kindness we enjoy, or whether they be tough lessons that we have to endure. But for all of these we give thanks because we are growing, and we are put through periods of testing and turmoil. And then there are other times when we are blessed with happy thoughts and happy events and we can enjoy ourselves being filled without being put under a lot of stress.

And we do have to experience the difficult times so that we can appreciate the good times. And we are growing and we will be able to deal with the difficult situations as we get up on the mansion worlds and offer our experiences to those who are in the various worlds. So we can be thankful that we are here and that we are learning and that we are growing, and that we are experiencing the love for one another, and that we receive the love from one another. And this is what it’s about. Are there any questions?

Student: Rayson, can you enlighten us a little bit more about the rest of the mission, the angels, the teachers that might be involved with counseling or guiding our leaders, the leaders in the various nations as well as our own? Is that something you can address?

RAYSON: Yes, and this is being done. And as far as the Teaching Mission is concerned, when two or more are gathered in the name of Jesus, Christ Michael, there He is with us and He is guiding us where we ask for help. And we have increased the power of allowing the spiritual side to come through. Yes, this Spirit is guiding the leaders of our world. We are in the midst of a very difficult time, a time of fear, and yet a time of love. A time of fellowship between leaders of countries, countries that at one time were enemies, are now being brought to the table as allies, because we realize now that there are things that are very important, to be accomplished on earth.

The United States of America and those of this hemisphere are at a point where the rest of the world recognizes that at this given time, capitalism is working better than communism has worked. That is not to say that the ideas behind communism, such as group participation or group goals is bad, but the way it has worked in this world has deteriorated into selfish leadership. And now a change is taking place all over the world. So the teachers and the angels and the guides, our Thought Adjusters, are attuning to the higher level of truth, love and understanding, knowledge and goodness, so that we are all advancing and learning. Even the United States which feels that it must attack evil, also recognizes that it must have allies and it cannot go in its own direction entirely, without the consultation and the blessings of allies.

Yes, the Teaching Mission is reaching the leaders throughout this world; and is reaching the constituents throughout this world, and is having a greater impact on this earth than what might meet the eye. For we are in the time of the Spirit of Truth. And there are lessons every day because of higher communication levels that we can experience. We can see what’s going on. We can see what works and what does not work. And yes, there are negative forces at work, but there are good forces bringing the negative forces to justice, and discouraging those negative forces. Does that answer your question?

Student: Yes, it’s very helpful. Thank you.

RAYSON: Are there any other questions? (None.) Then I will conclude by saying, that there is a special blessing on this group, for those that are here and for those that read the transcript. We are here to help you on a one-on-one mission, so that you can go out into this world on a one-on-one basis to assist your fellow man. You are being given the tools and the abilities to connect with your neighbor, your brother or sister, to enhance the feeling of love and brotherhood on this earth. And for that we bless you, and are here to help heal any problems that exist, and to strengthen you in your devotion… (end of tape)…. Good day.

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