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REB-1B.3 Confessions: Revolution Among the Angels®


2012-01-01. Revolution Among the Angels.

“Confessions of a Rebel Angel; The Wisdom of the Watchers and the Destiny of Planet Earth.”. – Book 1B. Chapter  3. ~by Timothy Wyllie

‘Human Origins, Independence of Mind, Fifth Dimensional Bodies, the Prince’s Arrival, and Sexual Awakenings”



Confessions of a Rebel Angel.  Book 1B. Chapter  3. Revolution Among the Angels

The various human races were establishing themselves. Some exterminated others, while others gradually learned that the spirit of cooperation was more productive—safer and more fun, too. This trait of organized cooperation enabled them to eke out a tenuous existence in a predatory world, encouraging the various clans and races to pursue greater feats of ingenuity. Humans were starting to think for themselves. I don’t recall what the precise sign turned out to be. One day we were training on the architectural world I regarded as my home, and the next I was being chosen out of the vast numbers of volunteers for the job of going planet side and getting into the real work—the work for which we’d all been so painstakingly prepared. I can recall, however, my surprise at being chosen over all those others.

They told me later that there were more than 700,000 volunteers for each available position. Perhaps this hints at just how ready and willing we were to come down here and try to make a difference. Although I had already been created as an angel, I found myself over time developing a somewhat unconstrained turn of mind. I was starting to feel a new sense of liberation. With what I know in retrospect, I can now see that it might have been this trait of personal independence—so frowned on by most of my contemporaries and teachers—that prompted my selection. I couldn’t appreciate this at the time, of course, and even worried they might have chosen the wrong angel for the job.

Official Multiverse documents note that the main players in Lucifer’s rebellion were given their posts almost a quarter of a million years before the outbreak of the System wide uprising and were all chosen—significantly as I have come to believe—for their much-remarked-upon “independence of mind.” Now, countless generations later, I watch my young Host struggling to define himself; assaulted on all sides at school by brutality, hypocrisy, and envy; and courting disaster in his own devious way. Yet, for all that, I could see that he was following his own path toward a liberated way of thinking. This was not to blossom until he went to architectural school two or three years later. But I am jumping ahead of myself, I warned you that I was likely to do that. I have to admit that I took some pleasure in the boy’s attitude, which I could see had to be very constrained. I thought he handled the isolation a great deal better than I did when the feelings of independence first came over me.

Something that seemed to happen to all of us   dissenters, a Voice that opened up inside each of us and spoke in the language of Light. What the Voice talked about was often not what we were taught in the Melchizedek universities. I’ve come to believe it was this Voice, more than anything else, that encouraged so many angels into open revolution against the forces of the Multiverse Administration. Nothing much was said about the future when, about 500,000 years ago, the Prince and his staff were readying themselves for the tasks ahead. The one hundred lucky members of the Prince’s group were having their new planet side bodies prepared for them by surgeons, specialists flown in from the planet of Avalon deep in the Pleiades star cluster. Beautiful bodies they were, too, culled from the biological DNA of life on your planet, but with a number of specific modifications allowing the staff almost limitless life spans. Entropy being what it is, even the most perfect life-forms fall to pieces in time. To enjoy this virtual immortality, they needed to eat the fruit of a shrub that was shipped in specially for them from a planet with a higher vibratory frequency than Earth.

A word about Prince Caligastia and his colleague, Daligastia, around whom the staff clustered and whom they regarded as their de facto leaders: both were Descending Sons and were much more senior in position to those posted to them as their staff. They, too, were chosen from many thousands of others of their rank for this onerous task. Those of us who knew Prince Caligastia at the time regarded him as being a very odd choice, as he was already known to be remarkably independent (there we go again) in his own right. Something was definitely afoot. Because no one noticed these qualities in common at the time, I suspect that we were telepathically veiled as a group— by whom I can only guess.

I want to try to keep the details of this thoroughly complicated piece of inter-dimensional intervention as simple as possible, because it is in our angelic nature to list every little detail of every transaction—it’s probably one of the things we do best. But certain matters need to be known and appreciated for you to gain a wider understanding of what has been happening on and around this planet for the past half a million years. It appears to be standard Multiverse practice, for example, to send what can only be called a team of intra-terrestrials down to a planet at exactly the point at which the indigenous life—in this case your distant ancestors— have proved themselves intelligent enough to value outside influences.

Only one hundred of these intra-terrestrial beings are chosen—50 males and 50 females. They are regarded as particularly suitable to the art of working with human beings, because all of them had, until recently, been mortal beings on other planets in the Local System. The hundred who became the Prince’s staff had gone through death on the planet of their birth and would have discovered to their joy and surprise they were indeed part of a vast and loving Multiverse. Their training was formidable and their perspective certainly as wide as their System of worlds allowed it to be. They had the advantage of the most up-to-date information on the subject of planetary enculturation, because what they were about to do had been done many times before, on countless planets, and was well understood by those who watch over the destiny of worlds.

This little group was then transported, shrouded in the sleep that accompanies the journey through subspace, from the finer vibrational frequencies of the headquarter planet of this System to the denser level of material existence of a more recently developed world. It was in accompanying these hundred beings—the Prince’s staff—that I first came to your world. When we arrived the staff soon needed the material bodies that would function in a three-dimensional environment. They found that the surgeons from Avalon had been busy indeed. They’d telepathically called one hundred of the healthiest and best-formed members of the indigenous human races to a place they’d set up in the Persian Gulf region and asked them to offer a minute amount of their bioplasm—for a good cause, of course.

The volunteers were also told that, as a result of their genetic gift, they, too, would be granted vastly extended life spans— that is, if they ate the same diet as their visitors. From the bioplasm the surgeons were able to grow human-type bodies— fifty of each gender—that were soon to become the biological vehicles of the Prince’s staff. Both the one hundred indigenous volunteers and intra-terrestrials alike were then primed and encircuited to receive the incoming cosmic energies flowing, as we had been told, from the center of the galaxy. This energy source, however, has absolutely no effect unless activated by the chemical composition of the imported Shrub of Edentia, as it was called. This fact will become crucially important somewhat further down the line. As you will have no doubt gathered by now, I was not among the hundred comprising the Prince’s staff but a member of the corps of angels who were assigned to accompany them. This put me in the interesting position of often having to carry messages to and from the Prince, who did not have a material three-dimensional body created for him but remained in the fifth dimension, where he could maintain an overview of what was going on in the world.

The staff ’s sight had been adjusted so that they could perceive him, whereas the normal indigenous natives could not. That was the source of a lot of my work as a liaison officer, because even a high angel couldn’t be everywhere at once. So there they were—two hundred magnificent examples of a sort of super-humanity, with an additional corps of us angels accompanying them. The staff was immortal in the sense that, barring irremediable accidents, their bodies would continue to be in prime condition for as long as they were needed on the planet. Hoping that this was indeed so, they started building a center for themselves in the fertile area of the Persian Gulf peninsula, in a place now covered by the waters of the gulf. That was my introduction to this odd little planet. None of us had any idea the course that had been designed and set so carefully for us was going to be profoundly thrown off-kilter, not once, but again and again, as we all tumbled down through the convoluted history of this troubled world. What we didn’t know was the scale of the energies already at work on the planet and about which we had not been briefed. Looking back, now I wonder if the Melchizedek Brothers hadn’t been aware of them either.

I am a Watcher Angel and my name is Georgia.


The following is an excerpt from the Timothy Wyllie’s book series on rebel angels, specifically an account as described by the angel referred to as ,’Georgia”.

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